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Thursday, September 4, 2008

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Hello everyone.

I should have done this a few months ago, but I am going to formally announce the closure of my blog.

I will not be deleting it, as it is a nice resource, and always an option to reopen in the future should I have time.

I may make the occassional blog announcement when it is something large, but as for now it's just not something I am able to keep up with and I hope you can all understand.

My in-world group: Dysfunctional Dolly Designs is now open, and as of a few days ago I began using a Subscriber Kiosk which you can find near "The Hole", in the main store entrance, and at Sanguine Isle entrance.

The downside and a good reason for you to stay in my normal in-world group is because without it you will not be able to have fun in "The Hole" or many of it's perks, the Subscriber Kiosk is purely and *only* for updates, new product releases, events, and freebies avaliable not from "The Hole"...

Please if you have any questions or need assistance contact the avatar DysfunctionalDoll Finesmith in Second Life, and not Nyalee Mirrikh as I can promise you her IM's are always capped.

Thank you kindly.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Few Plans & Such..

I have been thinking for some time of my original goal to put the entire store on the ground..
And it's become an unrealistic goal, or so I think, unless I make a few rather ugly additions to store the primarily vendor boxed items.

I *am* thinking of possibly putting the bulk majority of boxed items in the 'general storage' area of the fishing village, Sanguine Isle.

However, since it is so far away from Liatha, the main village, I doubt many people would find it, and thus killing off sales, which are already so desperately far and few between lately. It is summer, after all.

So I have a few choices,
I am leaning towards putting a large 40x40x20m black box, similar to those which house the second and third floors currently to create one large area, easy to view and an easy access to all boxed items above. In combination with a constantly updated notecard/map to find all the items on the floor, I believe this is the easiest way to rearrange the store so that everyone can find what they want in the most aesthetically pleasing manner aswell as being organized.

My other ideas are to really really crowd in the items into any and all spaces on the sim, regardless of how aesthetically pleasing it is, predominantly leaning on the tents for the rather 'out there' items, but keeping a small 20x20x10 (same as 2nd floor size) box to put the fantasy or clothing items in..
Actually, speaking of the clothing and fantasy items, I was considering removing both of those floors completely and forever, and just giving them away as somewhat freebies in the hole periodically as 'packages' ~ This works great considering I am running out of ideas for freebies.

I am browsing through a few other ideas, considering not boxing anything or vendoring anything which would be pretty, but hard to find exactly what you want..

For example, where would you find the medium sized oriental textured Flames of the Night brasier when it could be anywhere on the sim?
Hard, I know.
This is why I want to leave one box in the sky.
However, I do not know what would be the most customer friendly.
It's hard to look at it from a purely customers standpoint,
Since I live and breathe Sanguine Sim & Dysfunctional Dolly Designs-
I know my way around better then the back of my hand --
Admittedly, I do see them 18+ hours a day as I type along though.

If anyone reads this, anonymously or not, please feel free to comment or email me.
I really do want to hear what people, customers or not, feel would be the best ideas to manage the sim and store.

For without customers, I frankly would not continue this store.
It's as much as passion for building, as it is a commitment to customers & quality.


Monday, June 23, 2008

-Final Day-

Tomorrow-Tuesday the 24th is the *final* day I will be on for most the day for business.
At appx 5pm I will officially be off the production line for 2.5 months on and off.

Please understand this does not effect customer service too drastically.

Like I have been for a few weeks, I will answer all customer support questions via DysfunctionalDoll Finesmith at least once every 48-72 hours~

Please, please, please, pleasseeee if you even remotely want a reply you will send a NOTECARD or IM detailing exactly the problem, date of purchase (approximate), etc.

Issues regarding items not being delivered, or on the site fixing, or giving of new item due to defect may take up to a week..

I'm so sorry about all of this and how it will affect my customers <3

RL comes before SL, and that even includes me as a business owner unfortunately.

I promise to try to respond as quick as possible, and the largest delay in the forseeable future is between 7pm Tuesday the 23rd until Saturday the 28th sometime because Matt arrives on Tuesday, Wednesday is my birthday, we have a hotel until late Thurs/Early Friday and we move into the new apartment on Saturday.

I will, however, try to be on periodically throughout to try to assist you.

If you have any ideas for freebies, also drop those to DysfunctionalDoll or post as a comment on here.

I am running out of ideas, so you may be seeing repeats soon...

Take care~


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hi All!

I'm going to give a bit of heartfelt person to person today ~

My partner, Matt aka Codered1200 Nemeth is coming to visit again!
We have an apartment temporarily which is just a few over from here, so it wont be hard to come back to my grandmothers and use her computer, and I can also keep an eye on her declining health -- but I wont have internet over there really except some unbearably slow wireless that isn't stable... sooo!
You very well may end up with not much Nyalee or releases for a bulk of the summer.

I've got a lot of things to tie up before I am gone entirely, and stressed about it, trust me that!

One of my biggest things I need to finish arranging before I go is our team stall on the Relay for Life walk in SecondLife in mid July.

I still need to get the other member (Lorissia Fraisse, and Natalie Oe sometimes) to a conference with the leaders to figure out where, when, etc so I will update when I learn about all of this.

Also, I have to finish arranging the sim in a presentable manner, produce a few lines of freebies to put in "The Hole" for when I am gone so you all don't abandon me because you just want my freebies, or such.

Any ideas for some quick and simple freebies are accepted.

Items must be low prim, have one or two non-animated pose which is simple to create or none at all, not require extensive scripting or a lot of time, and not already represented in a form at my store.

Alternatively, it might be appreciated if you told me if you preferred I load all (dating back to the very first freebies) into the hole and let it randomly pick what you get.

Well, theres a bit more to discuss, but my carpal tunnel has been murderous lately and I just cannot handle it.

Also, if you're interested -- my birthday is on the 25th, so just a week away! =)

Don't let my store go into ruin, my only request~

Monday, June 16, 2008

[DDD] First Newsletter!

Dysfunctional Dolly Designs Newsletter! -16th June 2008-

Dysfunctional Dolly Designs (DDD) is devoted to bringing you the best and most varied rustic creations in Second Life.
Owned and run by Nyalee Mirrikh, this newsletter was created to showcase new products and freebies, inform of new
developments, and give the creators a somewhat more lengthy arena to speak and give their personal views and stories.
This newsletter aims not just to be give out product information, but also to give us a place to talk, comment and interact
with the people for whom we create. Expect anything!

0. Contents

1. Creators hello
2. New freebie
3. Products
4. Other developments
5. The Rustic Foods cometh
6. General
7. Code's corner

1. Creator's hello

Welcome to the first Dysfunctional Dolly Designs newsletter! We were a little nervous about releasing one, but with the
growth of the store to now cover almost the entire sim of Sanguine we felt that it was natural so that we could bring
you updates and information without annoying everybody with a large number of notices.

Well, it's been an interesting few days, on Monday we are starting our food release mini-event including the treasure
hunt, we have some more information about that below.

We've cut back on a lot of our releases, sorry for that - but we hope you'll enjoy what we do release as our skills are definitely improving.
Eventually we hope to host 90% of the store exclusively on the ground, and create a wonderful and immersive environment for you to relax, shop, and play in.

2. Freebies

We are releasing several freebies today, most of them are to do with the new food line we have created, however we have restocked "The Hole" with 6 total freebies.
4 of them are 1 prim sleeping pillows, very cute, and very simple.
One of them is a simple 2 prim very quaint washtub!
And the last, is one of our new serving trays, complete with in-built AO, stocked with our new exclusive sculpted food releases!

Yes, a 1 in 6 chance you can get one free! (Though the other freebies are nothing shameful!)

This is for the event on Monday, June 16th, 2008 beginning at noon, 12:00.
The sim will be closed for the half an hour prior so we can set up..

Also, we have 20 piles of crates across the sim, some easier to find then others. These are stocked full of either serving trays with the AO, single plates, or just a single piece of food.
We hope that everyone will respect our wishes when we ask for you to only get one food crate per person.

We will be watching, and there will be reprocussions if you don't.
We want to make this as fair as possible for everyone, so please: just follow the rules!

Another added in factor to the crates, you will not be buying them. Infact, just click it. There will only be one person per crate which can receive the gift, so if the script is gone from the contents, that crate has already been taken.
Aswell, to limit those who like to peer from afar, you will need to stand within close proximity to the box to receive it's goodies.

3. Products

Our new products are so limited this week, and yet so vast.

Many of you have noticed our working on sculpted prim food for the past 6 months. Yes, I know - it's a long time. However, we are delighted to bring them to you when they were truely ready.
The exception to this is that none of them will dispense items yet, for this - we ask you forgive us and just enjoy what we have currently. The dispensables will be coming along, just a little later.

Our new products are as follows, including price ranges.

Prices for single foods range from 5-20L, (no mod, no copy)
Prices for plates range from 20-150L, (no mod, no copy)
Prices for sets are about 100L, (no mod, no copy)
Prices for Serving Trays are about 350L, as they contain a large amount of food and are scripted and animated (no mod, copy)

Plate, single food, and sets are all avaliable for purchase in the bakery. Please forgive the clutter.

Alternatively, you can purchase the full package of food serving trays for 1,000L$ (a 400L$ discount) which includes four of them, divided into the following labels of
"Hearty: A packed in mixture of meat, vegetables, fruits, and bread piles around a central roast."
"Dainty: A light mixture of morning breads and sweets, light but fulfilling"
"Light: A small but varied mixture of bread, meats, and vegetables."
"Savory: Roasted foods such as chicken, potatoes, dark meats, and other vegetables compile this plate."

These are only our first four food plates, hopefully they will be appetizing enough to intrigue you, and I do hope that you thoroughly enjoy them.
The food platters are not meant to be used as decoration, and as such, will delete themselves after a short period of time if you do put them out.
Displayable versions at a lesser fee will be avaliable in the neat future.

We do have aswell, a new set of sculpted drink platters, which also have the inbuilt AO.
These come with both drinks and food piled on top, meant for a good time.
Currently the selection of the drinks are in the following names:

"Jolly: A timeless jug, encircled by apples and nuts, and filled with a deep reddish wine."
"Scarlet: Another redwine in a saki-style decanter, plate donned with goblets, berries, and bread."
"Eccentric: A clear gin or vodka with soft fresh biscuits, unshelled nuts, and strawberries."
"Noble: A mixed drink, possibly of vodka and another, certainly stirring an appetite with roasted chicken."

As always though, it is your choice, and your decision to what they are, we just give a means to which to roleplay it with.
If you have a suggestion for colors/mixes of items you would like to see made, we are happy to attempt to satisfy your needs.

The foods will be avaliable in the new bakery, please follow this LM and cross the bridge to get to them. It's the house directly south of the central tree.
Alternatively, if you stop by the store first, you can click the glowing teleporting orb in the dollfies hand.

4. Other developments

The transition onto the ground has gone pretty smoothly, and the new freebie system, "The Hole" was a great success for everyone, but now the real
work begins as we transform the sim into the most beautiful place we can.

The next thing we're hoping to develop in the sim is to complete furnishing the buildings in Liatha, and then to start improving the central fields to make
them more cohesive, with all kinds of plants and grasses (hopefully low prim!) most of the sim's contents will unfortunatly not be for sale as we want
to keep everything here as unique to us as possible, but as we slowly build the sim we are sure to churn out new things to be sold in the store that we
might not have thought of before.

We have worked hard on the sim so far, and we hope you visit us to see the fruits of our labour.

7. Code's corner

Since my partner Nyalee is really the main face and owner of Dysfuntional Dolly designs some of you might not know me. I am codered1200 Nemeth,
I work as an assistant for DDD (though my partner nyalee wants me to think of myself as a co-owner, its a title I have terribly resisted :D ) and I do the
custom sculpting, texturing and scripting to try and help bring a uniqueness to her creations.

Since Ny let me create the template for this newsletter, I shadily added my own little corner space to it in the hopes she wouldent notice, so far I
think it's working.

Whew, what a hard few weeks it's been. Getting all the food ready. Some days I would just make a few peices, totally unmotivated, other times I
would go for hours, but I'm pretty happy with what we came up with with the end though. I hope to add more and more to the foods until it's the greatest
set in all of second life! *maniacal laughter*

All the hard work will be worth it though as in a few weeks I hope to fly over to visit my partner again for a few months, and hopefully bring her back
with me for a while as well. It's a pain that we live in different countries (I live in england, she in the US) but everything will work out in the end.

Well, my aim to have a corner of the newsletter as devoted to me as it is devoid of any use has been achieved, so I'd better get back to work for
today's preperations. I hope you enjoy the sim, our new food, and our first newsletter.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Sorry all.

Time for a RL Hiatus for me.

Releases will be few and far between.

Freebies may also become a bimonthly or monthly event instead of the weekly we are currently doing...

I doubt it though. It should be just this month that the delays will occur while I sort out some RL issues, particularly pertaining to Passports.

Later in the summer I'll be in the UK on a much better computer hijacked from codered during my stay so expect compensation for my current delays =)

Hope you all can understand.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lovely new Lights!

Mattsu and I conspired to make some really beautiful new lanterns and lights for those who have dark and dingy homes.

They're truely stunning - 2 prims per lantern (sculpted base and torus hook) and are no modify, but come in either copy or trans perms.
They also come either single or per string for those who like the streetlight look.

Speaking of street lights, we also made a set of 9 white basic bulb lights on a string making for 10 prims. They don't turn off, but are really beautiful little flickering lights.
We dont have any images of the street light, but I do have some of the latnerns.
They are in 2 styles, one is less fantasy then the other:

Monday, May 19, 2008


I've begun releasing more, this is just an update on new items basically.

My new releases this past week have only been few. One of them is a butter churn and it is for sale at 100L$.
The second is a group of 5 items which are flexi fluffy boots. They're quite cute and come in 5 colors:
Ash - a sort of color shifting grey-black color which is beautiful when you walk
Black - Solid black with beautiful shimmery looking highlights
White - A beautiful soft look which flows well
Dark Brown - Gorgeous with its deep brown tones and light blonde near the base, it gives a very beautiful look when walking aswell
Light Brown - Blonde and Dirty Blonde tones swirl together

All of them have modifyable flexi legging parts, sculpted shoe bases, and a glitch layer so that you don't see the legs through flex or sculptie. They all have beautiful high quality textures and are for sale at 125L$ each or the mega pack at 500L$

I also have upcoming projects which include a new infirmary set, yes, it's been so long! Currently Codered1200 is working on sculpted 1 prim jars with herbs and such in them, if you have an exact list of what you'd like to see in jars, lemme know, we will try to incorporate it in!

Ooh my favorite release this week though has to be the campfire set where it has 11 seating no poseballs for roasting foods and relaxing. It's much different from my other using almost exclusively sculpties but it is quite the beautiful set with dark custom made textures and such.
I truely love it! It's for sale at 475L$ in our main store and as always has a working fire!

My new freebie this week too is a sculpted bag with food inside of it. It has sculpted bread, cheese, and drinks in a woven textured backpack that has little flexi strings. It's so cute!

I also made an awesome rustic posing stand. It's so simple but so cute! It's a tree stump and optimised for everyone to stand on it no matter how tall (up to 8m) and has standard animation.

Another great item my boyfriend made originally for Relay for Life RELAY-PALOOZA on the Gianfar sims is a 18 prim mosly sculpted harp which plays a 20 second loop. They're avaliable currently in 2 sizes, small and large, and in 6 colors with 2 metal types.
There is also a special edition avaliable only in medium size which is the RFL version - buy this and your donation goes to RFL ! It's purple.

We're looking to make a large version but we need an animator first!

The Barrel Tower Shower is our final release far earlier this week which has 2 washing animations and is about 19 prims with clickable on/off water. It's very details and so nice!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oho so much neglect

Okay, well I suppose I'll update now -
This week I've done many renovations including adding/adding onto my Low L$ Low Prim Room with items such as tons of seating, two serveries, lighting of various textures and sizes with functional script of course. We have also 3 styles of beds with animations in them, many many rugs, and a few other nick nacks here and there. Everything is normally 30L$ and under except the serveries which are about 125L$ each and also very low prim as I can make them.

I also made many items like my Rustic Pleasures Heated Tub addition to my line. It's currently right next to my Deluxe Servery display and I am very proud of it. Some information about it:
*2 Couple Washing Animations, Boy wash Girl, Girl Wash Boy. But they're moderately unisex, so it can be girl girl or boy boy, or reverse if needed.
*2 Single Washing Animation Sets, Sit on either of the lower pegs for the singles washing set to begin. You can use your left and right arrows to cycle through a single "Relaxing" state, "Wash Hair" loop, and "Wash Body" anim.
All of the wash anims are made by Dellybean North.
It also has functional water pump to turn on/off to fill, and the water inside goes away or comes back, and the fire underneath means it steams.
It also has a rather high prim accessories table where you have the misc bottles and towels and such. There is also able to click to get rag or sponge to wash with.

Really a new favorite, quite adorable. I hope everyone else enjoys it. The prim count is as follows:
Side pump, Fire, and Tub: 18 Prims
Optional Accessory Table: 22 Prims
Together: 40 prims.

I'm also starting to carry some of my items in RFL vendors especially after this weekends Relay for Life event called Relay Palooza on the Gianfar sims.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A bit of a delay!

I've been unable to get to my blog for a few days, blogger was giving me weird cookie errors, but it's fixed now!
I have redone and removed my old Iron Diamond Servery, now it is Iron Diamond Deluxe.
I wont post the entire notecard here, but basically it is (from what my customers have said) 'a kajiras dream' 'the best in SL' 'absolutely amazing!'
It has 8 animations, and like all my sets, everything is included (except me! but you can arrange that seperately, for adjustments!)
I'll show you the pictures, but I do recommend you looking it up inworld. The whole thing is on display near the entrance of my store.
SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sanguine/151/49/636

After my favorite release, I've done a lot of smallwork.
This includes the release of my new "Low L$ Low Prim" section of my store. You can find it by going past the serveries, near the infirmary area there is a little archway. Here you can find items from 1L-125L$ ranging from seating, rugs, beds, servery, and 2 prim brasiers.
Some of the cuter items I have added are the 2 prim brasiers. They're SUPER cute, come in 3 sizes and 3 textures including Iron Diamond and Celtic Knot styles, aswell as these nifty 2 pose 2 prim cushion seats which look reeaally comfortable! (No poseballs!)

I also made a mini version of my Comfy Chair! Everyone has always loved them, they've sold like pancakes on pancake day in the UK - It's now in a tiny little design called the "Singles Comfy Chair" and it's approximately 1.5m in diameter and has 5 prims, 4 poses, and one is a cute reading one, click the chair for a book. Also click the cushions to get a changing menu, it can have all 5 textures the previous one had!

Another thing I released is a 11 pose (some repeated) 20-ish prims cage. It has a working door and all sorts of poses including 2 hanging ones, most are struggling tied up, some are sleeping, some just sit there moping. It's really great and also has no poseballs.

Come by and check out the new releases! I hope you'll be surprised and enjoy them!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Oh! My poor blog I've left you alone for so long!
So much new stuff has happened! I'll try to be to the point, if I can!

I now support Second Life Relay for Life! http://SLRFL.org/
Check it out, and donate at my kiosk in the store!
I now also have a poll inworld, and you get a FREE Comfy/Cuddle chair by taking part in it! It's so simple, just answer how you heard of us! SLX, Groups, Search/Advertisement, Object (Rezzed inworld), Friend..!
I also have a LUCKY CHAIR and it gives you one of dozens of my items if your name is up!
I've updated my freebies, I don't have nearly as much anymore, this is to keep people from being in the group only for them!

I have a handful of new items!
I redid the infirmary and added new items such as a 3 pose infirmary cot, redid the fireplace, added a new bandage basket style, herbalist table redone, made a new style infirmary bookcase, redid the shelving.. It's beautiful now!

I also made a scribery belt, then later on made a scribery bag! It's so beautiful! One of a favorite hits right away, it is unisex!

We also created a nifty sweeping broom, it's 75L$ and you wear it.. and sweep! Another 'chore' like thing we have is the washbucket for the ground.. it doesn't even use a poseball!

Another item I made is a simple slaves bed, it's so adorable! Its a small wood frame with 2 pillows in a soft brown fur, and a padding underneath. It has 2 poseballs that can be used at the same time.. also has no poseballs!

Currently we're planning on RETIRING our beloved Iron Diamond Servery Set, our first servery to really make it big...
We wont be retiring the *SET* of it, with all items inside, but we are retiring it sold seperately...
Don't be sad though, we're working on potentially the best servery set avaliable in Second Life right now, and I could not be more thrilled by it! Unfortunately, it's going to be unbearably primmy... but it's so worth it. It's astonishingly detailed with so many accessories, I don't think there is any other servery in Second Life this beautiful or detailed.

Well, stay tuned, and stop by our store!

Take care!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm still alive!

I don't really have a lot of time, Matt (codered1200 Nemeth) is going back in like 3 days and I want to spend it with him. I have a fair amount of updates to do, so expect a really long long long long post or two, maybe 3 when I get back. I'm still alive, and still away. Remember, if you need me, email me at Nyalee.Mirrikh@gmail.com & don't forget to vote for the poll!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

If you're so inclined..

While the grid was down today...
I made a new poll..
I'd greatly appreciate if you answered it with the option that most applies to you.
It just helps me see where I need to focus my marketing skills toward to get more customers, since the grid is so loopy it's getting harder and harder to pay for the basic costs of keeping the store / sim open.
It only takes what, 10 seconds of your time, and it will be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You have freebies? We do!

People have been questioning our freebies lately. We do have them, and they're simple and 100% free to get.
Yes, yes.. There is a catch.
You must be in our group to get!
I know, it's terrible and atrocious and sooooo much work.
I think it's worth it. Theres a lot inside, mostly retired items.
I'll list some below:
Gloomy Day Cloak & Hood
Sack of Candies & Sack with Nothing Inside
Tintable White Fuzzy Boots
1 Prim Books in 11 styles & Unique Textures

There is plenty more inside, you'll just have to take a peek. Where can you get them? Look at my Gorean Hearth & Home, Main Store, or Voltai Mountain Marketplace locations.
At my main store you'll have to look towards the giant "Dollfie" in the southwestern corner. She's noticable, leaning against the wall. At the other locations look for the "Freebie" sign. Give them a click and follow the instructions!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning Sale..

I figure at April 25th I will be reducing all the prices of my items back to their normal, then eventually I will be moving them to a new floor where I will host all my 'retired' items to be changed out by new stock.I havent decided on location etc for this spot yet.
However!! For now the entire list of what is for sale is as follows:
Flames Of The Night 2 Prim Brasiers: 70L$ a pair, all sizes/textures.
Lights Of the Night 2 Prim Tables: 45L$ each, all textures.
Simplistic Nights 1 Prim Table: 15L$ each, all textures.
Raised Cushion 3 Prim Pillow Seating: 10L$ each, all textures.
3 Prim Sculpted Torches: 25L$ Each, all textures.
Mattsu Sculpted 2 Prim Candles: 20L$ each, all color/textures.
Food Barrels 4 Prims: 5L$ each, all contents.

With the given changes, the Scribery SET and the Iron Diamond Servery SET are marked down accordingly, however all Living Sets will not be marked down, nor will any other sets.
Obviously it's quite a fair bit off, but I thought I'd give a heads up to the changes. I will probbaly return to my mass production self during May and up until June.
I do have plans to visit Colchester in the UK with my significant other during summertime, so I may or may not get everything done.
My first priority upon returning are as follows:
Finish Medieval Cooking Area :: Release All Sculpted Food & Make Dispensers For Them :: Add Fishing Server To Indoor Pond :: Find Reliable Animator :: Create More Physician / Infirmary Themed Items :: Add More Varieties Of Seating :: Sleep.
Obviously the sleep part might get priority, but all in all I've got a good general list of things to do.
I'm also not really open to customs as much as I used to be since I'm so water clogged with other ideas that inspire me.
Anyhow my love is laying on the couch looking pitiful and lonely, catch you all later & Best Spring Wishes!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Greetings From Vacation!

Hi everyone, I'm happy to report my vacation is easing all my late stress to liveable circumstances.
I'm here with my partner, Matt (Codered1200 Nemeth) having a great time in the overly sunny San Diego!
I should update everyone on the late events and sales at my store so here goes!
I did do something RIDICULOUS and released the Basic Essentials Servery Set for 10L$ for 3 days during St Patricks Day, but now it's up to normal price -- 225L$ and is located in our store near the Iron Diamond Servery set & Accessories table.
It includes a brasier, corner servery, 1 prim seating and table, 1 prim sculpted dishes, and many more. Really excellent deal if I say so my self!
I am also holding a Spring Cleaning sale on our 1 Prim Tables, 2 Prim Brasier Tables, 1 Prim Cushion, and 3 Prim Raised Cushions all marked between 5L$ and 45L$ each.
I will also be lowering more prices this week such as torches, Flames of the Night brasiers, and a few other items around my store which will also bump the prices of our large sets down as well (The Scribery & Servery -- Living Sets Prices are already 50% of normal)

Well, I will update possibly a few more times before vacation is really over, but I've got lunch plans at this really great greek cafe down the road.
Have a GREAT Spring Break everyone!
-Nyalee & Code

Friday, March 14, 2008


Hiyo everyone! I'm so sorry I havent been posting lately.. I've been -so- busy in real life with taking care of my grandmothers business, and in SecondLife too.
I'm also taking steps to further advertise the business. If you're interested in seeing where (and feedback would be appreciated) we've been listed you can check the links below! =)
We're also moving slowly on the building of the medieval kitchen. You're probably thinking 'servery' but actually what we're doing is transforming an entire section of our store into a medieval castle or large manor hour style kitchen. It's going to be very large, and very detailed. We're currently just fiddling with shapes, textures, and styling things. My boyfriend, codered1200 is a huge part in this project.
We were inspired by an image I found online on a historical site, and we are very inspired to make the most realistic and historically accurate one avaliable to our resources.
To get off the serious and realism track, we're also making a water feature inside the same room.
It's a bit crazy, but thats how I am. It's going to be a large pond with a few skipping stones to walk across to an island on the far side, where there will be a 'fountain' of sorts stemming from our statue.
Regarding my absence, I must confirm. I have been away for about a week, and will be away for another 6 weeks. This isn't to say I'm not here at all.. My avatar is 99% of the time logged on unless the sim goes down. I do frequently come back to check my notices, inventory, and IMs of course. Still, the most accurate way to contact me is via email, since we all know how reliable SecondLife is.
For a list of the sites we're currently listed on...

I do not currently support OnRez but it is an open door for the future. Time is limiting though currently.
We would appreciate your support of the above listed websites, as we have found them to be very valuable resources in the times where "New" Search is frustrating and letting down many.
As always, feel free to IM us inworld or via email.. Comments are currently open and most welcome.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Upcoming Awayness

Hiyo everyone!
I just figured I should tell everyone that I will be 90% GONE from March 20th - April 25th.
I'll be in midst a lovely visit with my boyfriend and will be far too busy for silly internets *winks!*
I'll probably pump out a few little projects before then, hopefully start the bakery/release the food so ya'll don't starve while I'm away.
I will be in-contact though and check my IM's, notices, etc each day.. However because I just get SO spammed with things I really recommend you EMAIL me at Nyalee.Mirrikh@Gmail.com otherwise I can't promise I'll get it.
I will of course be on sometimes, and may even do a little job here and there while he is here, and him too but don't expect it! (Think... rabbit...)

If you have any questions about this, I recommend you ask 'em soon!
Really, don't be shy. The worst I could do is turn into an angry sloth and bite you (or say no.)
Take care! =)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Add On & Take Away

I'm going to be taking away first...
I'm pretty much disowning all unstarted projects. I know, I promised them.
But I can't commit to anything right now.
As to adding on, I'm adding on a new servery set. We decided to call it the humble servery set because it's compiled primarily of pieces that look like they'd be found in some small little cottage off to the edge of town brushing the border of the woods. It's very multipurpose, and you can change the prim count some. It comes with 6 accessories too, a rug, two boiling pots to hang inside, and three urns.
It also has the 4 primary parts consisting of shelving, the water pump spigot, the fire, and the heating/sink base.
It's truely gorgeous, but I don't have a picture currently, may try to upload one later.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Production Line: Emergency Shutdown.

Due to a RL problem at 3:00 this morning I am having to stop building for the next week or two.
My grandmother was rushed into the emergency room at approximately 7:00pm Friday the 1st, shortly thereafter I was contacted asking for medications due to some complications. I made a drop-by on my way to a late night need of ice cream run at about 10pm. Unable to sleep I called the police on my neighbors for being loud at about 2:30am, and at 3:00 my aunt stopped by asking for some of my grandmothers items, and reporting that within the hour she had been victim to a heart attack. A quick background to her, she's had an 8 way heart bypass, a kidney removed, 10+ years of diabetes and is suffering from it's complications, such as blindness, neuropathy, and often does not take care of her eating habits.
I am very concerned for her, and will be away for the next week-to-two-weeks to help nurse her back to the best health she can be. I have hired three store managers, and have backups incase any of them fail me. I will be online but probably mostly not here for the weeks ahead. Feel free to ask me questions, I'll get back to them as soon as I can.
Pertaining to my store managers, currently two are very new to SecondLife, and one is quite a bit older. The two newer are undergoing intensive training to become familiar with their environments and are going through a transformation from newbie looks to a more stylish appearance. If you see anyone in my store with the title [DDD] Manager please feel free to say hello and be considerate to their possible handicaps, this is afterall, a better introduction to SL then a quick shove into escorting, dancing, stripping, or camping. You can tip them if you feel obligated, but it's your choice.

I will be posting updates as I go along, but for now... Thank you to all my loyal and supporting customers, I hope I can return to service as soon as possible and provide you with more rustic-y-goodness!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Price Slashes All Over!

I decided do to a disparaging remark, sales records, and the 'slum' of the market...
I'm cutting prices on a select few items throughout my store. You'll have to visit to see just how low I can go (A hint.. the ID servery has a version for 300L$!!)
I reduced prices down to almost unheard of levels for my level of quality and functionality.
This applies to the scribery, serveries, certain bondage items, fire pits and misc others.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Havok4 & My Store

As many of you may have found out through trial and error and silly flight system problems in my store.. as well as the little notice :: My store, the whole sim is a Havok4 Early Adopter sim. We have been this way for as long as they've had it avaliable. This does cause problems. I believe that being Havok4 is for the best though because eventually ALL of SecondLife will have it. Unlike many other designers who choose to either not update or live on mainland or not their own sim, all of my products will be completely compatible with Havok4 when it is released. We do still do testing on regular sims so that items work on Havok1 sims as well until the full update is released. Occassionally the sim will get updates to the Havok4 and we may have problems with all sorts of little things, and all I can ask is that you bare with me and report it to not only myself but Linden Labs as well. The sooner it's resolved the better.
I just felt I needed to address this after a peculiar talk with a friend whom was having problems with other designers items that were supposed to do the same as mine but did not, and he had also had a problem with an item of mine that functioned improperly because it was old On a Havok4 Sim.

Thank you for your cooperation, patience, and reading this!

The fabulous set has arriiivvveedddd!!

Okay so I guess canvas, tarnished iron, torn and burnt rugs, and crude wood isn't fabulous to 90% of SecondLifer's but hey, to me- this set is like the creme de la creme of rustic furniture. Want to seeeee itttt? I bet. Well. I'll post images in a bit. Lets talk!
This gorgeous bed is scripted, animated, and detailed to the max! This bed alone is selling for 185L$, the carpet? 250L$. Tack that on with tons of little bits... well it's far more then what I'm selling it for! 500L$, yep. You get a small houseful of this gorgeous matching furniture for like half or less of what it's worth. I'm crazy, yes. But I'm not stupid, this set is too cheap to pass up for it's quality. What's inside that makes it so faaabbbuuullouuuss? Well..
The bed. This bed is extremely detailed. It's a slat-style bed with a straw stuffed mattress and 1 couple, one single animation from Pillow Talk. The bed also has a scripted sculpted blanket that covers you up all tight and snug when you lay in it, and goes poof when you don't. Ohh lordy, for such a nice item must be hefty in the prims, eh? Nope. 16 prims, not bad.
The rug. Rug you say? Why is a rug expensive or special...? This is why :: It's a custom made rug with burnt holes, warping, fraying, and ripping, ideal for this situation, it's also high in resolution, detail, and depth. It is coverd with 4 single animations and 2 couple sets as well as a handful of tossed around canvas sculpted pillows which match the bed and the 1 prim pillows. The animations are a combination of PillowTalk & Bits n Bob's, and all are -very- nice. This rug is goorrgeeoouuss!

Okay okay! Ready for pictures? Me too! Fresh out of Photoshop here they are (Courtesy of my love)

Enjoy =) You can find this item inworld inside the little alcove with the red curtains and the scribery area.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Peasant Set Making Headway:

The second of the large living sets is finally making headway. For a few days I was sort of dumb on what to base the style off of, the bed really was a killer. Today I finally got hit in the head with the two base textures for it. It will be based off of a canvas texture as well as the one everyone knows as "Iron Diamond" or "ID" in my store, meaning the pieces will match perfectly with the Scribery and Servery sets, as well as many other items.
The bed is a simple, hay-stuffed slat bed with a sculpted blanket, pillows, and three PillowTalk sleeping animations. One Couple, one Single.
I'm also going to be including like normal, a hand-wash basin (for dishes, or other countertop stuff), a wash tub (for bodily cleaning), tables and cushions matching, various little accessories like a washcloth basket, waterbowl, urns, and a few misc pieces of food.
I would expect this to be done tomorrow or the next day, depending on the RL workload of both myself and my partner, Codered1200.
If you'd like to see a sneak preview, just ask!

The next set up is a high-mid class almost aristocratic living set with darker richer woods and satiny fabrics. Slightly higher prim, but with all the essential basics we've always provided. A gorgeous set for those who aren't so poor in RP. (Of course, all of our living sets are 500$L each, even though individual pieces may go upwards of 1000-1500L$ we are anxious to provide realistic furniture for realistic prices.)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's here!

The gorgeous tribal living set is finally here! Yaaayy!
I went all out on this one, it's got so much in it @_@!! 4 Pillow Talk Anims, several Bits n Bobs and a few other misc. It's GORGEOUS! ;_;
Here are some photos of it! =)

Hope you like it! I'm anxious to see feedback.

New Set Nearly Done!

I've become rather lazy and slow in my recent work, I've picked up small jobs from other people, and become quite blahtastic when I myself are building.
I'm just sort of built-out... but! I have managed to get enough energy to make what I promised... the first one anyway. This is going to be GREAT for all the panthers, feys, or very woodsey campers.
I even made a few custom pieces for it =D
These are my economy packs, they're 500L$ and an essential set that supplies a bed, bathing basin, wash basin (hands), 4 types of lighting, cushions, tables, food, a relaxing area, in the tribal case :: a campfire and two logs, and accessories such as urns, rep cloth basket, waterbucket, and a few other small things. When I calculated out the entirity of the contents it came out to a whopping 1,250L$!(Actually more, but I subtracted since some small items arent copyable)

I was speaking with a customer this evening, and she too thought this was a great idea, not only because it's such a steal, but because most people, especially my common customers, the men of the household, are lazy and do not want to spend all the time shopping for things to fill their house... solution : Sets!
They match, they work, and it's everything you could need to set up the basic household. Too good to be true? Nope! Look for this release and updates by tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reduction: All Prim Clothing

Due to my lack of updating and improving the rather dim quality and variety of the prim clothing I hold on the second floor, I reduced the price down, dramatically. All items are full prim, and textured in 4 matching textures, even the 2 other brown and green rope sets are cut back. I do hope to make some more items avaliable, but these are primarily just for those, who do not really have much of a variety of clothing to wear something decent. They're all modifyable and look okay, but they're old, and really sort of blah. If you're interested in the range of prices currently, the lowest per item / color is 50L$ for a pair of sort of cozy prim booties which can be worn with the legs or without. The highest I think (excluding set which is 200 something) is only 125 for the cloaks. Some other items I do plan to expand on are the huntress gear which includes pouches, belts, and other cheap accessories to help you keep from pulling rope and other items out of your butt and actually have them be on you.

5 Minutes Into The Day...

Well! That scribery set was released today and it spun me into a whole new world of sets. I want to make sets. I have the craving, to make sets. For a few reasons:
* What they see, they get. No dissapointments.
* The Pictures look SO much better, when you have a lot.
* Give me a basis, a theme to build on. Rustic isn't specific.
* Fun & time consuming. I hate being bored.
So that's it, yep. I've planned a release of what I call the "Living Set" which basically is a little sampling of every product I have to fill the common household with a servery, some seating, sleeping, bathing, and other stuff!
I'm sure by now, you've realized don't rely on me to actualy come through with everything, but the living set seems like a formidible and good idea -- I mean. No more shopping and being sad because you paid 500L$ for a couch but you thought you got the whole room etc. I'll probably make it in about 2 or 3 packs, going from minimal sort of panther-y items to the more lavish, cozy, and overfilled package.
I think this really will make shopping a lot easier, I mean.. c'mon! No more misconceptions, what you see is what you get & you wont have to shop around for every little tiny piece to make your house look that good. Our pictures arent photoshopped except a black fading out on the edges in some, and wording of course. Otherwise they're 100% SL, most the time not even windlight.
Anyhow, I will post my second set here for you all to oogle over, it came out beautifully =) I'll do two pics, so you can see details.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Slow Day

Today was slow, like normal, both in sales and production. I haven't released really anything but I do plan on packaging a sort of scribery set as well as an infirmary set. But probably only one will be done today, another tomorrow.
I'll talk about the scribery one, since I think I'll do it tonight. Scribery.. meh. More like an office, or library. Track-keeper. Depends on who you are to what you call it. It's going to be compiled primarily of the "ID" set that is on the third floor, complete with the scripted bookshelves, 2 seating (1 writing, 1 not), a desk, fire lamp, a few scribbled pieces of paper, ink jars, endless quils, an open book, and whatever else I can think would go with it. I may include some ground cushions, maybe a low table or two. It'll all be matching in that gorgeous dark wood. I thought that large packs might interest some people because you dont have to dig through all of my store to find the tiny tidbits and match and all that, it's all there and usually at a decent price. I dropped the price of my one other large set, the ID Ultimate Servery (seen below) to 1550, and probably this scribery set will only be about 250L$ or 300L$.

Enjoy and take care.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some more rereleases

I'm on a roll, re-releasing all my old items I feel are still decent, todays were the sculpted meat rack, the sculpted 3 prim torches (very... eh.. outpost/campy) and my food barrels. I need to do some retexturing and make more of each, but generally they're pretty nifty. I also hope to be able to find nice rug textures, when I do expect a large amount of cuddle, sleep, and other sort of anims piled onto a rug. I hope that I can get this one last wall filled up, and throw stuffs inside my huts then I believe my store will reclaim much of it's old cozy feel. I'm always looking for ideas, if you have 'em and want to see them fulfilled, throw me an IM & I'd be happy to help.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Script: New Possibilities

I've had a lot of ideas come up with this new script we created for the library bookshelving. The script is really phenominal and moderately low lag, since it's menu operated.
Basically what it does is you put xxx items, ranging from notecards, landmarks, objects, skins, shapes, pretty much everything... Inside the primary object, in this case, a bookshelf. You then have the script, which assigns itself a random 9 digit number so to not interfere with nearby ones. Then you click the object, it brings up a menu (Buttons name themselves by the objects name) and you click & receive! It's a really nifty system and opens up an endless amount of possibilities in the dispensible arena. I've got a few ideas, such as making full on single sets for infirmaries, kitchens, and libraries that are all 1 piece but gives individual items. It will also make my travel bag, when I make more / update 100x better and more efficient. Other things I can now improve on are my bandage baskets. I have a lot of plans with this, but as with my post earlier today, I'm sort of blah and have some sort of nasty little virus that makes the bed look like the holy grail and fountain of youth to me currently, so I will check online a few times a day for IMs, transactions, and notices.
As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or recommendations regarding my store, please feel free to voice them. I love feedback and I'm always open to new ideas, there is no guarantee I can fulfill them, but I'll certainly try!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Releases & Re-releases

Released within the last few days are 2 -great- chair styles and a few water pieces.
I released the chairs as the "Comfy" (Single) and "Cuddle" (Couples) chairs. They look identical except for the poseballs, and come in 4 different cushion colors, the cushions, which are gorgeously sculpted, are arranged in a semi-circle around the back, making it look exceptionally plushy. They are each 11 prims and 125L$ each, and I plan to make a smaller line for singles with just 1 pose later on, also in the same 4 mosh of textures.
My other releases, and re-releases today are my old 'water bowls' which not only use a new sculpty, but are in 7 beautifully realistic textures, my water pump in a bucket, my bucket of water, my old fashioned water pump, and my 6 prim water spigot. A new release is making my water spigot, low prim version, for my serveries sold for seperate, for those who think theirs is superior to mine, or just want a different style I don't have. It's fully functional, sound, and particle effects.

I plan on a few new releases today, but I wont give that away because I happen to like the suspense.
Remember: If you have any recommendations, concerns, comments, or other issues with my products, please tell me!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blog Restart.

I'm going to redo the blog, like... delete posts and restart.
I'm Nyalee Mirrikh, of Dysfunctional Dolly Designs.
I product mass quantities of rustic or old-world themed items, such as (but not limited to)kitchenware, infirmary (physican-ish) furniture, huts and woodsey builds, campfires, fireplaces, bedroom/livingroom items, dining items, dispensible items, some clothing, some mild bondage things (hardly sexual) and soon, slave chores.
I am one of the larger competitors out there for this group of items, and there isn't much of a variety out there so far, I hope to expand on it. Currently I occupy the sim Sanguine, one which my boyfriend owns, and he also helps me build. Not in depth co-building, but he does help a lot on small stuff, like texturing issues, sculpties, scripting, and when I lag a lot: Naming things. My store even has a small little alcove at the bottom where I keep the most peculiar items... errh.. like my tongue chair. I can't explain that, but you definitely have to see it. My primary floor has all of my main items such as my vast amounts of serveries, my randomly there campfire pieces, and the little alcove in which I store bedroom/livingroom items that are a little more lavishly comfortable.
Well, I'll stop ranting for awhile. I'll post pictures later, take care!

Monday, February 11, 2008

"New" Releases

My releases today are both old and new, meaning some are changed, modified, or just put out again. Some of these items are copiable, some aren't.
One of my newly released items are the
sculpted 3 prim bota in 4 fur patterns,
my ka-la-na dispensing barrel (which I plan to make a paga one etc)
some of my new sculpted bottles (New sculpties, never seen before!)
A set (maybe more later) of sculpted dishes, including plates, bowls, goblets, and simple cups.
Beautifully sculpted and shaded urns in 4 varieties
Other things I've done today is to remarkably reduce prices on my ultimate servery kit to 1750, many smaller items are down to a lot as well, such as quite a few little tables for 15L, my bloody infirmary cot for under 90L$, and many of my new releases are only 10L$ each.
I'm going to continue reducing prices all over my store, keeping the simple and unscripted items to below 25L, animated ones vary from 25L$ to 100 per animation. My corner servery, I have removed the high prim version and reduced the low prim version to only 550L$ for two animations & the working faucet. It's like 40ish prims if I remember right.
I've sort of postponed my bedroom set stuff due to my lack of enthusiasm on it. I will be releasing some 'outdoor' items varying from my former meat rack to some torches, and even my olde fashioned hand water spigots.
I hope you all enjoy, and like normal- I'm more than willing to do customs and modifications.