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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

5 Minutes Into The Day...

Well! That scribery set was released today and it spun me into a whole new world of sets. I want to make sets. I have the craving, to make sets. For a few reasons:
* What they see, they get. No dissapointments.
* The Pictures look SO much better, when you have a lot.
* Give me a basis, a theme to build on. Rustic isn't specific.
* Fun & time consuming. I hate being bored.
So that's it, yep. I've planned a release of what I call the "Living Set" which basically is a little sampling of every product I have to fill the common household with a servery, some seating, sleeping, bathing, and other stuff!
I'm sure by now, you've realized don't rely on me to actualy come through with everything, but the living set seems like a formidible and good idea -- I mean. No more shopping and being sad because you paid 500L$ for a couch but you thought you got the whole room etc. I'll probably make it in about 2 or 3 packs, going from minimal sort of panther-y items to the more lavish, cozy, and overfilled package.
I think this really will make shopping a lot easier, I mean.. c'mon! No more misconceptions, what you see is what you get & you wont have to shop around for every little tiny piece to make your house look that good. Our pictures arent photoshopped except a black fading out on the edges in some, and wording of course. Otherwise they're 100% SL, most the time not even windlight.
Anyhow, I will post my second set here for you all to oogle over, it came out beautifully =) I'll do two pics, so you can see details.

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