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Monday, September 30, 2013

Add a bit more to your kitchen!

Did you love our Simplistic Little Kitchen released earlier?

You might also love the matching Simplistic Little Hutch!

95L$ normally, this Tuesday for 25L$ Tuesdays, just 25L$ til 11:59pm.

PS: We updated the shelving on the kitchen, if you did not receive an update, please visit a redelivery terminal. Also, try to de-link your hutch and shelving if it appears to be more than 2 prims & be careful with resizing.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Neighborhood! Again!

We're up for The Neighborhood again & are offering a cute "Simplistic Little Kitchen"!

It really is very simple & little - and only 200L$ til 11:59pm Saturday night! 

It's only a meager 2 prims, and includes a fauceted or hand pump version - it's perfect for those tight spaces or prim budgets (and price!)

The shelf is also detachable, incase you ever just needed a perfect kitchen shelf with lots of lil goodies!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

All our new stuff? Now on Marketplace.

We aren't always able to add our new releases to the Marketplace right away, as any merchant who has used it will tell you it is tedious & soul-sucking at times. 

However! I am happy to let you know, we have managed to get all currently released products up there... So do stop by!

I know many people really prefer the instant shopping on the Marketplace, and learn about our products there.

Didn't catch our latest releases?

They're all set up at our main store, and as a bonus for those who visit the inworld location only - we're also offering a FREE single pumpkin as seen in our last post.

We truly do appreciate our inworld shoppers, as it saves us the 5% commission from the Marketplace. Thank you!

Some sample favorites from our latest releases!

Thank you all for your support!

Monday, September 23, 2013

25L$ Tuesdays & more!

We've added more seasonal items, so if you've not stopped by to check out the ones we posted earlier I do recommend stopping by! 

Elsewise, we've now added our 25L$ Tuesday item  & a simple freebie pumpkin for you to pick up!

Pumpkin is right by the Sanguine landing spot, it's just a single, simple one. A wearable version is included, but the rez one is not scripted. Mod & Copy. Cause no one should have to pay for a basic pumpkin.

25L$ Tuesday item Branches on Shelf is 95L$ normally, 25L$ until 11:59pm Tuesday night! 1 land impact, unscripted.

Tis the season...

Our preliminary release of seasonal goodies is out now!

You'll notice many items from last year, and so I wished to clarify what they're doing here again...

Most of the items last year have been redone to include texture variants, as well as modify & copy. You wont be purchasing single-colour packs for pumpkins.

The Pumpkin Candles & Jack-o-Lanterns both have texture menus in them now, so you get all Jack's in one, and all of the Pumpkin Candle colours in one.

Existing products for single tones etc can be purchased for 15-25L$ in the multipanel vendor, but wont be on display as the newer ones are a better value.

Otherwise, the majority of the releases are for sale at 95L$ and under, with a few going up higher. Namely, you'll find the Dark Candelabra set at just 235L$ as the most expensive item in this release, but I think it's very worth it & hope you will too.

(But stay tuned for some releases later in the day, including an up & coming 25L$ Tuesdays release!)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Swim on over! 25L$ Tuesday & more!

We've finally set our Asian Items from last rounds Genre out for sale at our main store, and we've also included a new piece!

The Koi Fountain is our latest fountain, and like our exceptionally popular Tiered Fountain, it includes a pair of animations for sitting on the edge & relaxing!

It is 3 land impact animated, and includes an unanimated modifyable version!

We've also set up our latest 25L$ Tuesday item!

Of course if we have new pathways, certainly we need new pathway lighting! Our all-new Stoney Path Lights are one of my favorite things now~ Just 1 land impact per rustic piece including all the light beams.

If you want it for 25L$, you must stop by before 11:59pm SLT Tuesday, otherwise you can find it for the regular price of 125L$.

Genre, take two!

It's that time again! The Event, Genre's latest theme is "Western" and we hope you'll like our "Western" yet rustic items out for this round.

They're all out for just 100L$ during the event but will go up in price after, so stop by the Genre event location sometime before the 12th of October to pick these up at the discount.

(Plank can be set 100% invisible)
 (Bottom wheel optional)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Take a stroll...

Our first official paths release, our group gift not withstanding, is finally here!

Looking for that special something different than cobblestone or muddy pathways? Try our new "Overgrown Plank Pathways" which includes textures for both Mossy & Snowy - covering you year round!

There is SEVEN shapes as can be seen in the product advert that is included, and each of these are included in a (Large) or normal variety. 

- Normal ones can be seen from further away on lower viewer LOD settings, but should not be stretched larger or you end up with very high land impact.

- (Large) ones are not always visible at very very far distances, but they can be a lot larger and stay only 1 land impact!

As well, we've included all of them in their default MOSSY textures, but if you like, you can change the textures to the included SNOWY textures (and back again) by editing them, choosing "Select Face" and clicking on the part you wish to change - planks or grass. Grass can also be set to 100% transparent if you do not want it at all.

We opted to give you the textures to apply yourself so that you do not have to readjust them each season, and it keeps your script count low by not requiring you to keep scripts in them year long to change twice a year.

Interested in these awesome low land impact pieces?

Copy, mod, and only 195L$

Stop by our new Sanguine sim and take a left out of the entrance gazebo for the vendor & to see them in use.

Monday, September 9, 2013

A history lesson full of releases

A long time ago, there was a store, and this store had two owners. One of them was a big fan of dark, rich red tones... And he had a sim called Sanguine, on which the store resided. This store was called Dysfunctional Dolly Designs, named after the other owners love of dolls.

Well, it has been several years since this store, and that sim closed down... But in remembrance of it, we've opened a new sim called Sanguine, alas only a homestead this time... but with the hope, dreams, and expectations that we had for the prior sim... Now in mesh!

What I mean to say by all my sentimental ramblings is... We have a second homestead sim parked next to our Dysfunctionality sim! This sim will be used to house many new releases and especially adult items, as well as seasonal & other misc things. I hope you'll stop by!

... Especially because I have five new releases available there today, more in the future, and one of them can be had for just 25L$ if you follow the green arrows!

Let me tell you about my exceptionally late blooming Tulips & Daffodils... I LOVE Daffodils, and Tulips are so dainty and lovely... We just had one of those moments and now we have Tulip Plots, Daffodil Plots, and versions of each in lovely vases! Available each in texture change to Blue, Orange, Bright Pink, Light Pink, Red, Purple, Yellow, White, Black-red, & Black. We also have some purdy topiaries in rustic planters with texture change bases.

Perms? All mod, all copy. None transfer.
Plots - 195L$
Vases - 145L$
Topiaries - 135L$

The Tulip Vase, however, is available until 11:59pm SLT Tuesday night for just 25L$ as a part of the 25L$ Tuesdays special.

Stop by our new sim, or our old, and follow the green arrows for the discount item!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Houses are on fire!

Or, rather there is houses with fire inside them... in the form of candles!

We released two all-new original mesh items for this round of We Love Roleplay!

Our anticipated 3-Pack of "Lil' Rustic Houses" & "Wall Candles" are finally out, and at an amazing 25% off!

Houses are regularly priced at 875L$, but can be had for just 657L$ during September's We Love Roleplay.
Coming in with 3 sizes, each are respectively 4, 6, and 9 prims - all linked together & including functional doors and correct physics (walls are solid! doorways are not!)

Also included is a full set of AO and UV maps for all of the houses & bonus pieces, allowing you to customise your home to your needs! Take it to the modern with metals and painted decor, red bricks, pink walls!

Wall Candles are regularly 135L$, but can be had for 102L$ during September's We Love Roleplay.
 8 Colours to choose from via menu, as well as easily adjustable glow settings & a kill button to remove the script for an even less laggy experience.

You'll get 3 arrangements which are 1 prim each. A left column, right column, and a mixed up piece.