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Friday, February 17, 2012

Updated Torches

We also updated our awesome mesh torches - only the non candle versions needed the update though...

First off, they have the new fire texture like the braziers... Making them a LOT more realistic. Secondly, we removed an awry script in them, they are now only 2 prims like their candle equivalent, meaning you can put out a lot more with a lot less! Here are their new ads, sadly the fire is hard to see in picture, but they look wonderful in person, so please come view them in world!

A Wild Brazier Appears!

My favorite releases of all the items so far is our brand new Braziers! They were released on the 16th of Feb (2012! for all you late to the party!) and are only 2 prims equivalent/LI each which means even though they are composed of 3 parts, they only count as 2 prims on your land making them very appealing indeed!

They come in versions which emit light, and those which don't, so you can choose to have emitted light on yours or not. If I am going to use a lot, I typically alternate one which emits light every other, unless they're pretty far apart. Too much light is bad, but just enough can really make a scene very real.

They're 175L$ per variety, and I absolutely encourage you to view them in world as the flames look amazing. My favorite is the burning ember ones, as the way the flames lick over the glowing coals is just beautiful and so relaxing!

Otherwise, you can view them on our marketplace. As always, they're also sold through our affiliate vendors (20% commission, no start up fee) as well!

Bookcases Released!

Attached is all the current released bookcases, ranging from 1 prim to a max of 3! They're all no mod, copy, no transfer, and 100% hand made mesh. We are so excited to offer them to you! Price is 125 for A and B varieties, and 195 for the C/D/E pack which includes a few varieties of just 'books' to fill up your library, scribery, office, or home in general =)

There is unpictured several varieties - A,B, and C/D/E in each the bookbench, thin, and normal varieties! Please see our marketplace for a full listing of all of them, or also visit us inworld to see them!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bookcases! Bookcases! Bookcases!

I just wanted to do a quick post about our awesome bookcases that we have out, and a sneak peek of the ones we are about to release!

The above image is a preview of the short bench-style bookcases we will be releasing. We intend on having scripted versions with single, and couple poses available (maybe even a naughty one or two!) released shortly after.

Like our other model bookcases, it will come in range between 1-2 prims with 5 varieties available - we really don't like how repetitive some libraries in SL look! They will also be copyable, of course!

I also wanted to update a few about some items that were initially mislabelled - The bookcases we have are 1, 2, and 3 prims. No more than 3 prims count against your land at any time. The wells are also only 4 prims. I use 'prims' in term of LI - land impact. Land Impact is the new way of defining parcels, LI means that it takes up the equivalent of 1/15000 of that sims resources, a great guide to this can be found at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Prims-Prim-Equivalent-Land-Impact-a-too-long-guide/td-p/1293579

We encourage everyone to visit the link and briefly look it over, as it can help so many who are misinformed.

Anticipate the first of these to be released this week, and so much more like wall and ground torches, perhaps some pathways, a second version of out extremely popular study books, and some candles!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I would like to announce the re-opening of our blog! Please check out the awesome new and great items we have released, almost all of them done in mesh and extremely low prim, while retaining our typical quality!

We're also open on the Marketplace with over a dozen freebies currently listed!