Welcome to our little blog where we announce all new releases for the
Second Life mesh based store "Dysfunctionality" where we sell high
quality, themed, & low poly (low prim) furniture!

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Customer Service Policies

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact
Anke Hatchuk in Second Life, or leave a comment on any post. Thanks!

Customer Support Policies

In an attempt to streamline any incidents or concerns that should arise, we've put together a helpful quick FAQ about our Customer Support Policies. I hope it'll help you!

Customer Support Contact:

Anke Hatchuk
By IM, and never notecard, please.

*Please do not contact other store designers for any reason, they are unable to assist with end-product sales as they only handle the mesh models, not finished products*

Blogger Info:

We do not have store bloggers, please do not contact us seeking to blog for us on a permanent basis.

In exceptional cases and for established blogs with a history of blogging & posting to our group Flickr, we may offer on-demand review copies.


Returns are not accepted as our items are copiable.

You cannot double purchase inworld, but it is possible to on Marketplace. We request you please be mindful and search your inventory, or even check the redelivery page before purchasing twice to ensure no double purchases.

We will issue store credit in this case.

If a vendor is automatically refunding you, you already own the item, please get a redelivery.


We offer sales and discounts on new items regularly, including weekly sales such as 50L$ Friday & Saturday Sale (50-75L$!). Please join our group to hear about them!

Aside from that, we will occasionally offer Gift Card sales of up to 25% or other events at discount.

Outside of those offerings, we do not put old stock or items on sale. If you like something, you can be fairly sure that will be permanent price of the item.

Sales on 25L$/50L$/75L$ items do not repeat.
Old items do not go on sale for 25L$/50L$/75L$ except as reskins.


As of September 2017, we have updated our Customer Rewards to have tiers discounting 1% for every 2000L$ spent in our store, automatically refunded on all non-sale purchases.

The highest tier is 25% off for our customers, recently upped from 20%.

25% is the most we ever discount for our yearly sales, so it is like the store permanently being on sale for our most loyal of members.


Please visit the main store & click on the pile of crates by the landing spot to be taken to our self-serve automated redelivery service on all non-charity event items.

Alternatively, you're also able to click "Redelivery" in the blue menu from any vendor to access the same page.

Error with accessing the website? Be sure you're using an external browser, not the SL built in one. Thank you!

Market/Mall Rentals:

At this point in time, we're not accepting Market/Mall rental locations.

Unfortunately due to abuse, we've also discontinued our affiliate vending program pending updates in the future. Anyone who has it, may keep it for the time being, but new kits are not being issued.


We are unable to offer customisation on items, including resizing, different perms, full permissions, texture additions, mesh changes, script changes, and creating custom content in any form.

We welcome your suggestions, but cannot promise to create any, or a date by which it should be due. ETAs are not given.


All products are no transfer, this means you CANNOT buy it for yourself, and give it away later... but you can rez unlimited quantities at any time, any place. You'll never lose them, and you can ALWAYS get them redelivered via terminal inworld!

To circumvent this issue, all vendors are capable of gifting, and all products on both PrimBay & Marketplace are easily giftable as well. 

*This excludes all RFL or charity event vendors, which I have no control over and no way to long term track sales*

No Mod:

To the eternal question of why some items are no mod:

That's simply how things were handled with the individual designers I was working with at the time, and the rules we were going under.

We changed this about ~100 products in, and instead of me spending 30+ minutes to change over the product perms and ads in all locations per product, I discounted them heavily instead.

Most of these items are making me literal pennies. I don't want to invest that time in them at this point. The alternative is to retire them entierly/make them unavailable. When people hassle me over it, it makes that outcome more likely.

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