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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning Sale..

I figure at April 25th I will be reducing all the prices of my items back to their normal, then eventually I will be moving them to a new floor where I will host all my 'retired' items to be changed out by new stock.I havent decided on location etc for this spot yet.
However!! For now the entire list of what is for sale is as follows:
Flames Of The Night 2 Prim Brasiers: 70L$ a pair, all sizes/textures.
Lights Of the Night 2 Prim Tables: 45L$ each, all textures.
Simplistic Nights 1 Prim Table: 15L$ each, all textures.
Raised Cushion 3 Prim Pillow Seating: 10L$ each, all textures.
3 Prim Sculpted Torches: 25L$ Each, all textures.
Mattsu Sculpted 2 Prim Candles: 20L$ each, all color/textures.
Food Barrels 4 Prims: 5L$ each, all contents.

With the given changes, the Scribery SET and the Iron Diamond Servery SET are marked down accordingly, however all Living Sets will not be marked down, nor will any other sets.
Obviously it's quite a fair bit off, but I thought I'd give a heads up to the changes. I will probbaly return to my mass production self during May and up until June.
I do have plans to visit Colchester in the UK with my significant other during summertime, so I may or may not get everything done.
My first priority upon returning are as follows:
Finish Medieval Cooking Area :: Release All Sculpted Food & Make Dispensers For Them :: Add Fishing Server To Indoor Pond :: Find Reliable Animator :: Create More Physician / Infirmary Themed Items :: Add More Varieties Of Seating :: Sleep.
Obviously the sleep part might get priority, but all in all I've got a good general list of things to do.
I'm also not really open to customs as much as I used to be since I'm so water clogged with other ideas that inspire me.
Anyhow my love is laying on the couch looking pitiful and lonely, catch you all later & Best Spring Wishes!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Greetings From Vacation!

Hi everyone, I'm happy to report my vacation is easing all my late stress to liveable circumstances.
I'm here with my partner, Matt (Codered1200 Nemeth) having a great time in the overly sunny San Diego!
I should update everyone on the late events and sales at my store so here goes!
I did do something RIDICULOUS and released the Basic Essentials Servery Set for 10L$ for 3 days during St Patricks Day, but now it's up to normal price -- 225L$ and is located in our store near the Iron Diamond Servery set & Accessories table.
It includes a brasier, corner servery, 1 prim seating and table, 1 prim sculpted dishes, and many more. Really excellent deal if I say so my self!
I am also holding a Spring Cleaning sale on our 1 Prim Tables, 2 Prim Brasier Tables, 1 Prim Cushion, and 3 Prim Raised Cushions all marked between 5L$ and 45L$ each.
I will also be lowering more prices this week such as torches, Flames of the Night brasiers, and a few other items around my store which will also bump the prices of our large sets down as well (The Scribery & Servery -- Living Sets Prices are already 50% of normal)

Well, I will update possibly a few more times before vacation is really over, but I've got lunch plans at this really great greek cafe down the road.
Have a GREAT Spring Break everyone!
-Nyalee & Code

Friday, March 14, 2008


Hiyo everyone! I'm so sorry I havent been posting lately.. I've been -so- busy in real life with taking care of my grandmothers business, and in SecondLife too.
I'm also taking steps to further advertise the business. If you're interested in seeing where (and feedback would be appreciated) we've been listed you can check the links below! =)
We're also moving slowly on the building of the medieval kitchen. You're probably thinking 'servery' but actually what we're doing is transforming an entire section of our store into a medieval castle or large manor hour style kitchen. It's going to be very large, and very detailed. We're currently just fiddling with shapes, textures, and styling things. My boyfriend, codered1200 is a huge part in this project.
We were inspired by an image I found online on a historical site, and we are very inspired to make the most realistic and historically accurate one avaliable to our resources.
To get off the serious and realism track, we're also making a water feature inside the same room.
It's a bit crazy, but thats how I am. It's going to be a large pond with a few skipping stones to walk across to an island on the far side, where there will be a 'fountain' of sorts stemming from our statue.
Regarding my absence, I must confirm. I have been away for about a week, and will be away for another 6 weeks. This isn't to say I'm not here at all.. My avatar is 99% of the time logged on unless the sim goes down. I do frequently come back to check my notices, inventory, and IMs of course. Still, the most accurate way to contact me is via email, since we all know how reliable SecondLife is.
For a list of the sites we're currently listed on...

I do not currently support OnRez but it is an open door for the future. Time is limiting though currently.
We would appreciate your support of the above listed websites, as we have found them to be very valuable resources in the times where "New" Search is frustrating and letting down many.
As always, feel free to IM us inworld or via email.. Comments are currently open and most welcome.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Upcoming Awayness

Hiyo everyone!
I just figured I should tell everyone that I will be 90% GONE from March 20th - April 25th.
I'll be in midst a lovely visit with my boyfriend and will be far too busy for silly internets *winks!*
I'll probably pump out a few little projects before then, hopefully start the bakery/release the food so ya'll don't starve while I'm away.
I will be in-contact though and check my IM's, notices, etc each day.. However because I just get SO spammed with things I really recommend you EMAIL me at Nyalee.Mirrikh@Gmail.com otherwise I can't promise I'll get it.
I will of course be on sometimes, and may even do a little job here and there while he is here, and him too but don't expect it! (Think... rabbit...)

If you have any questions about this, I recommend you ask 'em soon!
Really, don't be shy. The worst I could do is turn into an angry sloth and bite you (or say no.)
Take care! =)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Add On & Take Away

I'm going to be taking away first...
I'm pretty much disowning all unstarted projects. I know, I promised them.
But I can't commit to anything right now.
As to adding on, I'm adding on a new servery set. We decided to call it the humble servery set because it's compiled primarily of pieces that look like they'd be found in some small little cottage off to the edge of town brushing the border of the woods. It's very multipurpose, and you can change the prim count some. It comes with 6 accessories too, a rug, two boiling pots to hang inside, and three urns.
It also has the 4 primary parts consisting of shelving, the water pump spigot, the fire, and the heating/sink base.
It's truely gorgeous, but I don't have a picture currently, may try to upload one later.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Production Line: Emergency Shutdown.

Due to a RL problem at 3:00 this morning I am having to stop building for the next week or two.
My grandmother was rushed into the emergency room at approximately 7:00pm Friday the 1st, shortly thereafter I was contacted asking for medications due to some complications. I made a drop-by on my way to a late night need of ice cream run at about 10pm. Unable to sleep I called the police on my neighbors for being loud at about 2:30am, and at 3:00 my aunt stopped by asking for some of my grandmothers items, and reporting that within the hour she had been victim to a heart attack. A quick background to her, she's had an 8 way heart bypass, a kidney removed, 10+ years of diabetes and is suffering from it's complications, such as blindness, neuropathy, and often does not take care of her eating habits.
I am very concerned for her, and will be away for the next week-to-two-weeks to help nurse her back to the best health she can be. I have hired three store managers, and have backups incase any of them fail me. I will be online but probably mostly not here for the weeks ahead. Feel free to ask me questions, I'll get back to them as soon as I can.
Pertaining to my store managers, currently two are very new to SecondLife, and one is quite a bit older. The two newer are undergoing intensive training to become familiar with their environments and are going through a transformation from newbie looks to a more stylish appearance. If you see anyone in my store with the title [DDD] Manager please feel free to say hello and be considerate to their possible handicaps, this is afterall, a better introduction to SL then a quick shove into escorting, dancing, stripping, or camping. You can tip them if you feel obligated, but it's your choice.

I will be posting updates as I go along, but for now... Thank you to all my loyal and supporting customers, I hope I can return to service as soon as possible and provide you with more rustic-y-goodness!