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Friday, March 29, 2013

Two new items & a full marketplace update!

We'll be tweaking our Marketplace more over the coming weeks to remove and add some keywords to make it easier for our customers to find what they're looking for... But meanwhile, we've recently pushed through all our recent releases to ensure that 100% of our products are now available on the Marketplace!

That means that you'll be able to find our great Rustic Kitchen Set and Rustic Dining Set that we released earlier this week, as well as the latest items we're releasing tonight:

The Rustic Metal Chandelier & Rustic Cooking Hearth!

These two compliment our prior releases very well, and are both very low prim & versatile so they'll work even with most existing set ups! Please remember all our items are copyable and mesh!

The Rustic Metal Chandelier is only 1 prim + 1 per additional chain you may choose to use to extend it down from your ceiling - it emits very subtle lighting and adds a great touch to any room!

The Rustic Cooking Hearth is 4 prims as linked, or 3 for the Hearth piece itself and 1 for the spit and pot if you choose to use them separately. 

You're also able to see it at our main store inworld, directly West from the landing! Look for the giant "NEW" signs!

Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rustic Dining Table Set!

Did you like our Rustic Kitchen Set? We all did! So we have added onto it the "Rustic Dining Table Set"!

The Rustic Dining Table Set features a bunch of great ONE PRIM only pieces!

- One Prim Table
- One Prim Chair with 9 Anims
- One Prim Trio of Candlesticks in Rust/Pewter
- One Prim Fresh Tablesetting

This set will be available for 265L$ at our main store in the new Western building or any affiliate location & Marketplace soon.

New! Rustic Kitchen 3 Piece!

The really cute Kitchen set we previewed earlier is now available!

Only inworld for now, Marketplace soon!

Details as follows:

Wash Basin : 1 prim unscripted, or 2 prims with 3 anims and 2 props. 175L$, copyable, 100% original mesh
Hearth & Supplies: 5 prims unscripted. 250L$, copyable, 100% original mesh
Stocked Shelf: 1 prim unscripted, 95L$, copyable, 100% original mesh - if you purchase the Basin & Hearth in the "3 Piece Set" for 425L$, the stocked shelf is "free"


We're remodelling, sorry for the mess!

Coming Soon: Rustic Kitchen Set

I'm very excited to share with you our up &; coming Rustic Kitchen Set!

This set is an amazingly low 7 prims as pictured, and features no scripting to keep lag low.

Keep your eye on the blog to hear about when it's ready for release!

Monday, March 25, 2013

25L Tuesdays again!

I had told you some of those new houseplants might go on sale.. and here they are!

Four of the varieties are now for sale for 25L$ only this Tuesday! Remember, one variety is also for FREE for our group members too~ 

They'll be back up to their 95L$ regular price on Wednesday, so hurry by today!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

New freebies & more


Today we bring you 3 new freebies! Two are group, and one is for everyone & can now be found in our freebie vendors, as well as all affiliates (and our main store, of course!)

Two of these have been seen before, but are making a reappearance to be available for a longer period.

The neutral chair is the non group freebie, the new houseplant style & shelves are for group members only... thus they must be claimed at the main store. Please remember to wear your group tag!

The rest of the houseplants are sneak-preview available in the multi-panel vendor in the main store, but one or more may be available for a discounted rate in the near future.

Monday, March 18, 2013

25L Tuesdays

Tuesday's item is here! A new lantern.

25L$ this Tuesday only @ Main Store.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Oldie but Goodie

This week we were a bit short on time due to some RL obligations, so we're bringing out one of our older but very popular items for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday list!

I also noticed that since LL adjusted their algorithm since this product debuted last year, it's not 2 prims but only 1 prim now! The advertisement, of course, has been adjusted to show this~

I also tweaked the lighting to be less yellowy.

Rustic Wall Lantern
1 prim each
Scripted On/Off Lighting
100% Original Mesh

Monday, March 4, 2013

"The Noose" 25L$ Item

It's that time again, 25L$ Tuesdays!

 This week we have another design by code, bringing his beautiful very rustic textures to our Second Life!
The item this round is called "The Noose" - a 5 prim, non scripted, & 100% original mesh prop.

The Noose is available for 25L$ from now until Tuesday night.