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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chic 25L$ Tuesday~

Everyone's favorite 25L$ Tuesday is back, and this week we have another adorable wall decor item for you~

This simple little Chic Wall Flower Decor comes as a preassembled set of 3 aged planks with vials bearing one each giant flower.

1 land impact & copy/mod!

You'll get 11 color change choices for the wall planks with an easy delete script~

Only 25L$ as a part of 25L$ Tuesday, so stop by and grab a copy now!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Steven~

Having a lonely Valentine's Day? Or maybe you just need some companionship for a bit~ No worries!

Senpai Steven is both the first and latest of companion pillows~

Stop by today and grab the free version of Senpai Steven to console you on the loneliest of days, and listen to you on the best!

Senpai is here for you!
Senpai will notice you!
Senpai will love you!
... Forever~

We also have a "Full" version of Senpai Steven with multiple animations and texture choices for just 95L$!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Valentuesday!

This 25L$ Tuesday is a very special one, one for us to show how much we love you all!

We have four great options, each just 1 land impact with at least 7 texture choices per~

These adorable decor pieces are sure to bring that loving feeling to any environment.

Don't dally though, each of these is only 25L$ until 11:59pm SLT tonight.

We Love... Childhood.

For this round of We Love Roleplay, we have an adorable childrens room mini set!

Included is a set of Childhood toy props for 125L$ normally, only 96L$ after the 25% off - 1 land impact each.

The Country Treasure Bed & Chest are 295L$ normally for this solo-seating bed with 10 animation choices, 7 wood (wood only for chest+optional decals), 9 blanket, and 8 pillow texture options.

It is only 222L$ after the 25% off!

The bed can definitely fit most average and small sized avatars, and has an offset system to accommodate otherwise.

ROMP: Fresh ~

The second major ROMP faire has rolled around~ An event specialising not only in quality, elegant kink, but this time with a futuristic twist!

We have two brand new offerings, both for a limited time 20% off at this awesome event.

Glass Holding Cage is a 2 land impact, 2-seating prop with multiple metal and top panel texture choices.

It is the ideal choice for far future holding of slaves. Price after 20% off is only 268L$.

Additionally we have the glorious Sparklebitch Collar for those who like to show off their fancy side on their properties neck!

It includes 3 metal choices, each with leather or pure metal as well as 7 gem choices. You'll get a variant pre-set up with OpenCollar scripts, or one with only a texture change script.

The collar is only 196L$ after the 20% discount.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Neighbourhood ~ Greenhouse Edition!

As it goes, The Neighbourhood pairs with our Fifty Linden Friday item so well!

This round, we're offering the gorgeously detailed yet low land impact Provincial Greenhouse for just 200L$ during the sale period!

Approximately 20m x 12m as is, but with the possibility to resize smaller or remove the side gardens to get it lower (9 LI &12x12 without gardens, 10x10 sans gardens is 7 LI and door is still 2.8m tall)

It includes 6 beautiful wood tones, 4 masonry choices, 3 levels of cleanliness for the floor, a scripted Kool door, and Easy Delete script for the texture menu~

Copy, Mod, and as always, 100% original mesh!

Goes to full price after The Neighbourhood is over, so stop by now~

Friday, February 6, 2015

Fifty Linden Plantdays!

It's time for Fifty Linden Friday again~

This round we have a pair of adorable and detailed benches to help you bring Spring to your home!

The Gardening Bench (1 Land Impact) and Potting Bench (2 Land Impact) are each simple decorative props with lots of detail. Copy & Mod~

You can grab each for just 50L$ for this round, so stop by this weekend to grab a copy!

We're participating in the (formerly Four Walls) House Hunt!

It happens to fall right on Valentine's Day~

We have an adorable pair of Beanbags out for this hunt and have hidden it in a fairly easy spot, too.

The only catch for this hunt is that it costs a mere 20L$~ Yet these are fully featured pieces.

Only 1 land impact per, with 9 solo animations and texture change!