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Friday, September 14, 2018

Little Blue Velvet Lounger for FLF!

For Fifty Linden Friday's this weekend we have the Little Blue Velvet Lounger ♥

This cute 3 land impact silky-soft, cozy lounger seats two with 7 solo female seating choices and 9 male solo seating choices, plus a large array of couples PG cuddles~ 

It's only 50L$ this weekend, a huge discount off of the regular price.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Antique Table Set for FLF!

These have sat on my platform for far too long, but they're out now!

The matching velvet chair & couch will be out eventually, but no promises or ETAs.

Featuring 27 beautiful texture choices ranging from fun metal tones, painted hues in jewel & pastel options, and a variety of woods.

You'll receive both the Coffee Table & Side Table, each which are 1 land impact at the included sizes.

These match beautifully with our Fireplaces, and will have plenty of future options as well.

Only 50L$ this Friday as a part of Fifty Linden Friday, 145L$ regularly priced after.


Saturday, August 4, 2018

Magic Gem Lights!

Our latest release is out now at the main store (Marketplace now available!)

Stop by to check out our beautiful new Magic Gem Lights - a series of 11 unique meshes with gorgeously detailed metal textures & hand sculpted crystals.

These gorgeous 1 land impact lights feature all original hand-sculpted meshes baked down in to the perfect low poly, low lag lanterns for any mystical environment.

Featuring impeccable LODs to be visible without any degrading, 9 rich metals, and infinite tinting possibilities with the gem light with subtle and soft glow pulses at random intervals.

You'll also receive a chain extension - if you're crafty with texture repeating, you can make this stretch to fit any ceiling height.

These are sold individually. Please be sure the version you are purchasing is what is named/pictured - this is not a fatpack. You'll be receiving the model on the LEFT of the advert only.

The following models are on sale for just 50L$ this Saturday & Sunday:
Swirl, Star, Rings, Diamond, Triangle, and Focus

The remaining 5 are at their every day price of 95L$ (and 5% off for group members!) and available exclusively at the main store.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Our 1 land impact, interactive fireplaces are here!

Sorry for the massive delay in releasing these, I know some of you have been waiting months and months - I had to take a personal hiatus, but I should be back to semi-regular releases for the forseeable future.
Thanks for your patience.

Let me introduce you to Christine, Christian, Victoria, & Victor - the newest fireplace models with an all-new script system that is sister to the one used in our extremely popular Essential Campfire released earlier this year.

These gorgeously optimised fireplaces look fantastic in high graphics settings, with realistic projector lighting that gives you whole-room cozy atmosphere instantly, but they also look awesome and still flicker even with the lowest graphics settings & lights turned off!

Still only 1 land impact, and this time they also include a massive mix 'n' match texture change menu to customise to your hearts desire.

This Thursday & Friday you can pick up Christine for just 50L$.
The FLF Sale is now over, thank you for your support and participation.

Christian, Victoria, Christine, and Victor are available Thursday the 19th through Sunday the 22nd for 20% off on MP, 25% off inworld, or 35% off inworld with our mainstore group [Dysfunctionality].

• Corner & Flat wall version both included 
• Versatile 29+19+2 texture change menu 
• 5 unique burning On states + Off 
• Baked On & Off textures 
• Handmade, realistic animated flames (not particle) 
• Flickering inworld lights & animated projector lighting 
• Inworld lighting changes to match tinting of flame 
• Additional particle embers & smoke clouds 
• Configurable automatic timers & pause 
• Optional sound via menu button
• Access control menu for group, everyone, or owner (default)
• Detailed Materials 
• Custom low poly LODs for 3 levels, strongly visible for approx 100m on default 2.0 LOD factor, 200m on 4.0 
• Custom very low lag scripting (avg: 0.003164 ms of CPU time consumed.) 
• Easy-delete script button

Be sure to stop by to buy or gift before these sale prices are gone!


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Quirky Tuesday~

This week we have the unusual and unique offering of this slightly cartoony, Low Poly-styled Cactus Lamp!

This adorable lamp is LOD optimised, materials enhanced, just 1 land impact, & has functional on/off states on click.

Only 25L$ this week

Monday, March 19, 2018

Finders, Keepers!

The Finders, Keepers hunt is back on this month - a few days late on my posting - sorry!

Stop by and get these Twinkle Poppies for FREE by seeking out the golden pot~

The Twinkly Clover are also just 38L$ for this adorable 3-piece mini-pack for a limited time (til the 24th!)
 Simply find the cute display at the end of the twinkly green path!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Flickering Fairy Bottles~

A beautifully detailed & corked glass bottle filled with soft swirling lights~

This lovely bottle features magical flickering inworld projector & ambient lighting, as well as detailed materials, & a fun twinkle noise on click, as if the tiny spirits are giggling or chattering at you.

Only 25L$ this week!

Please consider leaving a review, I read each of them and appreciate them a lot.

PS : The twinkles in the background are our Twinkling Glowies mixed with a group gift firefly particle emitter.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Delicate Ivy @ Blush!

Our latest and best ivy set ever is out now~

The goal with the Delicate Ivy set was to address many of the comments brought up on our very popular Twinkling Ivy last year, such as other twinkle colour choices, bare/snowy options for year round use, reverse shapes, and more detailed ivy.

I hope we've succeeded - while I may update the pack with a few more shapes than the 9 eventually, I'm very pleased with the 6 texture choices & twinkle choices coming in two densities on a regionwide access control menu.

Regardless of that, this set is available at the price of 195L$, and exclusively at Blush until March 25th!

Here is a preview of the twinkles in action~

Friday, March 2, 2018

Essential Campfire: 75% off limited time promo!

Our new Essential Campfire is out - and if you've been following me and my journey with it, you'll know what a labor of love it has been.

This simple campfire comes with a robust custom scripted menu, optimised around what all I could squeeze from 1 land impact.

That includes 6 gorgeous custom states, each with their own intensity in realistic flickering lighting, particles, sound, etc~ You can also turn the sound off!
Additionally, you're able to choose to pause on each individually, or to let it burn down using the custom timers to adjust from 5 minutes to 5 hours.

We've included a bonus experimental feature, allowing at least 16 users to sit around the campfire and warm their hands! Please read the included documentation for caveats and questions.

A rad bonus feature is that of tinting - I know many of my customers are in fantasy sims, and you may want a fire that is a wilder colour - we support this! You're able to tint the object, and it will automatically adjust the lighting to match for perfect ambiance every time.

I hope you'll love it, and to get the word out on what I consider an amazing campfire, it's out for just 50L$ through the weekend as a special limited time offer, before returning to its full price permanently.

PS: Please consider leaving us a review, it's appreciated beyond measure.
 Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Floating Flower Candles

All new Flower Candles! ♥

A set of beautiful flower floating candles! They spin slowly on your waters surface, Prim or Linden water will work.

This product has 3 versions: 
Floating Trio (3 spinning in a circle, 1 land impact for all 3, change textures individually) 
Floating Single (1 spinning in a circle, 1 land impact, texture change) 
Floating Single Roaming (Spins in Circle, 1 land impact, texture change, & has configurable radius menu to roam randomly)

Emit soft subtle light. Extra pretty viewings on high settings, but beautiful rich baked hand painted textures that look wonderful on low settings as well. Soft textured petals~ All custom done, original mesh & texturing!

They have 9 soft and shiny petal texture options ranging from red, blue, black, white, pinks, purple, yellow, and more~

Extremely low land impact, with fully optimised LOD levels to look great from up close or far away.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Love Clouds & Lucky Chairs~

We've released our all-new Love Clouds today as a special exclusive item for our new Lucky Chair!

You'll find the new Lucky Chair with small & cozy seating area at our main store near our landing spot.

Due to the current store renovations, expect the Lucky Chair to be somewhat migratory in location, but it will remain largely the same.

Eventually we hope to add more products to it if this one does well~

Our Chair is currently restricted to [Dysfunctionality] group members, and on only a 5 minute timer for the first week.

There are no current plans to sell the Love Clouds standalone, but this may change in the future.
For now this is the only way you can get them.

Friday, February 9, 2018

XOXO is back!

One of our favorite yearly events is back - XOXO!

For this fun, easy, and free to play game you just have to visit the main store, locate the XOXO booth, and type 'xoxo' in local chat to it. ♥

You'll have a 20% chance per day, for the next 9 days, to win it entirely for free~

If you're super unlucky or impatient, and wish to buy it for yourself or someone else, then the cost is reduced for the event - just 50L$!

Includes 24 quality solo seat choices with 10 textures as shown.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A little love!

Out now for 25L$ through Valentine's Day, our Love-Love Twinkles are an adorable new twinkle pack featuring 10 versatile mesh shapes & 5 texture choices including tintable white~


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Bubbling up a brothy brew~

We're back for We ♥ Roleplay this month, bringing you an all-new stylized cauldron for your home & sim~

Perfect for Harry Potter fanatics, Goreans, Medieval-fantasy roleplayers, and so many more - even just hardcore campers!

Only 1 land impact, with 4 beautiful texture choices + On/Off lighting with baked & enhanced materials, optimised LODs, as well as a single non adjustable stirring animation with spoon.

The soup is easily replaced by your favorite other opaque texture.

It is 25% off this month, bring it down to only 147L$ at the event location only.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Fifty Linden Friday is back, and with it we have the paired table set to the exceptionally popular Lawson Couch & Chair set - the Timeless Tables.

These beautiful golden embellished wooden tables come with a variety of textures to take you through the ages, from soft & cute pastels, to rich and dark choices.

Each is just 1 land impact, LOD optimised, materials enhanced, physics enabled & sure to be an excellent choice on roleplay, modern, or fantasy sims. 

They're currently over 60% off, just 50L$ through the weekend.


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ethereal Clouds, for Blush~!

Blush opens at midnight SLT tonight for it's second round~ We're releasing some lovely all-new twinkling mesh clouds there for you!

These gorgeous mesh clouds, trails, and sparkle clouds are sure to add infinitely versatile magic to any of your photos, sim builds, dreamy waterways, illuminated paths, and so much more.

They'll twinkle in the most enchanting of ways, perfect with just minor adjustments to tint, glow, and transparency to fit everywhere!

Included in this pack is a variety of themed cloud and sparkle or sparkle only combinations, each are 1 land impact at default sizing. 

Anything which is White Sparkles or White/Tint will have 3 faces you may individually select to tint.

You'll receive 5 Cloud & Cloud Trails in coordinating colors:
Lovely: Soft pink and white hues, perfect for the cute look~
Icey: Blues and grays, great tinted for underwater!
Heavenly: Soft golds and whites, a truly dazzling appearance.
Mysterious: Violet and cooler hues for a mystical feeling.
White/Tintable: Each includes 3 faces for you to customise, or use as white only! You can get some amazing looks.

Sparkles are ONLY sparkles and no clouds. There is 3 versions, one which is tintable.

I *highly recommend* adjusting the glow, transparency, and tint of your items to customise them to the environment or backdrop you intend to use them in. It is *very likely* the default ones may not be perfect for you. Please use "Select Face" and edit them in the Texture tab of the edit menu.

Twinkle Heart is just a flat heart and has only 1 face, unlike the rest of the set. It's pinkish and matches with Lovely items.

Please use caution with resizing, the sparkles won't look right at huge scales.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

FREE UPDATE: Ivy Groundcover

If you own our "Ivy Groundcover" product released early last year, you will be receiving an update shortly to address some longstanding issues with the product.

This fix removes the fuzzy white halo persistent on the outer edge, as well as some performance fixes for the textures, and a naming issue (missing a 'd') in the final ivies.

In short, these will look significantly better from all distances, as well as loading quicker.

If you do not receive your update within 12 hours, please visit the main store for a free redelivery via terminal.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Agonizing Tuesdays...

Some of you might remember our Halloween hunt gift, the Aging version of this!

We've decided to re-release it in to a main release so that it is available again, and now with 4 texture choices total. ♥

You'll find it for only 25L$ this week at the main store and SL Marketplace.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Lawson Living Set

A beautiful and versatile low land impact couch & chair set - featuring a large handpicked array of solo seats & cuddles, as well as adult sets.

The [DDD] Lawson Chair & Couch Living Set includes:
• 2 Land Impact per Chair
• 4 Land Impact per Couch
• Copy & Mod 
• All Original Mesh & Textures
• LOD, Physics, & Materials Optimised 
• Custom Low Lag Scripts
• 11 Texture Choices + Blankets Menu
• AO Maps for Customisation
• No Low Quality Animations

All animations are selectively picked to fit perfectly with this piece, no pre-built engines or the standard low quality stuff you've seen everywhere. 

Seats 2, solo poses can be mixed & matched with both sitters, and the cuddles & adult poses are synchronized. Security & Av Control Menu included.

Chair Animations: 
• 30 + 5 Solo Seats
• 10 Couples Cuddle Pairs
• 22 Couples Adult Fuck Pairs including: oral & foreplay, titfucking, anal, doggy, cowgirl, missionary, and more.

Couch Animations:
• 26 + 20 Solo Seats
• 26 Couples Cuddle Pairs
• 28 Couples Adult Fuck Pairs including: oral & foreplay, titfucking, anal, doggy, cowgirl, missionary, and more.

Our cuddles are perfect for close and romantic time before, or TLC/aftercare, including several BENTO enabled cuddles. ♥

Our Adult animations are hand-picked, top quality motion capture for realism, and smooth & fluid from places such as ::R:a:W:A:g:e::. You'll find a nice array of both romantic and loving, or hard & rough!

Texture Sets:
• Black - beautiful black, white, & gold tones with fun prints.
• Grandma - warm & homey with soft florals and gingham.
• White - fully white, and each face is tintable for infinite colors!
• Summer - fun blues with accents of lemony yellow~
• Mystery - gorgeous grays, black, and gold with strong angles.
• Femme - warm browns, pink, and gold for a cozy and chic feel.
• Peaches - girly peach & cream tones with a hint of velvet and metallics.
• BluLove - airy and cute, a blue and lilac set with hearts.
• Botanical - bold & bright green and white with fun plant prints.
• Gradient - colourful and cute blue, peach, and purple set.
• Mer - pastel mermaid paradise with soft pinks and glitter.
+ Interchangeable blankets!
++ AO/White Maps for infinite tinting or customisation in an external editing program.

Couch is approx 3m wide, 1.35m deep, and 1.2m tall. Chair is approx 1.5m wide, 1.25m deep, and  1.2m tall.

The PG version is identical, but without the adult animations. ♥

PG is 295L$ & Adult is 445L$

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Plans, the Future, and Now

We have some big changes in store for Dysfunctionality these upcoming days, weeks, and months~

For several years we've slowly refined the store selection, adjusted prices where we felt needed, and tried to maintain a manageable layout on our small homestead main store. We are always trying to make the shopping experience easier - with our fallback of the SL Marketplace.

This year our plan is to roll out all new low land impact vendors (pictured), new packing, display booth design, advert overhaul for old products, and mass retirement for old products... Of course, we're also planning to release lots of new things for sale, too.

Our events that we participate in are likely to change up, but we feel that the overall quantity and quality we provide will only improve.

We do hope to have out more large furniture pieces this year, as well as the Adult variants of several items which have yet to receive, and expanded & better furniture textures.

These projects will take us several months to complete in total, so do mind the dust!

On to the now~

Our new vendors at the main store location come with a perk, each is configured to have two buttons - one for regular buyers, and one for group members of [Dysfunctionality]!

One is slightly lower than the other, approximately 5% off -

All group members will be getting a baseline 5% off their purchases at these vendors only, going forward. Please wear your group tag, as no adjustments will be given for forgetfulness.

This rollout will be slow and ongoing, but we already have a few of the top selling items set up in these, and hope to have more in the future. I cannot give an ETA on this project.

What's next? We hope to have some awesome new group gifts, too, but expect to see both a Free Join Day for the group, and potentially a raise to the entry fee from current 95L$.

I hope to have an awesome new 2018 with you all. ♥

(and co! we have some AMAZING guest designers this year!!)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Shimmery Tuesday~

This week for 25L$ Tuesday, we're revisiting a classic - a trio of candles!

These lovely little trios come on either black or white disks with metallic accents and include 9 texture choices of either darks or pastels as shown~

These materials enhanced candles flicker subtly in the room, and feature soft and delicate lights that dance above the flames.

Sure to be an exceptionally versatile accent to any room in any era, roleplay, club, or modern home!

Only 25L$ through this weekend.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Pompom Party!

New! All original, this week for 25L$ Tuesday.

A silly pack of realistically fuzzy pompoms on strings or in shapes~ You'll get 9 unique, all-original meshes with 3 faces each, and 11 textures to choose from - white being very tintable!

All are between 1.2-3.4m in length for 1 LI, resizing and linking may affect this - please use caution!

If you care less for alpha flicker concerns, it does look softer set to ALPHA BLEND. ♥ Use the "Fuzziness" menu to change between them!

Both Bunny versions come with on/off lighting incase you do not want the light bulbs or inworld lighting.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Soft Dreams at Etoile ♥

The first round of Etoile opened today, a wonderful dreamy themed event. ♥

We're releasing our Soft Dreams Pillow Pile - an animation packed PG spot for two~

It includes special soft fuzzy looking pillows, hand painted textures, and a large mix & match menu for endless texture combinations, plus tinting.

Only 245L$ and available exclusively at Etoile.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

50L$ Furry Rug Promo!

Our latest rug pack~ The furry rug! Using soft fuzzy custom made textures & meshing techniques, you get a beautiful soft & warm realistic look for a low land impact.

Perfect for cozy dens, rustic inns, medieval homes, and modern getaways. 3m for the High LOD and 4m for the Low LOD at 1 land impact.

11 texture choices, materials enhanced, and so versatile!

Only 50L$ through the weekend~


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Tiny Tub Tuesday

This adorable little tub for two is our latest 25L$ deal this week~

It includes a small array of unisex suited animations for the solo user, as well as a few couples interactions - including gentle washings, a cuddle, and 5 adult animation pairs in the Adult version.

Each has 5 texture choices, ranging from darker hues to more natural light tones, and has subtle steam particles & animated water.

This limited time price won't last long, though! So grab it for yourself, or gift it to another~