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Friday, June 26, 2015

FLF: Family Tree

For this round of Fifty Linden Friday's, we have an adorable little Family Tree for you to take home! ♥

It includes the cute doodled backing and 5 unique frame styles which are all individually linked so you can add more, move, or remove them!

It's just 3 land impact, and of course each can host your own family photos.

Only 50L$ through Saturday as a part of FLF~

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A new era for the store!

As many of you know, Kalia departed (amiably) as a designer last month. Since then, I've been working on securing another designer, and learning the tricks of the trade myself in the interim.

This piece marks the first from our new designer, F!

We're still working through the kinks of workflow from his programme of choice to the finicky way SL requires uploads, as well as certain aesthetics and more. We are more than happy to hear constructive criticism, comments, and advice regarding these~ Please email us at anke.hatchuk+sl@gmail.com.

The first item is this 5 land impact Wooden Sitting Gazebo~

It includes a handful of male & female poses, as well as some couples ones. All totally PG.

You can find it for 195L$ at our main store now.


Meanwhile, we're also currently in progress of a major store overhaul including severely marking down prices on older items (especially those which are no mod), and reorganising them and other items into a better laid out format. You can see this currently in action here, on the far North side of Dysfunctionality sim. 

You'll find a lot of items have been pushed down to very low prices, some starting at just 5L$ and up. These are likely the final price revision on them. Someodd 400 individual listings have been marked down.

Some items may no longer be viewable inworld. I am hoping to set up a holovend for these items in the future, but in the interim, please contact me if you must see something that you're viewing on the Marketplace otherwise.

I am also transitioning the store to a new brand, Dysfunctionality, which will include a new store group for gifts and such in the very near future. The group joiners on the sim will automatically invite you to this group starting today. If you would like to transition over, by all means. Advertisements will continue to go through both groups indefinitely, but group gifts will only be through the [Dysfunctionality] group in the future.


As an aside, I've unfortunately been having some bizarro issues with the Firestorm client I am on, and have not been getting IMs consistently, even though I can send them. If you have contacted me and not received a response, you may have fallen victim to this bug.

Please, please contact me at anke.hatchuk+sl@gmail.com or through the group chat bot Dysfunctionality Resident in the interim so that I can address your issue. I do not want to ignore you, please let me help! ♥

Friday, May 29, 2015

FLF Ottoman~

Fifty Linden Friday's is always a favorite event each month, and this round we have an adorable little [DDD] Crate Ottoman~!

Includes the above shown 8 texture choices (plain is very tintable!) plus 9 solo poses to lounge about on.

It's over half off and just 50L$ for today/tomorrow!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

FLF ~ His Chair

Fifty Linden Friday's is this week, and we have an awesome chair for our roleplayers this evening.

Suitable for medi-fantasy environments, as well as more modern realms with the inclusion of latex/plastic based texturesets & darker realms with red/black textureset.

His Chair includes up to 36 animations from the menu for 2 people, ranging from solo, couple cuddles, and couple adult.

You'll get both the PG and Adult tagged versions for flexibility, all at just 50L$ for this weekend.

Full price of 175L$ applies after this limited weekend sale!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Flutter in to The Neighbourhood for Spring~

The Neighbourhood has arrived again, and for this months round we have a brand-new critter for livening up your land~

This Spring, bring realistic flitting and fluttering Butterflies to your home through our Butterfly Rock~ Copy &  Mod!

Clicking this simple rock will rez 1, 3, or 5 butterflies per rock at a time. You get to pick individual colors for a flock or to let the rock choose at random!

Each Rock is only 1 land impact, and each butterfly is also only 1 land impact, so each rock could have 6 prims used at once with a max of 5 butterflies rezzed.

Click your rock again to be able to delete specific/all butterflies again after~

For this weekend only, the Butterfly Rock is out for just 200L$.

Easter is Arriving!

This year is passing quickly! Spring has arrived, and with it the ever memorable Easter arrives~

This year we're celebrating with a fun new toy for you all!

Easter Egg Basket is a Copy/Mod/No Trans Attachment Basket~

It can be rezzed, too. Includes wicker basket/ribbon texture changing as well.

Not only is it festive and fun in a lovely sense, sprinkling eggs as you go, but you can also take an innocent jab at fun by shooting your friends with it!

To activate the fun bazooka-egg gun mode, just go in to mouselook, aim, and fire.

To add to that, it's available now for just 50L$ as a part of Fifty Linden Friday! 

Stop by to get a basket of fun~

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mrooo~ Bessie the Cow has arrived at TFC!

The Fantasy Collective opened on the 20th!

We are starting our larger critter line with... cows~

Bessie the Cow is a 2 land impact cow for you to take home. She comes with options for either sitting on her, or a mooing/grazing animated option as well.

She also comes with 7 breed texture choices.

Copy, Mod, and only 145L$!

Happy 25L$ Tuesday~

The Essential Rug is your simple, worn down, & homey rug suitable for your home. 

It's only 1 land impact, includes 8 texture options, and is copy & mod~

It takes alternative texture choices fairly well also!

You'll find it for just 25L$ today as a part of the 25L$ Tuesday sale.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dragony Tuesday~

It's that time again for 25L$ Tuesday!

For this weeks round we have a very detailed metal Dragon Wall Lantern~

It's only one land impact, has 4 metal texture choices, and includes an on/off realistic lighting function!

It's only 25L$ for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday, so stop by and grab it now~