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Friday, September 19, 2014

FLF~ Kitty Wedgies!

This week for FLF we have "Kitty Wedgies" out!

These unrigged, copy & mod wedges with adorable kitty faces & prints come in 7 pattern options and fit the Slink Womens Medium/Mid Feet.

Price goes up at midnight, so head by~!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Euryale's Kiss Fountain

Out tonight for 25L$ Tuesdays, we are offering the unique Euryale's Kiss Wall Fountain.

Only 25L$ until 11:59pm SLT tonight!

Includes materials reflective, animated waters & the very low 2 land impact.

Of course, it is also copy & mod and always 100% original meshing.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Elegance for We Love Roleplay

The Elegance Bedroom Set is the September offering for We Love Roleplay!

For this month only, you'll find it 25% off the regular listing price of 795L$, bringing it down to only 597L$ for:

Both PG & Adult Suitable Beds (6 LI)
(15 Cuddle/Hanging Out Poses & 15 Adult Anims for 2 Users, Total)
Nightstand (1 LI)
Oil Lamp (1 LI)
& Separate Bed Foot Stool with 8 Solo Animations (1 LI)

All the pieces come with a default 6 texture options for the wood (or metal, in the case of the lamp) and all cloth pieces are individually tintable.

Have no idea how to tint things? Never fear!

Remember, this special 25% off price is only for the month of September, and it will permanently go up to full price after!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Have a seat~ It's 25L$ Tuesdays!

This round we're offering you a budget friendly Simple Wooden Table & Chair Set!

Only 25L$ until 11:59pm SLT at our main store.

Each piece only 1 land impact, copy & mod and comes with 6 woods and tintable cushion (or banner on table)

Additionally, seats have a simple selection of 6 animations including eating, reading, writing, and casual sits.

I hope you enjoy and are able to stop by to pick it up for this great deal before it jumps up to the full price permanently!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fallen for 25L$ Tuesday!

25L$ Tuesdays seems to be everyones favorite event, have you fallen for it too?

If so, please come visit any time before 11:59pm SLT this Tuesday evening to collect our Fallen Tree Bridge!

At only a very small fraction of it's permanent cost after Tuesday, this adorable bridge is only 25L$ (aka 10c USD) for that day~

It comes in at 6 land impact at the full size, but includes a smaller decor version which is suitable for a more petite space that is only 2 LI.

Each has all 4 seasons included via an easy to use click texture change menu and has functioning physics.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hangin Around The Neighborhood!

Canopy Daybed is our latest release for The Neighborhood!

You'll find it for only 200L$ until 11:59pm SLT tonight, after which it goes up to 325L$!

3 land impact, copy & mod unique couch with 3 tintable faces  that have 5 base texture options each.

It has 6 sets of couple and 6 sets of sitting animations, all suitable for PG environments.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Heph's Kitchen for FLF!

For Fifty Linden Fridays this week, we have an adorable new kitchen accent set - Heph's Kitchen!

This 3 piece set comes to 4 LI either linked or unlinked, so you can use each of the shelves or the cabinet separately. The cabinet is texture change with the 5 tones shown above!

It will be 195L$ regularly, but is only 50L$ until 11:59pm SLT tonight~

Copy & Mod, and as always, 100% original mesh