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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's here! Christmas~

The newest of our low land impact Christmas trees is here!

And it's 50% off through Christmas!!!

With full and fluffy foliage, no alpha flickering issues, detailed baked glass ornaments, candycanes, bows, and gorgeous little twinkling animated lights covering the whole thing, this is a non -enominational Christmas / Holiday Tree is sure to be a hit. ♥

Includes version without decor so you may add your own!

It includes: 
❄️ 17 vibrant & pastel bow textures: Royal Purple, Peridot Green, Black Silk, Pink Silk, Navy Silk, Silver Silk, Black Burlap, Red Silk, White Silk, Lavender Silk, Sky Blue Silk, Minty Silk, Pastel Pink Silk, Butter Yellow Silk, Teal Silk, Beige Burlap, Cream Silk 
❄️ 6 branch foliage options: Snow Dusting, Frosted Over, Heavy Snow, Lavender, Spring, Green, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Black, White, Pastel Mint 
❄️ 11 base choices: Evergreen, Heavens, Lavender, Creme, Blush, Mint, Coal, Ruby, River, Snowy, Ocean 
❄️ 10 ornament texture choices: Warm Pinks, Black, Black & White, White, Pastel Rainbow, Bright Rainbow, Valentine Pinks, Holiday Red & Green, Cool Blues, Teal & Pink 
❄️ 8 twinkling light color choices: Cozy Red/Yellow/White, Multitone Rainbow, Multitone Pastel, Happy Pink/Green/Blue, Minty White/Teal/Blue, Sunset Pink/Yellow/White, Christmas Red/Green/Yellow, & Tintable WHITE.

Bare - 1 land impact at 3m tall (passable LODs) 
Large - 2 land impact at 4m tall (not so hot LODs) 
Standard - 3 land impact at 2.5m tall (passable LODs)


for this bargain price through holiday season. ♥

A Twinkling Tuesday!

Twinkling Groundcover Patches~ Lovely white twinkling patches for a realistic magical twinkle and glow for a low land impact cosy.

Linking multiples causes the LI to go UP and not DOWN. So please advise against linking.

You can change the speed of them per HUD!

Actual size is variable. Includes 8 shapes from a simple straight, semicircle curve, L-shaped bend, mini patch, large patch, and versions for fitting to walls & corners. You'll find that they'll fit easily just about everywhere!


for this bargain price through the weekend. ♥

Friday, December 8, 2017

(Faux) Mounted Deer Head for FLF!

An adorable delicately sculpted deer head!

Each is individually customisable with: 

• 10 solid versions: Black, Navy Blue, Violet, Lavender, Rose Pink, Cream, Sky Blue, Minty Green, Snow White, & Ruby Red 
• 10 aged versions: Black, Navy Blue, Violet, Lavender, Rose Pink, Cream, Sky Blue, Minty Green, Snow White, & Ruby Red 
• 8 metal versions: Old Copper. True Gold, Fake Gold, Aged Gold, New Copper, Platinum, Bronze 
• Easy delete, low lag custom script for when you're done!

Resizing friendly~ Materials enhanced. ♥


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Snowy Privacy ♥

Happy 25L$ Tuesday~ This week we have a new Heavy Snow Backdrop for you!

This is all original, low land impact mesh is only 2 LI at the default 24m size, 3 LI up to 60m, and 4 LI at the full 64m size per panel.

They're semi-flat, but look good from almost all frontal angles, with grasses, trees, and falling snow backed by rolling hills.

These pair perfectly with our existing grasses, snow piles, and falling snow!

Don't want one or more aspect? Just select that face, and set it transparent.


for this bargain price through the weekend. ♥

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Group gift time! :D

We're inching towards 4000 group members migrated over since 2 years ago, and so happy~

I can't tell you how much I appreciate my customers, but I do try to show it - so joining the ranks of our dozen other group gifts is our newest Seasonal Grass.

Meant to compliment our existing Soft Grass, Wildflowers, etc are these low land impact grass choices to help you cover large spaces. Featuring both alpha-flicker but softer texture choices, or slightly harsher but non flickering options, they're excellent combined for a full lush look.

They will not change LI when resized, but offer you an easy to use menu featuring 4 shape choices, 9 textures, and a full access menu.

Only available exclusively to Dysfunctionality group members. ♥

Can't find them? Head Northwest to those exact coordinates and seek out the 2-floor freebie building.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Scraggly Pom Grasses

These whimsical pom topped tall grasses are a sure hit for all seasons~ but secretly, I love them most for Winter!

They're a fun and happy swaying fantasy shortbrush which mixes great with existing grasses - such as our Soft Grass.

We recommend using ALPHA BLEND (in the alpha mode under Texture Menu in the edit tab)
but they come default using ALPHA MASK which will prevent them from alpha flickering with other content.

If you don't mind flicker, please try out the blend or mixing the two for a softer look. ♥

Included is 5 green options and one snowy variant with regionwide & access control texture menu.

Available all this week for 25L$


Saturday, November 18, 2017

A whimsical garland~

Tis the season for cute glass ornaments - and we've hung them from our Baubly Garland for our release at Whimsical. ♥

This deconstructed Christmas tree makes a beautiful window, wall, fireplace mantle, or anywhere decorative hanging perfect for this holiday season.

Only 1 land impact, with 7 garland foliage options & 7 bauble options, ranging from tintable white to fun festive tones.

Exclusively available at the Whimsical event this holiday season for just 95L$.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Snows here! With our recent release of the [DDD] Simplest Snow - a low lag falling snow option without laggy particles & with easy cleanup, we decided to also add snow piles~

Perfect for when you're not quite committed to turning the whole shebang to a snowstorm, but there is definitely some (maybe a lot) of snow building up.

These 1 land impact, materials enhanced snowpiles are 9m - 12m each and include 5 unique meshes ranging from a soft delicate dusting to thick piles.

All done for the season? With one easy click, you can delete the snow! Not a fan of scripts? You can just also delete the scripts, and delete the snow manually later. Yay!

Grab them at their discounted price of just 25L$ this week only: