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Monday, April 14, 2014

Rainbowy Freeness!

Two freebies!

The Very Dysfunctional Book which emits rainbow ribbons of awesome is available for free to everyone in the upstairs of our freebie building~

Spring Doodle Sign - Group Gift Version with the Happy Sunshine Beneath Rainbow is free to all Dysfunctional Designs group members!

25L$ Tuesday!

This adorable spring doodle sign with 8 cute spring themed art on it is available for just 25L$ until 11:59pm SLT Tuesday, so be sure to stop by and get it soon!

1 Land Impact
Copy & Mod
Texture change
100% original mesh!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dysfunctional Sandbox!

At Dysfunctional Designs, we're always trying to give a little back to our customers.

For example, have you visited our freebie area? We have something for everyone, and a fair bit extra for those who are in our store group!

As a part of trying to give back to the community, we have opened a lightly moderated public use sandbox next to our main store sims.


We're hosting a special "Inventory Cleaning Party" this Saturday the 12th from 8am SLT til 8pm SLT!

Everyone is welcome~
But please respect the rules below!

Nudity rule will be waived during the event, but only insofar as 'changing clothes' nudity, anything vulgar or obscene will be asked to cover up.

What IS this party? Well, it's just a bunch of friendly people hanging out at a sandbox to clean out our inventories in a lighthearted & enjoyable community environment.

If we do it together, it's bound to be more fun and encouraging for us to get it done than just doing it separately.

Hope to see you there!

(PS: We may be providing gifts for participants... just something to consider!)


The rules are simple:

Be respectful & courteous
No nudity or adult themes below 500m
No sex
No weapons or land vehicles
No griefing, hate speech, or being mean spirited
No selling*, spamming, advertising, or begging
And if someone is in the sky privately, please do not invade their space or bother them.

Scripts are allowed, but anything overtly laggy will be returned to you underneath the griefing rule.
We hope everyone will keep this an enjoyable sandbox to be in.

Return time is currently 6 hours, but should we note a bunch of items unattended, we may return them at our discretion.


To help pay just a bit of tier...
(as this is a full sim, and we're otherwise paying it out of our own pocket!)
... We're offering merchant buildings for rent~

These are the only locations where visitors are allowed to sell/advertise their wares.
Stall sizes offered:

(5) Two-floor loft-style buildings with a large second floor window and navigable staircase.
        The allotted prims for this style is *50* and the going rate for weekly rental is *250L$*
(5) Double-wide open floorplan style buildings with a high amount of wall space and tall ceilings.
        The allotted prims for this style is *50* and the going rate for weekly rental is *300L$*
(10) Single room style buildings with tall ceilings.
        The allotted prims for this style is *25* and the going rate for weekly rental is *150L$*

These are filling up way faster than we expected, so if you are interested in one, please stop by in the near future!

However, before you rent, please READ THE RULES!

The rules will be enforced, and by renting you are consenting to them.

You can always get an up-to-date notecard of the rules by clicking your rental box!



For the week of April 6th through 12th:
Rent any amount (minimum 2 weeks) and get 2 weeks free!

Content creators who provide builder aid tools (scripts, textures, templates) get 4 weeks free with initial rental required, contact directly!


Anke & Kalia

Monday, April 7, 2014

Studying & a 25L$ Tuesday!

Two new releases!

One a regular, and one for a super discounted price for just 24 hours as a part of 25L$ Tuesdays!

Our regular release~

1 LI, Copy & Mod, 100% original mesh

9 solo animations with a variety of wearable props to match


Available in the new releases building!

Our discounted release~

Worn, Copy & Mod, 100% original mesh

3 animated books with 5 colour options

125L$ regularly, only 25L$ for TUESDAY!

Available by following the green signs.

Spring Cleaning!

Is your inventory a DISASTER?

Spring is the time for cleaning, and along with the formal announcement & opening of our new casually moderated sandbox, we're hosting an "Inventory Cleaning" party this Saturday from 8am til 8pm SLT at the all-new Dysfunctional Sandbox.

More information will be announced later this week, but we hope you'll mark your calendars and stop by!

Home Show!

Last year, we had so much great success with the Home Show event that we're back for it!

Our release is the Orchard Trees duo!

These awesome flexible little trees stand at 5m tall & come in at just 2 LI with actual 3D fruits!

Trees come with all the same texture options as our Low Poly Trees released for We Love Roleplay.
That means snowy, regular, and mossy versions of 4 tones as well as 5 foliage options...
... but!

These also have a burden of fruit~

The Citrus fruits come with Unripe (green), Orange (orange...), Lemon (yellow), and Blood Orange (reddish) tones and the option to hide the fruit entirely.

The Apple fruits come with Green, Yellow, Ruby Red, & Rosey Red tones with the option to hide the fruit entirely as well.

Orchard Trees are sold as a pair for only 295L$ and are both mod & copy.

You can find them exclusively at The Home Show 2014 until the event ends, when you'll also be able to get them in the main store.

Fit for a Princess!

We're participating in an all new event called "Fit for a Princess"!

The inaugural round was a freestyle theme, and for it we created this Royal Daybed.

It has a bakers dozen of solo animations, and a huge multitude of textures for wood and cloth, with the ability to mix and match the faces.

Only 6 LI at included size.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

We Love Roleplay! A landscaping endeavour

It's time for another round of everyones favorite event, We Love Roleplay!

We're offering a well-requested rustic bridge with 3 texture options, as well as a low poly tree pack.

Each are a fair 25% off for this April round of We Love Roleplay, but are full price in the main store and will continue to be after the event ends.

Hopefully you can stop by before then for great discounts on loads of high quality wares.

Very pretty 15m long bridge~

3 texture options for 7 LI and just 207L$ (275L$ originally) after the 25% off.

5 highly versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and very low poly and low prim impact trees.

Guaranteed to be 100% original mesh, unlike quite a few other low poly tree options available currently~!

Each is just a mere 1 LE for 11m tall or 4 LI for 22m tall.

With an ambitious amount of options for a variety of barks and leaves, they're sure to be a perfect fit for filler forests everywhere~

685L$ normally, after the 25% off they're only 514L$ at this months We Love Roleplay!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Vintagey 25L$ Tuesday!

This vintage feeling physician tool shelf has a box with a variety of mysterious bottles, some empty vials, and bandages, as well as a bag and a few knick knacks!

It would look great standalone on a wall as a vintage themed piece, or in most all roleplaying environments.

Only 1 land impact, copy & mod, and always 100% original mesh!

Available only for 25L$ until 11:59pm Tuesday!

Goes up to full price after~

Monday, March 17, 2014

25L$ Tues - Time for a cold one!

Low land impact, copy & mod, 100% original mesh drinking barrel racks!

Dispenses wearable animated drinking mug on click to everyone!

Only 1 LI each for either single or double.

Only 25L$ for this Tuesday, and go up to full price after.


Just the perfect little decorative boatwreck for this months Genre!

2 land impact at included boaty size, copy & mod if you want it to be bigger or smaller (but do mind the land impact!) - otherwise, unscripted & unanimated but always 100% original mesh!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring~? Maybe... Hopefully!

This week we have two new releases, and one special RFL recolour release!

The two regular releases are texture change floral arrangements - a decorative box for hanging on walls or windows, and a wall-hanging vase for your walls each with 8 texture options for the petals.

The vase features a tintable bow and tintable vase option as well as wood, and the planter box has 8 box textures.

Each is copy&mod, 100% original mesh, and 145L$!


Additionally, we have a special RFL edition of the Vase of Flower Stalks, which comes in a "RFL Purple" tone, and it is available only for 25L$ with 100% of the proceeds going to support the American Cancer Society RFL in SL!

I hope you'll stop by and pick up this, even if you don't wish to grab the others as it is for a great cause!

Interested in more 25L$ RFL supporting deals? The 25L$ Tuesday event has lots this week!