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Friday, March 31, 2017

Hatched Lanterns for Fifty Linden Friday

Out now for Fifty Linden Fridays~

All new Hatched Lanterns! ♥

These low 1 land impact lanterns come both individually (with handle, without handle, and on a string) as well as in two different arrangements of groups of 3!

Fully materials enabled for extra pretty viewings on high settings, but beautiful rich baked hand painted textures that look wonderful on low settings as well.

They have 8 rich and shiny metal texture options ranging from platinum, to gold, and of course black~

Additionally, they have 8 bright and cheerful colors for the papers, including soft pink, buttery yellow, cool blue, red, teal, & more!

You're able to turn them on & off with real emitted lighting, as well as control them via an access menu that allows either group, everyone, or owner-only access.

Done setting them up just how you like? You can delete all the scripts to save on load.

Only 50L$ this weekend, and then full price after!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Cattail Tuesday~

The new 25L$ Tuesday item is out now~ 

All new hand textured Mixed Cattails with 3 mesh shapes, 6 texture options in a regionwide & access scripted menu. 

They're a hybrid of 2D Masked textures and 3D options to combine the best of both low land impact & looks without any alpha flicker~ 

Only 25L$ through this weeks 25L$ Tuesday, and full price forever after.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wayfarer's @ We Love Roleplay!

Out new & 25% off at We ♥ Roleplay this month!

Wayfarer's Well is a 10 land impact, approximately 8m x 7m sized rocky outcropping.

In the pool centered version, you'll get over 2 dozen couples cuddles, 60+ solo poses for 3 avatar spots, and 5 PG rated threesome cuddles.

In the adult version ONLY, there is additionally over 2 dozen adult animations (+ some have varying speed options!)

It includes a version without the inner well (flat topped) which is suitable just for some ancient ruins or a gathering space, or for you to place other items.

If you dislike the steam, you can remove the steam prim.

Proper working physics. Realistic normal/specular mapping for extra effects on high graphics settings.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cuddle Cookie Tuesday!

This week for 25L$ Tuesday, we have a cute plush ottoman in the shape of a macaron cookie!

They include 9 pastel color options, and a small handful of both solo hanging out poses for 2 & couples PG cuddles!

Only 25L$ for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday~

Monday, March 13, 2017

Simple Cuddle Pillows for 25L$ Tuesday

Out now for 25L$ Tuesday~

A simple 2 land impact pair of pillows!

Includes 10 texture change options - change both pillows, or each individually for mix & match.

8 couples poses + 1 general sitting pair of poses.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Thick Fur Rugs for 25L$ Tuesday!

Soft and plush~ We have these new all mesh thick fur rugs out for 25L$ Tuesday this week~

Included is 14 texture options, ranging from silly prints to a variety of solid options.

Additionally, you'll get two, 1 land impact mesh rug shapes which can be sized up to a huge 5m by 6.5m in size before they go up in land impact! Great for filling up space.

Materials enabled to add that bit of extra depth and shine on high settings. ♥

75% off and just 25L$ for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Genre: Vikings!

Whoops! Bad me, I forgot to send a notice about this~

This past month at GENRE, we have the all-new Worn Down Cage!

25% off!

This rustic aged cage has a texture change menu for 3 wood options, and includes an open/close Kool Door Scripted door to tie in to your RP door servers.

If you're done changing textures & have no immediate need for the single sit pose in the item, you can also delete the texture script to get it down to a low 1 land impact!

A great low land impact accessory to your roleplay~