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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Spring Poppy Patches for FLF!

Out now for this Friday's FLF... Our very anticipated Spring Poppy Patches! ♥

Since I began previewing these earlier this month, we've had so much positive support eager for their release, and I hope they'll live up to everyone's expectations~

You'll receive 9 beautiful texture choices: Multicolour, Multipastel, Orange/Yellow, Pink/Red, Black/Purple, Black/Red, Plain Black, Violet/Blue, & Frostbitten

As well as 12 unique model shapes, ranging from small bits, curves, corners, patches, & long patches for a wide variety of uses.
Each is just 1 land impact at the included size!

Like most of our recent landscape items, this also includes a regionwide & access control script setup for you to change the whole sim - or one plant at a time.

Only 50L$ for this weekend, so please stop by & grab your copies before they go up to full price as they're a massive 80% off for now!


Saturday, March 23, 2019

Simplest Extension!

Since I put the features of it in the base pack, I've had people hounding me to get this out... and it is now!

The Simplest Rain Extended Add-On HUD is available now, adding:
• 5 included Densities (Left)
• 5 included Speeds (Right)
• 4 included Volume levels (Middle)
• 4 included Glow levels (Middle)
• 4 included Opacity levels (Middle)
• Pause Option (for Photography)

This pack also includes a bonus sound object for extra emitting points and two bonus mesh shapes - one which should fit the new Premium homes (not houseboats) that will be out soon, and one which is 32m long and 5m wide to fit in those tight spaces.

It does NOT include the base package of Simplest Rain with the default mesh shapes, nor is it included in that set. This is a separate, add-on purchase.

At the time of posting, this extended HUD will sell for 95L$, but should more features or shapes be added in the future, the price will go up.


Friday, March 22, 2019

The Simplest Rain!

Beautiful, low lag, and ready to drop & go - our Simplest Rain is out!

On discount for 75L$ as promotional pricing, this weekend only before going to the full 195L$ price after.

Much like our beloved Simplest Snow, our rain features lovely animated textures, now with floor effects~

Perfect for your seasonal moody needs on a budget - these super low land impact falling rain meshes are optimised for the best look at the lowest LI cost we could manage.

The Simplest Rain Set Basic HUD includes the option to go back to default or invisible for temporary sunny days!

This includes 3 pieces: 
Edger : 25m long, 10m wide, and 15m tall - 2 LI 
Big : 25m long, 25m wide, and 15m tall - 4 LI
Single: 10m long, 10m wide, and 15m tall - 1 LI


Your reviews are ALWAYS appreciated. ♥

Friday, March 15, 2019

Mystic Twinkling Ivy @ Saturday Sale (Mainstore!)

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend - we've been busy!

Soon you'll see our full poppy pack & rain pack come out, but until then we have these beautiful Mystic Twinkling Ivies to bring you~

On sale for just 75L$ this weekend only, 60% off their regular price as a special introductory promo. ♥

You'll get 12 mesh shapes with a regionwide texture change menu allowing for 7 twinkle hues & 10 ivy tone choices + the option to tint the silver to whatever you want as these are fully copy & mod!

When you're done, you can even delete all scripts to keep lag low with 1 easy button.

Of course, each is just 1 land impact at the included size, too.


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hands of Spring!

A new ethereal particle hands effect has arrived in our free lucky chair!

Alongside our Hands of Love and Hands of Luck which have been available this past year, you'll be able to find it on a 2* minute timer shared by the other two. This chair does not require a group!

The Hands of Spring features beautiful twirling ribbons in soft pink and sunbeam gold, lovely pollen puffs, and falling petals in 4 tones. A version without the ribbons is also included.

Looks beautiful while dancing or just loitering about~

Monday, March 11, 2019

Spring Showers~

By very popular request per my Heavy Snow Backdrop released last Winter season, our adorable Spring Showers version is here!

It features all custom textures and meshes including animated falling rain, subtly swaying grass & poppies, and a semi-3D layered look with rolling green fields and berried evergreens. This 2 land impact per 24m section privacy screen is transparent on one side to comply with the LL regulations for mainland use & most residential regions, and is seamless. 

Each face is individually separated, allowing you to set specific parts as transparent, tint, or replace them out using your own textures. You may need to play with the rain glow & transparency to meet the needs of your windlight!

Includes a HUD for easy delete of scripts (please read notecard) & changing of the poppies to one of 4 included colourways.

Available for the regular price of 95L$ - but for an exclusive & introductory time only - just 25L$ as a part of 25L$ Tuesdays!