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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30th - 25L$ Tuesdays Round!

25L$ Tuesdays is back again, and we're bringing you more of our little garden plots!

These seem to be so popular, everyone is demanding new types - and so this week we're giving you a new variety to add to your mix and match garden - Yellow Summer Squash!

As well, we're also offering it's greener but equally tasty cousin - the Zucchini / Courgette squash and a pumpkin! It's a squash/marrow type week, apparently.

Of course, these are all just 1 prim like all the rest of our growing variety. You'll find them for a mere 145L$ per variety, all copyable at our main store.

Further, if you get there before 11:59 SLT Tuesday night, you'll find the Yellow Summer Squash available for only 25L$!

PS, be on the lookout for our FaMESHed & We <3 are="" coming="" event="" items="" out="" p="" rp="" shortly="" very="" which="">

Monday, April 22, 2013

25L$ Tuesdays - 23 April, 2013

It's that time again! Amidst the business and fun of Fantasy Faire, I almost forgot... 25L$ Tuesdays!

By popular demand, we've made some more Garden Plots for you to add to your collection - a Trio of Peppers (Red/Green/Yellow), Peas, & Onions!

Each of these is just 145L$ like it's predecessors, and a meager 1 prim! This brings our total variety up to 6, and growing!

For 25L$ Tuesdays this week, the Onion plant is only 25L$! So hurry by and get it at a great bargain price until 11:59pm SLT Tuesday night! Just follow the big green signs inworld.

You can find these not only in our main store, but on the Marketplace. Please remember promotional sales do not transfer to the MP, so the onion plant will be at the regular price. You'll also find these in all Affiliate vendors to shop from home or your favorite inworld market.

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's here! Fantasy Faire 2013

This years Fantasy Faire (2013) is here! Yay! We're on the gorgeous & fun Dragonspire Sim in the Northwest Corner near the Titan's Hollow Entrance.

Here is a pic of our stall! I spent a lot of time working on it & hope you'll visit :D

We've brought you a great 14 new products ranging from a meager 60L$ to 375L$ (for the baths!) and 1-2 prims each - yes! None of the new releases (featured in the lower right hand room of this pic) are more than 2 prims, and mostly just 1!

While I do most certainly hope you'll visit us at the RFL event and support all the merchants who are generously donating some of their products (as seen in special RFL vendors) - I've also made all of these new products available in our main store for the time being, and all will be available on the SL Marketplace soon - probably this week. All affiliate vendors will also be updated with the new stock sometime in the next day.

I'm also going to include *a few* of the pics - if you'd like to see the full array, please check our Flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/groups/2109051@N22

Monday, April 15, 2013

Huntsman's Candelabra & Chandelier

This week we have a new duo lighting set! It's the "Huntsman's" pair of Candelabra and Chandelier.

Each piece comes in at a very low 1 prim each, but adds a great amount of detail and atmosphere to your environment.

It's also great for men or women, as it is masculine but still with a warm glow!

You'll find the Candelabra on sale this Tuesday for a meager 25L$ (regularly 125L$) & the Chandelier at it's normal price of 195L$.

Each is no mod, copy, and no transfer, 1 prim, and emits a subtle light. You'll also find extension ropes for the Chandelier are included to extend it from even the highest ceiling.

Be sure to stop by before 11:59pm Tuesday for the sale price of the Huntsman's Candelabra @ our main store only!

PS: Stay tuned for upcoming information on our participation of this years RFL Fantasy Faire! We'll be bringing you several new releases, many which will be 100% donation to RFL items.
You can see *some* of them on display in the back of the store by the "Coming Soon" signs.

Monday, April 8, 2013

25L$ Tuesdays @ [DDD]

It's everyones favorite day again: Tuesday! And we're in for another round of 25L$ Tuesdays this week with two great new items - but we also have another FOUR brand new items (and 2 unreleased which are available for you to demo at the main store) 

First up is the Golden Treasure set! Two of these - the spilled sack & stacked bars - are available for 25L$ this Tuesday, and the remainder can be had for 95L$ & 100L$ respectively. Very affordable~

We also have two brand new in progress bath tubs in the back of the store (by the 25L$ item) that we will be releasing in the coming weeks - potentially at the Fantasy Faire! Feel free to test them out, we've been working on their scripts, so report any issues.

Sacks! Lots of them!

We added a new line of storage goodies for you today! Burlap Sacks! 

These quintessential roleplay supply sacks are perfect for virtually any situation. Storage rooms, inns, camps, or even kitchens!

The Dried pack includes 8 varieties of goodies to choose from via menu!
Salt, herbs, seeds, paprika, rice, saffron, corn, & grains!


The Perishable Pack includes fully 3D rendered cabbage, apples, oranges, potatoes (suls ) , and melons! 

Pick up one or both! 250L$, copy+mod (no trans!) - and a meager 1 prim per sack at standard sizes.

You can find them both on the Marketplace & our in-world store, slightly to the west.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Garden Plots!

We've gotten requests for our little gardens without the fencing lining before... but unfortunately a lot of those meshes are lost now!

So we began putting together a few of the most popular requests on just little dirt plots! They look great standing alone, or next to eachother to make a mini-farm.

It'll take awhile to make more varieties, but hopefully we'll have a few soon.

For now, we have cabbage, carrot, & tomato! All at just 145L$ & 1 prim each. You can find them both on the Marketplace & our in-world store, slightly to the west.

Monday, April 1, 2013

25L$ Tuesdays & New Releases!

This week we not only have TWO awesome items for you for 25L$ Tuesdays...

But we have FOUR other releases besides! All of them are pretty small & affordable for your pocketbook~

The Hanging & Walled Hooks feature either Supplies (=25L$ items this week) or Pots, they're 1 prim each and regularly 95L$! The Hanging versions include optional lengths of chains!

As well, we have a simple rug for 45L$ which is 1 prim and tints nicely.

And my favorite! This is the "Kitchen Supply Shelf"! It has a bunch of scrolls for your favorite recipes or hidden missives, bottles, jars, and veggies! It's also only a super great 2 prims for all these details and standing at a full 2m high. It would look AWESOME with the rest of our Rustic Kitchen & Dining releases earlier this week. It is only 165L$.

I hope you'll stop by to pick them up at our main store location (especially as the Supplies versions of the Hooked items are only 25L$ this Tuesday as part of 25L$ Tuesday!) but if you'd like, we also have them available @ our SL Marketplace store