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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Things, things, and more things


It is now 4am and I have been working on them for about 16 hours, so please forgive me for any nonsense that comes out. I'll try to explain it all as best I can.

First, my most favorite and important release I am anxious to tell you about!

Today we released the first part of our "Quaint Tavern Set"

This tavern set is currently being sold in 3 parts, each for 295L$

Their perms are copy & mod, and all pieces are at minimum, texture change to 3x wood.
The hearth also has an additional 5x stones for each the lining and the backing.

All of the seating (chairs+barstools) have many options for males & females in solo poses, as well as a great array of couples, and a handful of naughty poses too!
Of course, each chair/barstool is also offered in PG version for those who require it.

Prim costs are as follows:
Chairs+Barstools = 2 LI each
Tables = 1 LI each
Bar = 1 LI
Bar Storage = 3 LI
Hearth = 5 LI
Hearth Bonus Deco = 1 LI each


Also released today as a part of the special Trick or Treat 25L$ Tuesdays event,
Our "Branch Wall Rack" with a pretty hanging scarf!
Just 1 LI and 25L$ only until 11:59pm!

As a bonus part of the Trick or Treat round, we're also giving away... totally FREE..
"Pumpkiny Candy Bowl"!
1 LI only, and dispenses wearable candies!

The catch? You must wear your trick-or-treat bag!
Pick a copy up from our group notices.

Since the event is over, you can find it on the countertop of our "Quaint Tavern Bar" - just click it for candy, or click the sign hanging on the bar for a copy to bring home!

Just follow the green arrows!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tangled up!

200L$ through the weekend, increases slightly after.
Copy & Mod
4 Texture options for the stone
2 Land Impact
100% original mesh
Very low lag scripts
A few cuddles and a few normal sits for 2.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Autumnal Releases!

You guys may be sick of candles... but we're not yet!

A couple more Autumn themed (but functional year round!) candle displays this week, and one of them is for 25L$ only for the next 24 hours!

1 LI
Copy & Mod
Emits gentle lighting, uses mesh flames (no particles)

25L$ until 11:59pm SLT Tuesday
95L$ regularly
1 LI
Copy & Mod
Emits gentle lighting, uses mesh flames (no particles)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

25L$ Tuesday & a regular seasonal release!

25L$ Tuesday item!

Autumn Candle Shelf

Can double as a tabletop centerpiece!
1 land impact
Beautiful mesh flames
Suitable for all environments
95L$ normally
25L$ only for Tuesday until 11:59pm!

Regular release!

Turnip Lanterns

Single versions are just 1 land impact each
4 fully 3D faces
Real tea candles inside!
Historically accurate precursor to Pumpkin Jack-o-Lanterns!

Genre! Steampunk Variety.

We were awful busy this month and only had time for one item for Genre,
but I think you'll agree it is superbly crafted and downright beautiful!

This cogwheel adorned old fashioned Telescope is available for a mere 100L$ at this months Genre event, running from the 15th of October til the 12th of November!

The Liaison Collaborative - The Garden (Lodge Theme)

Our items for this October 15th - November 10th round of "The Garden" at TLC are out now!

This is our very first bed, and second (third if you count the treehouse) building release and I am sooooo excited!

This event is filled with some amazingly talented creators that I am super honored to participate alongside of!

For the details~

Soft Rustic Double Bed

15 PG
15 Adult anims
& PG only version included
4 land impact
Tintable white base textures (5 tintable bases for the blanket)
& white base textures included for you to customise externally

It is so pretty and I am totally in love with this bed! I hope everyone will enjoy it.

Lovely Lil' Log Cabin

Kool Doors Included
Fireplace included
14 land impact for the building
2 land impact for the fireplace
16x18m required for placement, scales up wonderfully

Monday, October 7, 2013

A lot of things! New awesome things!


New things! For 25L$ Tuesday and regular release~

25L$ Tuesday release this week:

"A Rug for Two"

6 animations that take you through casual chatting, cuddling, sexy dances, and sexy times!

Regular releases for this week:

"Soft Rustic Living Set" & "Soft Rustic Single Bed"

635L$ for set - 9 land impact total, 5 pieces

335L$ for bed - 1 land impact total

"Little Apothecary Station"

175L$ - 2 land impact, unscripted

Please note!!

25L$ Tuesday tent has relocated for this week because the item contains adult animations, and is thus on the path further down on our Sanguine (Adult) sim. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

We Love Roleplay! Do you?

It's that time again! The magic day 4 (coming after the best number ever, 3!) of each month brings with us the awesome Role-Player oriented event, We Love Roleplay!

Now on the 5th round, it is still going strong and a favorite of all varieties of SLers.

One of my favorite events to help support RPers, we bring you two new offerings at the usual 25% off!

I even made you a shiny .gif of the braziers in action because photos just do NOT do our beautiful flames justice!

25% off each ~ 

295L$ Treehouse - 222L$
11 LI but can go down pretty low with just a bit of resizing, or the opposite.
Kool RP Door ready. 
Ladder sits you up top.
Foliage changes to the same as our trees - several Fall variants.

235L$ Lighting - 177L$
1 LI each.
Fully meshed flames.
Subtle light emissions.
Optional sound script included.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Group Gift @ [DDD]

We've not had many of these released lately because we have been so so busy!

But I am happy to let you all know we have a new group freebie out at the main store in our usual freebie "house".

It is 1 land impact each, and is a base white texture and thus very tintable! 

Please remember to wear your group tag, hope to see you soon!