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Friday, August 31, 2012

FaMESHed & [DDD]

Tomorrow is the start of the September round of FaMESHed, a giant & exclusive mesh event where a bunch of original & talented people get to sell stuff.

I never dreamed to be a part of it, when I applied several months back at their opening, my items certainly were not mainstream enough.

The latest set by our new designer, Kalia, is! While her pieces would be absolutely at home in any Medi-Fantasy sim like the rest... They'd also look gorgeous in a common modern day home.

We have been working this entire week on one product... I wish I were kidding. It's a matching Dark Wooden Chaise Longue, a simple but timeless piece which could be used pretty much anywhere. At only 2 prims, it is also a wonderfully low prim option to those which usually begin at a minimum of 5 using sculpts.

But what actually took so long is the animation script, my codesigner codered1200 Nemeth is as it happens... a programmer RL... Code... see? Yeah. Anyways, he has been working all the bugs with this system out, and I think on the 4.0 release of the animation script, we *may* be done!

In the end, I am left with a gorgeous new piece to add to our latest line - it comes in at 2 prims, a bunch of single anims(7+1... I didn't feel like changing ads), three couples, and 11 textures to choose from. We're also releasing the 1 prim nightstand behind it for the event. The products will be 350L$ & 110L$ respectively - no modify, copyable, no transfer.

I really hope you'll like it, I'm insanely nervous about it, as to me this feels like my first product ever... and to a lot of people, it will be. I want to make the best impression.

It will only be available at FaMESHed for the month of September, and you'll find it online & in our main store after. 

You wont be able to get in til Sept 1st, nor will my vendors be activated... but since I will be out most the day -

Monday, August 27, 2012

Woodcutters Table Set for 25L$ Tues!

180 L$ Normally - 1 Prim Per Piece - 5 Anims - 4 Textures for Table
25L$ only for this Tuesday!

Brand new release :D

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The first part of our new line!

Hello everyone!!

I'm so excited today to announce something here... it wont be sent out inworld until tomorrow... but today you'll get to see the first three pieces from our fabulous new creator - Kalia!

Kalia's designs are a bit more mainstream than our normal stuff, but they are so versatile they'd fit in an upscale Medieval/Fantasy or Gorean home just as well as they'd fit in a modern day home!

These designs are still extremely prim efficient, while not sacrificing the quality you've come to expect from Dysfunctional Designs. These first three releases are exceptionally detailed - I urge you to come see them inworld.

While we'll have the rest out tomorrow, and none of this set will be available via affiliate vendor for a bit (except on request...) - you can come see these today!

Here are their pics, & they ARE on the Marketplace already.

You'll find them at 120L$ for the chest, 175L$ for the dividers, and 250L$ for the basin.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Anke Hatchuk in Second Life, or leave a comment on any post. Thanks!

Monday, August 20, 2012

25L$ Tues & Group Freebie!

Hello all!

Tonight we have both a 25L$ Tues Item & a new group freebie available to you!

The 25L$ Tues item is a stack of the mostly empty market crates we recently released, and would make a wonderful prop in addition to them.

We also have a great new group freebie out for you today! It's the Hollowed Forest Log & Mushrooms that we've kept to ourselves in our garden for so long!

Hope you can enjoy them, & hope to see you soon!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Marketplace Review Promo!

Promotion was discontinued as of July 2013. Thank you to those who participated!

Promotion extended to help garner further reviews! If you've reviewed 1 item already, you may review more for duplicate cards, at a rate of once per week per avatar.
From the 18th of August until 30th of August 2012, we are having a promo for the Marketplace!

If you review any previously unreviewed product on the Marketplace, you get a 25L$ Gift Card!

This includes any freebies, and any products purchased in the past. The review does not necessarily have to be glowing, but it should be fair and accurate. We obviously prefer nice ones, but instances such as 'product not delivered' should not be posted. (PS: You can get them redelivered inworld)

To receive your 25L$ Gift Card, please ensure you leave the fair review, and send a message to "Anke Hatchuk" inworld, or leave a comment on this post linking to the page of the review & the avatar name. 

This ONLY applies to products which are not reviewed so far, so for example you could not leave a review on the Corner Fireplace.

This expires on the 30th of August, so please act quick!
(this could expire at any time!)

Large pack!

Here is some more info on our Complete Pack of Market Crates!

This package is 700L$ (smaller packages of 3 are 200, and individual 80L$)
It includes all 12 of the previous packs... +1! It includes an exclusive Yellow Summer Squash!

If you have purchased all 4 otherwise, please let me know and I will sent them to you. 

As well, our new product for the upcoming Medi-Fantasy Hunt which runs from 1st to 30th of Sept...
Is the Yellow Summer Squash again! But this time in garden form.

Please be on the look out for it, preview available in the main store but it will not be for sale until after!

Again, our latest & newest products are not yet on the Marketplace, 
and singles are not yet done, please have patience as I try to work as fast as I can!


Friday, August 17, 2012

New Releases & 30L$ Sat

4 New Releases (And they'll all be available individually tomorrow) 

200L$ each
80L$ Individually (Saturday)

Market Crates Pack1 is available for 30L$ this weekend Saturday & Sunday as part of the surprise round of 30L$ Saturday!

Not available on the marketplace yet.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Raffle Day #2!

The first Raffle Winner went out! Congratulations to Eliska!

There were only 10 participants in the Raffle for a FREE 50L$ Gift card... 

Look for the cart with our "Dysfunctional Designs" vendors on top, decorated with flowers, barrel planters, & the crates to enter by the middle pavilion!

Stop by and touch the crates by our stall for a chance at the raffle,
or purchase from the vendors there for 10% off everything, including gift cards~
 New chance at winning a gift card each day,
One will be raffled every day from the 15th to the 22nd!
- only 6 days left!!
Hurry by now & also see our bargains @ the Sidewalk Sale nearby!
We have several items for ALL 30-50L$ each - some marked down from as high as 135L$!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10% off & a 50L$ Gift Card Raffle!

Interested in the chance for a free 50L$ Gift Card?
Or perhaps 10% off anything & everything by Dysfunctional Designs?

Stop by and touch the crates by our stall for a chance at the raffle,
or purchase from the vendors there for 10% off everything, including gift cards~

 New chance at winning a gift card each day,
One will be raffled every day from the 15th to the 22nd!

Hurry by now & also see our bargains @ the Sidewalk Sale nearby!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Gardens!

We wanted to add the new fruit and vegetable designs that we just completed to our existing planter designs... so we did!

These are 3 prims each due to their complexity, but they are really nice!
100% mesh, unscripted, 145L$ each and copyable.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mesh Furniture vs Sculpty...

So I had a couple requests for a write up on the differences of mesh and sculpty... as many people do not seem to be aware!

Both mesh and sculpted prims are made in external editors such as Blender or Autodesk Maya - there is free and paid programs to do so. However, that is about where their similarities end.

In terms of what they ARE...

Redelivery issues?

Have you had redelivery issues on a Dysfunctional Designs product?

Inworld, or on the notorious Marketplace? 

What you need is our latest redelivery terminal!

With it, you can check all your purchases from us inworld or on the Marketplace (older transactions before we implemented this may not show, our apologies... it has been in effect since 7/20/2012.)

You're able to use ours inworld, or now you can get your own on the Marketplace or through any of our vendors! 

This is a great FREE product by us to help you not have to worry about waiting for a response to get an item redelivered again! Just rez your redelivery terminal or visit one inworld!

Not only for us though... but ANY merchant who uses the CasperVend system and has their transactions linked with it... you can get THEIR products redelivered too!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gift cards available now!

Gift cards are now available @ Dysfunctional Designs... 

These new cards work on all our products & vendors inworld! Any Dysfunctional Designs vendor (affiliates too!) or main store signs will work with these awesome new cards.

You can even use all of them and partially pay in L$ for a purchase, to make sure you get every last bit off your card... or refill them at our Gift Card station! 

They come in 50L$, 100L$, 200L$, 500L$, & 1000L$ denominations to meet everyones gifting needs!

You're able to purchase them inworld or on the Marketplace! We really prefer inworld due to the commission LL takes on each purchase, and you ARE able to gift them straight form the vendor, or yourself since they are transferable!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Planters! & TWO Freebies in Celebration!!

Watermelon & Gorean Melon or Tigger Melon... Zucchini Squash / Courgettes... 
135L$ - Copyable - 100% Mesh & 1 Prim Only!

And two new freebies! The Red Berry Bush & Simple Fern Planter!


These below are EXCLUSIVE group only freebies which you can get only at the main store by being in our "Dysfunctional Dolly Designs" group! Please wear the tag and touch the vendorbox.
This is in celebration of our 100th Product & 1000th group member! 
We have been active for less than 4 months and have already surpassed these great numbers. 
We are growing in quality and quantity every day with new products, freebies, and members. 
I am so excited to be a part of this & hope you are too!

Turnishes, Carrots, Ferns, & Mushrooms! Oh my!

More of our little barrel planters are out now! We finished some more of the conversions from the other square gardens - we wont be doing the berry bush due to its lack of popularity, but we do have some substitutions you'll love!

So for this release there is the Baby Turnishes, Little Carrots, MultiColoured Ferns, & the Common Brown Mushrooms. I also have one of the new group freebies out now, but wont be announcing it til later... so stop by!

Again, they are all 1 prim, 135L$, and fully copyable!



Friday, August 3, 2012

Smaller Tomatoes!

We're still working on a bunch more varieties... but while we've got the vine mesh still up and ready - a smaller tomato version for those who aren't quite up to the giant manly ones we released last week!

Look forward to melons and possibly cucumbers or squash in the near future!

...as well as a new group exclusive gift...

Again, it is 135L$ and copyable! Only one prim for this adorable small garden.