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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Challenge SL! (and tent!)

We're participating in the fun "The Challenge" event for the third month in a row, and this month the theme is Black & White!

I also have a new item which is only semi-related, but I hope you'll love it!

We had a hard time deciding what to do, but since we were also pondering the Eastern Asia theme for Genre that we'll also be attempting to do later in August... This perhaps slightly more modern take on what we usually do, but I am confident these zen-like pieces could find a home in even rustic and fantasy realms!

The Blossom Vases are beautiful and elegant, a matching pair but with opposite takes - one has a black vase and white branch, and the other a white vase with a black branch. Both are donned with delicate pink flowers on stark branches, a few flowers having fallen to the ground beneath.

You'll find this for sale at a mere 95L$ starting on the 30th of  July and will be available near the landing point. It is copy and modify, 1 prim, and of course 100% original mesh works.

Our Glass Topped Table is a unique take on an asian zen garden with the functionality of a nice rustic side table. It has pale sand dotted with black pebbles of varying sizes, and comes in a black or white lacquer finish or a more rustic weathered gray tone. 
Copyable, modifyable, 1 prim, 100% original mesh and only for 115L$. 

And now for a piece which was certainly not meant to be for The Challenge, but managed to come out at the same time and be offered in black or white variants... A tent! A most glorious Fancy Squared Tent, a remake of what we sold for the Love Donna Flora charity, this one comes with 14 texture variants available for the door, corners, and side panels! It's also mod & copy, so you can tint to your hearts content.

You'll find this 100% original, texture change mesh tent for just 265L$ - and it'll only cost you an additional 4 prims per each you put out! 10x10m size, too.

Another sharp stab @ 25L$ Tuesdays!

After the definite appeal of last weeks Weapon Rack release, featuring Axes & Spears...

The logical direction was toward swords! So this week we are offering [DDD] Weapon Rack - Swords with the same great scripts, perms, & prices as last week but with a definitely all-new model!

Like usual, it is exceptionally low prim and great looking with realistic baked shadows & lighting and a 3D coverage without the distortion of sculpties.

A perfect 1 prim accent for any armory, blacksmith, outpost, longhall, walkway, & much more!

It features excellent detailing and baked textures not found in other weapon racks. As well, this modifyable & copyable piece includes a script that lets you turn it into a scripted "rearming" crate, shouting up to 99m away to inform people that whoever has clicked it is now resupplied!

25L$ today down from a regular 95L$ @ the main store til 11:59pm SLT Tuesday when it goes up!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do you... Love Donna Flora?

If you don't know about Donna Flora and the creator of said fabulous brand, Squinternet Larnia - you should head by the Love Donna Flora! blog where you can find a ton of information on this amazing creator and her trials.

Starting today there is an amazing display of support from other creators at an event fundraiser for Squinternet. Although we do not know her personally, and honestly aside from seeing her in blogposts by the famed Gogo of Juicybomb or occassionally spotting her in posts I might see on iheartsl.com  I had never purchased her items. I'm a plain girl, but I do have a heart and it really tore mine up to hear about the struggles she has had with cancer.

We have been busy, but we did create an all new item that we felt was very appropriate for the event, a special Fancy Squared Tent in what we've dubbed Donna Flora Tuscany - a beautiful red and green tent that is more of a late summer with wine and strawberries than the Christmas we usually associate to those colours.

It is slightly imprinted with grapevines, a unique custom texutre, and will set you back merely 135L$, 5 prims, and a 10x10 plot. The entirety of the proceeds go to helping provide Squinternet with whatever she needs, including helping support her nursing care and alternative therapies for cancer. I hope you will stop by and purchase this beautiful tent for a beautiful cause.

If you don't want to die in lag when you might not even want it, you can stop by and preview a small version of it at our main store... Or just head to the event now.

Monday, July 22, 2013

25L$ Tuesdays @ [DDD] - Pokey-Like!

Our latest item, the [DDD] Weapons Rack - Axes & Spears, is our 25L$ Tuesday item today!

A perfect 1 prim accent for any armory, blacksmith, outpost, longhall, walkway, & much more!

It features excellent detailing and baked textures not found in other weapon racks. As well, this modifyable & copyable piece includes a script that lets you turn it into a scripted "rearming" crate, shouting up to 99m away to inform people that whoever has clicked it is now resupplied!

25L$ today down from a regular 95L$ @ the main store til 11:59pm SLT Tuesday when it goes up!

Ways to spruce up your Garden Plots!

Several users have commented that they feel like they can't get their Garden Plots to look as nice as mine do... Perhaps proposing I do some voodoo magic?

Surely  not! I've taken a few pictures to show you how you can spruce up your Garden Plots!

Example 1:
Use our Gardenbeds Kit to place the Plots inside! Single Square or Circle ones, or using any combination of the other empty varieties gives you a clean and tidy look even in semi-urban environments. For bigger beds, use the smooshing technique below.

Example 2:
Slightly overlap the Plots so that there isn't any type of gap between. All plots do look better if you smoosh them just slightly closer to eachother!

Example 3:
Surround them in fences! We have a few varieties, but these short and versatile Trellis Fences are my favorite. You can combine this with the above smooshing to get a vibrant and full garden.

Other ideas that aren't pictured include adding pathways (we do have a free Rock Path for group members!), lighting (Trellis Lanterns are fabulous here!), or adding accessories like our Scarecrow, Sunflowers, or Tables.

I hope you manage to make the best garden possible and maybe found use in some of our tips!

Or perhaps take pictures of your gardens, and post them on our Flickr Group?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Food Fair!

Here is a fun event I had no idea about until a couple of weeks ago on plurk...

I was soooo disappointed that I had missed out on participating in this Food Fair event because we have so many foodie type items! I LOVE food!

... and then a little plurk got passed around saying they might have a few empty stalls open...

And now I am in! Woohoo! It was a bit of a rush as it was only about 24 hours before opening that I found this out, but we managed to scrounge up 2 new items & a retextured old and otherwise unavailable freebie.

We have a huge selection of our previously released items available here as well as two new Candy Jars as well as a FREE Cookie Basket! So please stop by!

You'll find us in a lovely light minty green building on the South side of the sim, about halfway down.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trees! YES! TREES!

We finally got around to replacing the borrowed trees we were using around our main store!

I am so excited to share with you our latest labor of love, mesh trees~

We have for offer a 5 pack of them at a mere 650L$, each coming with 2 bark options (a whiteish tone and a darker one) - both gently dusted in moss. As well, each comes with a texture change menu for 6 foliage textures, taking you through a bright spring green to all of the wonderful tones of late summer & fall.

Each tree is 3 prims, which may initially seem like a lot for trees which cap out at 13m tall unmodified, but please take into consideration that they are baked & shadowed and feature much more geometry for a more organic look than some of the other exceptionally low prim offers out there. I hope you'll find this balance pleasing.

You can find these not only at our main store, but also our Marketplace store for easy & quick shopping. Additionally, they're in all affiliate and secondary market locations automatically, so you have no excuses! :D

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The freebie retirement sale!

Not that it can really be considered a sale, as they're 100% off anyways - free!

However, my intention is to RETIRE PERMANENTLY a significant portion of the general release freebies we have out currently. I do not know if I will be discontinuing any group freebies at this time, but it is possible.

I do not know if I will make the choice to keep them in the freebie vendor, but it is looking unlikely for now. These older items simply do not really represent my quality anymore, so I feel it is unfair to continue to offer them alongside my other products.

Almost all of those made with sculpts will be retired this Friday, the 19th of July.

Thank you for your continued support,


Monday, July 15, 2013

25L$ Tuesdays~

Our item for this weeks 25L$ Tuesdays is the "Noble Banner"

Noble Banner is an addition to our existing few Banner products, including the same well-loved scripts that you can add to allow giving contents and or allowing others to "kill" or delete the item at their discretion. Excellent for dropping a flag at a friend or foe's place!

The banners also include optional AO (Shadow) & UV Textures so that you can customise them for you, your group, or others!

Like always, while these Banners are a meager 1 prim at their sold size - if you resize them, they're likely to go up. Sometimes this can be significant - remember, our items are uploaded and made with a specific texture and size in mind, and other sizes or textures may not work as well as planned.

This version includes versions which can be hung off of buildings or freestanding, in 3 flag sizes. They accept tints very well for basic flag needs.

As with our Fancy Banners, this item will be priced at 165L$ after, and is both copyable and modifyable - and definitely 100% original mesh!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Are you spiritual? Would you like to be?

The title says it all! Although, this adorable candle & incense piece could certainly be used by those who just want some nice scents and lovely candles.

This Incense & Candle set comes in at just 1 primcount for the unscripted version and adds a really cozy feeling to the space - indoor or out. It would look most excellent on a mantle, side table, desk, baths, or shrine - but I can't imagine very many locations it wouldn't add to.

At a mere 95L$, can you turn it down?

If you're liking it as much as we are, stop by our main store and pick it up today!

Exotic & Unusual

... Especially unusual for us, this bright & lavish golden serpent statue, aptly named "Ja'Far" is now available for purchase at just 50L$ in the discount section of the We Love Roleplay event.

It is a mere 2 prims at default size, and has 4 optional gem colours for the eyes - ruby, emerald, sapphire, and amethyst. 

It would look awesome in many of our more desert based realms, as a side-table topper or centerpiece so I hope you'll stop by and pick it up!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Yay! Group Freebie time!

I really do appreciate ALL of my customers - you've allowed this little store of ours to become such a big part of our lives & helping us grow to be bigger and better with your support~!

I know that inworld groups kind of suck due to the LL limitations, but I always take a special moment a few times a year to say THANK YOU to our group customers, and that time has arrived again!

Since setting out the Gardenbeds kit last month, I've really wanted to give out a little group freebie version for those who might want something simple to start with. So that is what we have here - a little yellow (daisy?) type flower inside the circle variety of flowerbed.

Please take note, this flower type isn't available in the main pack, either! This is a group member only type thing.

I hope you'll be able to use it & love it!

PS: Marketplace should be updated this weekend with all our recent releases on it! Sorry for the delay.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A touch of the Orient? How about the Mediterranean?

We're bringing you five all-new, 100% original mesh releases today, suited for across the globe in themes - where can YOU fit these in to your life?

First up is a lovely set of Mediterranean Cypress Trees - each at just 1 prim, they add a lovely and vibrant depth to homes. They're all modifyable, and the thinner versions come with 2 LOD choices, so you can stretch them up to 20m tall with a single prim. These will set you back a mere 195L$, and as always: they're copyable!

We swing back to our Asian continent with a slightly out of the ordinary release for us, but one that I think our Pani or other Asian roleplayers will adore. Maybe you're not even in an Asian roleplay, but would love an exotic keepsake for your partner, or plan to use the non themed choices? Who knows!

What I do know is that this 10 texture option Tea Set is sure to add great depth, each one can be set to one of the above gorgeous textures, and when you request a wearable & animated teacup from it - it will be a matching texture!

At a meager 155L$, 1 prim, and copyable this scripted Tea Set is a wonderful addition to any home or garden.

Probably my favorite of the new releases, this Fancy Little Proper Table Set would be so well suited on the Mediterranean Coast, the English Garden, or even in any era of the Asian continent! Pair it up with either our wine casks for an elegant wine tasting party, or set our beautiful new Tea Set on top for a relaxing and stylish  afternoon tea, no matter where you are!

It features 9 luxurious and super rich looking cushion textures as well as 3 wood options ranging from a delicate light tone to an exotic darker tone giving you dozens of options for customising your look.

As well, there is a choice of 7 animations from feminine sits to gender neutral or even slightly masculine choices for those times you simply must force him to enjoy tea.

Our Proper Little Table Set will set you back an affordable 295L$, and each piece only one prim cost each.

Next up are some themed Wine Casks, taking you into the Wine Cellars of California, Italy, or France - get it right from the tap! Or, perhaps you'll plop it in the middle of your Tavern for a serve yourself option?

These Wine Casks also stack wonderfully! Want a double or triple stack? Just drag more up!

These (despite my slight typo in the ad! Oops!) are modify, copyable, and sure to please at just 125L$.

One prim, and yet fully rendered and undistorted bottles are packed into these two racks - two, of course, so that you can have many of them without it looking too repetitive in your wine storage place of choice.

This pair of Wine Racks add an amazing level of depth to your home at that tiny prim cost you've become accustomed to when shopping with us. As a bonus item, we're including a small arrangement of Wine Glasses to place atop or near these.

Also, these (despite my slight typo in the ad! Oops!) are modify, copyable, and sure to please at just 165L$.

I hope you're as excited about this trip around the world in a mere 1 prim per piece and exceptionally affordable prices. Interested in picking these items up? Head over to our main store!

Hope to see you soon! 


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New! Garden Plot for 25L$ Tuesday - Corn!

We hadn't seen much in the 3D Corn department, so of course we had to fix that!

Like all of our other Lil' Garden Plots, this measures out to be a mere 1 prim, and yet has not one, or two... but three whole corn stalks spouting from it! The only thing alpha in this is the frilly fringes.

As tall or taller than the average avatar at almost 3m tall, this piece really stands out and adds a level of depth not found with alpha-type plants or fields.

Check it out inworld, you'll love it for your modern gardens or ye olde farms, and until midnight tonight (Tuesday the 9th) it is a mere 25L$ for 25L$ Tuesdays - the high quality fantasy roleplayers discount day!

Due to some unfortunate late-night mishaps, we did have an issue with temporary textures on this item.
If you were one of these users and purchased it before 9:15 AM SLT you will have a temp texture problem with the stalks and cobs. 

A redelivery was issued at 9:20 AM SLT, all users who purchased it should have received the items and a small note of apology. If you did not receive the update, please visit an inworld Redelivery terminal or touch the [DDD] Lil' Garden Plot - Corn vendor for a redelivery.

Thank you so much!

Anke & Kalia

Friday, July 5, 2013

New for We Love Roleplay


Gardening Basket
1 prim, 235L$ regularly
5 work & 4 relax animations
100% original mesh!

Only 177L$ for We Love Roleplay

Watermelon Garden Plot
1 prim, 145L$ regularly
100% original mesh

Only 109L$ for We Love Roleplay!

Monday, July 1, 2013

New Releases & 25L$ items!

A new week, new month, and new items!

We have four all new items for you this cheery Summer Tuesday, a lovely and bold Stone Garden Bench, an elegant and classic Tiered Fountain, and two dinner plates! All of these can be had now and at great prices at our main store~

The two 25L$ Tuesday items this week are our dinner plates! Choose Chicken or Steak, and at 1 prim you've got a tasty looking meal for your avatar at next to no cost either in L$ or prims!

These will be going up to their regular prices of 95L$ per plate on Wednesday, so hurry by to get this exceptionally low sales price.

Also new is our elegant, yet bold and rustic Garden Bench! This fancy stone piece comes with 4 duo animations (up to 2 users) and 3 couples animations. At just 2 prims, it's a gorgeous piece to be featured in your garden, park, or walkway.

It's for sale at a mere 175L$ now!

As well, a classically designed Tiered Fountain is now available, also coming in at a miniscule 2 prims for a big and beautiful presence, this piece includes 2 animations for idling on the side, or a non animated but modifyable version for those with more ambitious dreams.

It is for sale at just 195L$ now!

[DDD] @ Home Show!

The second of our big events in the week has arrived! Home Show SL is an event sponsored by big & main stream brands such as Cheeky Pea and Digs - much more modern designers.

Somehow, we managed to get an invite & get in to this lovely event! You'll find us on the Home Show 2nd Sim where we have two brand-new releases waiting for you~

The first, and so far seeming to be the favorite amongst Home Show shoppers is the Well-Aged Gazebo:

Draped in strands of ivy and coated in a subtle misting of moss, this Well-Aged Gazebo surely holds the name well. An all-natural wooden, square design makes it stand out against more conventional and modern hexagon or other -gon shapes.

At 4x4 wide and 5.7m tall, it stands out in any garden - and can be resized! Please remember, if you resize it too much it will cause the primcount to go up.

Copyable, Modifyable, & only 195L$ this great piece is sure to find a home on almost any sim!

& the 2nd, my personal favorite, is the Octagon Fountain:

A classic 8-sided shape, this Octagon Fountain has fun zig-zags engraved all around it, and with a set of beautiful copper spigots it shoots out realistic streams of water!

At a well-suited for all environments size of 4.5m x 4.5m, it wont take up much room to really get a great effect. 

This fountain includes a copyable but no mod version with animations (6 solo, 3 couple) and a modify and copyable version with no animations or scripting. It'll set you back a mere 275L$ for both versions.

Don't forget, we do have one more set of all-new releases this week @ We Love Roleplay event! You might even see the sneak-preview item out on display in the store or at the Home Show event itself!