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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do you... Love Donna Flora?

If you don't know about Donna Flora and the creator of said fabulous brand, Squinternet Larnia - you should head by the Love Donna Flora! blog where you can find a ton of information on this amazing creator and her trials.

Starting today there is an amazing display of support from other creators at an event fundraiser for Squinternet. Although we do not know her personally, and honestly aside from seeing her in blogposts by the famed Gogo of Juicybomb or occassionally spotting her in posts I might see on iheartsl.com  I had never purchased her items. I'm a plain girl, but I do have a heart and it really tore mine up to hear about the struggles she has had with cancer.

We have been busy, but we did create an all new item that we felt was very appropriate for the event, a special Fancy Squared Tent in what we've dubbed Donna Flora Tuscany - a beautiful red and green tent that is more of a late summer with wine and strawberries than the Christmas we usually associate to those colours.

It is slightly imprinted with grapevines, a unique custom texutre, and will set you back merely 135L$, 5 prims, and a 10x10 plot. The entirety of the proceeds go to helping provide Squinternet with whatever she needs, including helping support her nursing care and alternative therapies for cancer. I hope you will stop by and purchase this beautiful tent for a beautiful cause.

If you don't want to die in lag when you might not even want it, you can stop by and preview a small version of it at our main store... Or just head to the event now.

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