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Friday, July 19, 2013

Food Fair!

Here is a fun event I had no idea about until a couple of weeks ago on plurk...

I was soooo disappointed that I had missed out on participating in this Food Fair event because we have so many foodie type items! I LOVE food!

... and then a little plurk got passed around saying they might have a few empty stalls open...

And now I am in! Woohoo! It was a bit of a rush as it was only about 24 hours before opening that I found this out, but we managed to scrounge up 2 new items & a retextured old and otherwise unavailable freebie.

We have a huge selection of our previously released items available here as well as two new Candy Jars as well as a FREE Cookie Basket! So please stop by!

You'll find us in a lovely light minty green building on the South side of the sim, about halfway down.

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