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Monday, October 30, 2017

Swaying Leafy XL Bushes!

Seasonal swaying bushes of extra large size are here!

By popular request, we've converted our existing Twinkling Leafy bushes in to a larger format, allowing customers to have bushes up to 9m long or 5m tall for just 1 LI.

These are meant to be filler, and make excellent backdrops.

Included is an array of seasonal appropriate and fantasy tones.

Grab or gift your copy:


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hocus Pocus 2017!

Hocus Pocus, one of my favorite events of the year, has finally arrived!

Stop by our main store on Dysfunctionality any time this week, and find the giant ridiculous glasses-and-nose-pierced pumpkin to play~

tl;dr - say 'hocus pocus!' in local chat next to him and win (or not!)
If you don't win, try again next SL day (after midnight) or pay 50L$
It runs for 9 days!

I've decided to offer a 'year round use' texture variant too, the Pond colour set, which I hope you'll love. Both are included, and materials enhanced.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hazey Tuesday~

This week for 25L$ Tuesday we're winding up our Haze sets with the Spooky, Happiness, and Chilly options, as well as re-offering the Ocean and Autumn variants for those who did not get them at Redeux.

These clouds are perfect to pair up with lots of environments and feels. Don't forget to grab our last group gift of individual particle emitters, as the Fairy Lights etc pair so well!


(Please consider leaving a review♥)

Monday, October 23, 2017

Once Upon a Nightmare ~ Skulls!

Halloween is inching nearer and nearer, and with it we bring some of our final spooky releases for this year before the snow arrives~ 

Once Upon a Nightmare is a new hunt and mainstore event, each participating store has a FREE hunt gift, as well as a new release & discounts.

We are offering our Aging Skull Pile as a free gift for any who can find it using the hint:
I trek beneath swaying green leaves, and the magic floating in the sky above me.

Our Headhunter's Campfire is an all-new and original mesh with on-off scripted lighting with realistic subtle sound, flickering lights, particle embers, and more.

The Skull Candle Fourpack includes 4 unique skull meshes, each with 16 color options (8 pastel, 8 saturated tones), with soft magical flickering flames. 

Each are 145L$ regular price, but 25% off exclusively during the OUAN event at our main store.

Stop by through the end of October to get all of this~


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ambient Love! Group gift ♥

It's time for a new group gift, and this go we have the Ambient Particle Pack, which ties in well with our recent other ambient releases.

Includes 4 + 1 particles, for cute happy environments and firefly/fairy lights! Resizable radius for emissions~

Their themes are "Happiness", "Autumn", "Ocean", and "Chilly" - coordinating mesh Haze Cloud versions are or will in the near future be available for 25L$. ♥

The fairy lights might be my favorite part of this pack... But I hope you'll love all of them!

Free and available ONLY for [Dysfunctionality] group members.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Haze-y Days!

While on the long train of experimentation for creating fog, I've also began side developing environment-specific haze/fog effects with dust motes etc.

Out for release is the Autumn Haze & Ocean Haze variants!

Each is a single mesh cloud with specifically adjusted particle effects (click to turn off) - they're approximately 7m in size and move around realistically.

You can (and should) adjust the transparency, color, glow, etc to suit your windlight specifically.

You can get the Autumn Haze FREE by visiting our Redeux stall and clicking the gift bag,
You'll also be able to buy the Ocean Haze for 25L$ next to it.

Both will be available for purchase at the 25L$ price on Marketplace soon.

Our existing Creeping Fog (25L$), Blooming Ivy (25L$), and Dewdrop Cobwebs (50L$) are also available at the event location for a last call on their sale prices.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fifty Linden Frightdays~ ♥

Happy Friday everyone!

It's Fifty Linden Friday this week at Dysfunctionality, and we have some adorable new spooky items for you~ ♥

Out this week is a special limited recolor of the Kitty Pumpkins in Solid tones, as well as the all-new Dewdrop Cobwebs!

Each are 1 land impact and low lag scripted with lots of options.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Skulls, and donuts, and cats! Oh my!

The Season's Story, Autumn round & celebratory 4th year anniversary is open now~ ♥

All of our new releases there are 25% off exclusively at the event this month.

This brings the price of each Kitty Pumpkin pack to 109L$ and the Donut Pumpkins to 57L$!

Each Kitty Pumpkin Pack has 10 exterior color choices (including 3 heart patterns!), as well as 8 interior ambient lighting colors or optionally an off state. 3 unique mesh models included~

Donut Pumpkins include a single mesh and 3 texture choices.

We also have a new gift out at the location only, the Holdable Skully~ A simple orange melting candle atop a skeletal head with twinkling and dancing flames. Holdable with a single animation.

I hope you'll visit and enjoy the festive cheer!

Creepy Tuesday!

Tis the season for spooky things, and nothing is moreso than the ominous rolling cloud of fog~

For 25L$ this week only, we have our all-new original mesh & handpainted textures "Creeping Fog" pack!

Includes 4 fog meshes & 3 particle emitters to mix & match. Each are 4-7m in size and move about realistically.

You can get unique new looks by using color tinting, transparency adjustment, glow adjustment, and adjusting the size/shape. ♥


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We Love Fluffy Ferns!

It's time for another round of We Love Roleplay!

I want to apologise that our full larger release didn't make the cut this round due to some... catastrophic computer issues which really cut time short for work.

But! I did manage to get our Fluffy Ferns finalised in to a rudimentary pack~ 

Included is 9 texture options as shown with subtle swaying, optional twinkling lights, & 4 unique mesh shapes which are all a mere 1 land impact each & material enabled!

All of this in a low lag, custom scripted regionwide texture change control & access menu.

It's 25% off during the October round of We Love Roleplay, only at the event location!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

For Max, a Potted Fern

For years, Maxwell Graf has been around the Second Life community as a creator and purveyor of fine rustic and fantasy wares. Many of you may know his store, Rustica, as it has co-existed along several other major medieval fantasy merchants for years along with our brand.

We have known him personally and professionally, and like all who do, you can't help but love the jovial and crude sense of humour he always has, or respect the work he has put in to helping the SL community & merchants as a sort of community liaison to the corporate overlords.

Recently, everyones beloved friend Max has had some RL troubles that can be read about HERE as part of his plea for help. Some kind merchants have stepped up to the plate and are putting donation items for 100% donation to Max during the next 7 days.

So please consider stopping by the ForMax event and picking up our new Max's Magic Potted Fern, a twinkly little houseplant for just 75L$ - all of which will go to him!

Further that, we have no current plans to sell this item after the event (and there is no redelivery of it due to the scripts they require us to use) so please grab it before it disappears.