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Monday, January 30, 2017

A Bench for Tuesday!

We have another all-new item for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday!

The simple 2 Land Impact, Copy & Mod Forest Plank Bench has 4 couples cuddles, 4 singles poses for male & female (8 total, seats 2 at a time)

Additionally, it has 5 texture options, including a snowy option for year-round use ♥

Only 25L$ for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday!

*Store Credit / Marketplace Review Promo!*

It's that time again~ We're doing another free store credit giveaway for Marketplace reviews!

Review any item for 25L$ inworld store credit!
If the item has no reviews prior, get a bonus 25L$ credit!

We are not soliciting positive reviews, but hopefully honest ones which take understanding that some items on the Marketplace are quite aged, and are priced down accordingly due to the quality/lack thereof compared to current model products.

Thank you for your honesty!

  • One review per customer only will qualify for rewards.
  • Only items 50L$ or over qualify.
  • Store credit is awarded only. No gift cards. Credit is not transferrable.
  • Store credit is typically automatically applied on your next inworld transaction.
  • ONLY January 24th through February 5th!


  1. Please send "Dysfunctionality Resident" an IM with a link to the product page of the item you reviewed on the account you did it.
  2. Dysfunctionality Resident should respond within 24-48 hours confirming your store credit.
  3. If you do not hear a response, please try again. It may have gone unseen or crashed.


 Click on any inworld vendor and select "Discounts" to see your loyalty discount & store credit balance.
These will be automatically applied on next purchase in the form of a refund to your L$ amount spent. Alternatively, you can click Buy->Reward Points on the vendor.

We thank you all for your participation and appreciation!

Please contact Dysfunctionality Resident with any questions.

Check out our Marketplace Store!


Some random lucky participants will get 100-500L$ bonuses at the end. ♥

Sunday, January 29, 2017

New group gift!

I was experimenting with grasses, and while they didn't turn out as I'd hoped, they aren't half bad!

So, since I did at least make a variety of textures for them, but don't feel right selling my experiments since I have bigger & better plans for grass meshes in the future...

It's a free group gift!

I hope you'll like it. 10 texture choices, ranging from the whimsy rainbows to autumn burnt, bright springs, dark greens, and winter options.♥

Please be sure you're in the Dysfunctionality group!

Product Updates!

The following items received updates!

Now with mod perms!

Now with mod perms!

Now with mod perms & on/off lighting scripts!

Now with mod perms & on/off lighting scripts!

Now with mod perms & on/off lighting scripts!

Now with mod perms!

Now with regionwide texture change & access menu!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Little Simple 25L$ Tuesday deal~

This week for 25L$ Tuesday, I have an adorable Little Simple Pouf~

This 1 land impact, copy & mod, low lag, custom scripted, and low polygon / low land impact specialised pouf comes with 11 solid colors, 6 furs, and 2 leather options to mix and match between the base & the cording. Of course, the white textures are also very tintable for unique customisation!

Additionally, it includes 15 gender neutral solo sitting positions for both lounging on top and laying against the pouf for optimum comfort~

Just shy of 1m in size in roundness, it's the perfect customisable accent for any home, club, or gathering spot. ♥

Only 25L$ for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday~

Sunday, January 15, 2017

25L$ Tuesday Fences!

This week for 25L$ Tuesday we have a brand new rustic fence set for you!

Included is 4 short pieces, a two-wide, and three-wide. Each is just 1 land impact~

There are 9 textures to choose from, and the script also includes access controls so others can change the textures, and a kill-all-scripts button.

Additionally, for the regular price of 95L$, we're releasing the matching Aged Wooden Paths!

Again with the same texture menu, set, and 1 land impact value ♥

You can find both at our main store~

Friday, January 6, 2017

Stoneware Pitcher Set for 25L$ Tuesday!

Our first 25L$ Tuesday in a long while, but here goes~

An all-new simple 1 land impact Stoneware Pitcher Set!

This set changes between 5 content settings (seen on left):
Milk, Water, Tea, Mead, and Wine!

Depending on what one sets it to be visually, it will also dispense properly a cup of such beverage that you & your guests may wear to drink~!

The faces are all tintable to add some color, but otherwise come in a soft neutral light tone with subtle aging. Please remember that any cups dispensed will still be white.

Only 25L$ for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday~ Catch it now before it goes back to full price!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A free little biscuit jar~

Not quite something I'd feel comfortable selling, a basic biscuit jar~ 

This cute little 1 land impact jar takes tints well and dispenses an a simple little nommable biscuit for you & your guests.

It's free for group members of our Dysfunctionality store group, now at our freebie building!

Be sure to wear your tag, and stop by~!