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Monday, December 30, 2013

[DDD] Elegant Victorian Tea Tray!

A beautiful decorative tea tray which dispenses a warm cup of tea!

Comes with a texture change menu to change between the 4 wood options that match the rest of our Elegant Victorian set!

Only an amazingly low 1 land impact, 100% original mesh, & copy/mod.

It's available regularly for the release price of 165L$, but for the next 24 hours only it is only 25L$ at our main store "Green tent" location only!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Elegant Victorian Hutch!

By request we've made another piece to match our very popular Elegant Victorian Fireplace!

This piece is a part of the Challenge theme "Glass" event!

This beautiful Elegant Victorian Cabinet also features the same 4 wood tones and styling, and is a gorgeous 1 land impact addition to any home.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Seasonally free recap!

This month we gave several freebies away, and they're all still available to you!

Since it was Christmas, and I knew many people had not gotten all of these, I thought I would post a quick recap on the items and where you can get them~

Classical Candlesticks are available for free, no group required, at this months Genre round : Victorian
Afterwards, you'll be able to get them at the main store, also for free.

Cookie n Carrots Holiday Plate was available for a 25L$ Tuesdays event as a free gift, and is now a group exclusive freebie - just join our group & click to get!

(By the central tree/hot cocoa trays, you will need your group tag active)

Holiday Candle gift is a group exclusive freebie - just join our group & click to get!

(By the central tree/hot cocoa trays, you will need your group tag active)

Monday, December 23, 2013

25L$ Tuesdays Angel

It is indeed that time again, time for another round of 25L$ Tuesdays.

This Christmas Eve we're offering up a beautifully detailed Lil' Wall Angel.

Perched upon a shelf, with open arms, a glowing warm candle, and a few dangly stars
This little decor is sure to make any home feel more at peace.

We'll be pricing it at 95L$ normally, but for this Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
It will be priced at only 25L$ for a copy&mod, texture change scripted option.

We'll be leaving this item up throughout Christmas Day for those who may do their celebrations on the Eve of instead.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Elegant Victorian Fireplace for The Neighborhood!

A new special for the Neighborhood event!

Four gorgeous wood options, four stone, four frame metals, five book colours...

All individually configurable - even individual faces can be changed as seen below!


On sale for only 200L$ until 11:59pm SLT at our sales sign inworld location only~

Copy, Mod, and a mere 5 land impact for a huge fireplace, complete with 3D books & china!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Take a survey!

We're looking for feedback! We greatly appreciate the opinions of our wonderful customer base, so we would appreciate a couple of minutes of your time.

Please take our survey for a chance to win one of:

 (5) 100L$ Gift Cards
 (2) 250L$ Gift Cards
(1) 500L$ Gift Card
  (1) 1000L$ Gift Card

And, as a bonus, if you submit before 11:59pm Friday, you'll also be entered into a drawing for an entry to win a [DDD] Elegant Victorian Fireplace (pictured below) which is to be released late Friday/early Saturday!

Winners will be drawn using random.org's number generator, so take a chance!

The survey is HERE!

The survey is now closed, thank you all <3 u="">

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

25L$ Tuesday!

25L$ until 11:59pm tonight!
Only 95L$ after~
1 LI per stocking, each comes in 6 colour options!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Genre : Victorian

Free gift!
Just visit our Genre stall & click the sign
1 LI & 100% original mesh!
Gold & Silver tones both included

100L$ offering for Genre!
1 LI each & 100% original mesh!
Both corner & flat wall versions included
The wood is very light and neutral, so it actually tints well!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Atooly Christmas - Starry Night Garland

We're in another one of Atooly Holiday events, this time the Christmas themed one!

Our offering is this "Starry Night Garland"
It has 5 garland textures, and 3 options for the stars
As well, there is LOD options for large or small so that it can remain at 1 land impact at assorted sizes.
Copy & Mod

Monday, December 9, 2013

25L$-Not-Quite-Tuesdays Holiday Bazaar

A free gift! You can find it underneath the Holiday Tree in our shop at the Holiday Bazaar!
Just be sure to click the little taggy that says "Click Me!"

1 Land Impact/Prim
Copyable & Mod
100% Original Mesh

Our 25L$ item for the duration of this week! It'll go back up to 95L$ after.
You can find this inside our shop, just to the right on the wall~

1 Land Impact/Prim
Copyable & Mod
100% Original Mesh

Both of these can be found in our shop on the 25L$ Tuesday's Holiday Bazaar, in the SouthEast corner which runs from now (Monday) until Friday!

Due to the event ran by 25L$ Tuesdays, we will not be having a 25L$ Tuesdays discount item in our main store this week, it will only be available at the event.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We Love Roleplay Dec 2013

Copy & Mod
2 Land Impact
2 Painting Anims & 3 Sitting
Palette & Paintbrush Props Supplied
100% Original Mesh

185L$ regularly, 139L$ (25% off) for We Love Roleplay

Copy & Mod
1 Land Impact
4 Metal texture options
100% Original Mesh

185L$ regularly, 139L$ (25% off) for We Love Roleplay

Bonus for the holidays!
Copy & Mod
1 Land Impact
5 texture options
100% Original Mesh


Monday, December 2, 2013

25L$ Tuesdays - Poinsettias!

"Classic Red Potted Poinsettia"

A discount, single tone only version of our Potted Poinsettia line! In the traditional tone of red, this 1 land impact, unscripted, & copy/mod version is available regularly for 45L$!

Tonight and through Tuesday night at 11:59pm it is available for 25L$!

"Texture Change Potted Poinsettia"

Full-featured with 11 different texture options and 8 pot colours in an easy to use menu, this 1 land impact plant is very versatile and fun!

Also copy/mod, this texture change scripted version is available for 165L$.

"Texture Change Worn Poinsettia"

Surprise! I fell in love with the Poinsettia mesh, and wanted to wear it... So here it is for public use, too!

Also scripted for the same 11 different texture options of our potted version, it comes with a tintable white headband.

Copy/mod, this texture change scripted version is available for 155L$.