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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Soft Grasses SALE!

Beautiful fields of soft grass~

If you're looking for fields of dense yet soft grass in an array of colours which are also tinting friendly for a perfect match, this might be for you!

These grasses come with 5 mesh shapes, ranging from simple round plots perfect to accent existing fields of grass, to rectangular shaped ones better suited for lining houses or filling gardenbeds, as well as a much bigger 9m long rectangular field to fill up lots of space!

You'll get 8 grass textures: Hay, Dying, Pale, White, Dark, Medium, Spring, & Forest!

Each is materials enhanced and still a mere 1 land impact at the included size.

Per usual, with mesh, resizing may alter land impact.

Regionwide texture change, access menu, and kill all custom low lag scripts. ♥

Only 25L$ through Sept 6th (I am out of town til then!)


Please please consider leaving a review!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Whispy Forest Tree Set~ 50L$!

Out now for this weeks Fifty Linden Friday, and on special for 50L$ (down from the regular 245L$) price for just this weekend only.

The Whispy Forest Tree Set is a 2-3 land impact per piece set of trees, it includes 3 unique mesh models including options with & without twinklies. They are 8-11m in size depending on which you choose, and the twinklies are 3 LI and the normals are 2 LI.

There is 8 texture options controllable via regionwide texture change script with control menu & easy kill-all-scripts button.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Starry Sky Cuddles at Blush!

This is the first round of a new and super cute event, Blush!

This shopping wonderland has tons of clothing, home, & accessories for the lover of pastels and pretties from some of the best creators on the grid.

We're so proud to be a Sponsor of this event. You'll find our stall due South of your landing spot.

At it, we're offering the all-new PG version of our Starry Sky Cuddle Blanket.

This 3 land impact, 3-seater blanket is the perfect place to cozy up with friends & lovers alike with a selection of solo poses for each, 43 couples cuddles, and even 5 cuddles for all 3 people.

There is 8 fun preset texture choices, including a tintable option for endless customization. The little lights even softly twinkle and glow in and out all along the blanket and pillows. 

50L$ / 50% off promo & free gift @ Redeux!

Out now at Redeux is our Floor Glowies!

These are 1 land impact per approx 5m by 5m segment and include 9 fun colorways, including a tintable white option!

Perfect for your waterways, walkways, beds, ceilings, & more~

50% off exclusively for the duration of this event. 50L$ for the whole pack.

A free gift also available at Redeux, our Rainbow Bush. 

One land impact, comes exactly as is with lots of sparklies and subtle movement.

Look for us on the right/North side as you walk in to the main market (West)~

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Prismagica~ New Chaise & Giftie!

Prismagica is a new cute and colorful event starting this month with lots of adorable fellow designers~ It opens August 5th at noon SLT!

We're very excited to participate in their inaugural round with our Meridienne Chaise Longue.


  •  2 Land Impact
  •  Copy & Mod
  •  All Original Mesh
  •  All Original Textures
  •  LOD & Materials Optimised
  •  Custom Low Lag Scripts


  •  9 Presets: Aloha, Vintage, Tintable, Grandmas, CuteGirl, CuteBoy, Rose, Dusty, Soft
  •  5 Base Woods: Brown, Medium, Dark, Black, Light
  •  10 Long Pillow Options
  •  10 Base Fabric Options
  •  12 + 12 Square Pillow Options
  •  Tintable AO for all fabric parts for external editing


  •  26 Female Solo Seating Anims
  •  20 Male Solo Seating Anims
  •  14 Couples PG Cuddles, including: Lap Sits, Kisses, Hugs, & More
  •  18 Couples Adult sets

For both the Adult & PG Versions included as well as all of the texture choices, it is just 295L$!

Additionally, we have the Magical Twiggy Tree with extra sparkles out as a bonus free gift at the event location only.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New! Twinkly Leafy Bushes!

New for a 25L$ offering from the 8th through 22nd, we have Twinkling Leafy Bushes!

These 1 land impact bushes are similar to our Flower bushes, but feature a larger array of non-floral options & seasonal choices.

You'll find: Bare, Snowy, Springtime flowers, an array of greens from bright to dusty, and several autumnal tones as well as fantasy wine & sapphire choices.

Each are 1 land impact at the included size with animated twinklies & swaying branches.


Please consider leaving a review, it lets us know to keep making stuff you enjoy! ♥

Friday, August 4, 2017

Group Gift Time!

It's time for a new group gift~ So wear your [Dysfunctionality] group tag and head by to the main store.

Skip over to the Northwest corner in the freebies building, and check out our new Goldentree & Magictree duo~

These aspen-inspired trees are part of my learning process for organics, and while they're certainly not amazing, I do hope you'll appreciate them!

They're 2 land impact at the 8.5m size shown with soft swaying leaves and twinklies in the boughs.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Twinkling Twiggy Tree Tuesday!

Such a mouthful with all those T's, but here it is! Our Twinkling Twiggy Tree~

The perfect little forest or backyard accent for a cute home, this regionwide texture change tree includes soft glowies within its boughs.

It is just enough to fill up a little accent area with whimsy, all with low cost to your land impact budget!
Only one mesh tree is included, but rotating and resizing can give you a full look.

The latest 25L$ Tues item, on sale for this week only. ♥

Includes 8 texture options from Summery greens, to Autumn hues, and fantasy tones too.

Only 1 land impact for the default 5m tall size. 6.25m size is 2 LI, and 7.5m tall is 3 LI. 

Resizing further will continue to increase land impact, please use caution!


Please consider leaving us a review, we appreciate them so greatly!