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Friday, April 3, 2015

Flutter in to The Neighbourhood for Spring~

The Neighbourhood has arrived again, and for this months round we have a brand-new critter for livening up your land~

This Spring, bring realistic flitting and fluttering Butterflies to your home through our Butterfly Rock~ Copy &  Mod!

Clicking this simple rock will rez 1, 3, or 5 butterflies per rock at a time. You get to pick individual colors for a flock or to let the rock choose at random!

Each Rock is only 1 land impact, and each butterfly is also only 1 land impact, so each rock could have 6 prims used at once with a max of 5 butterflies rezzed.

Click your rock again to be able to delete specific/all butterflies again after~

For this weekend only, the Butterfly Rock is out for just 200L$.

Easter is Arriving!

This year is passing quickly! Spring has arrived, and with it the ever memorable Easter arrives~

This year we're celebrating with a fun new toy for you all!

Easter Egg Basket is a Copy/Mod/No Trans Attachment Basket~

It can be rezzed, too. Includes wicker basket/ribbon texture changing as well.

Not only is it festive and fun in a lovely sense, sprinkling eggs as you go, but you can also take an innocent jab at fun by shooting your friends with it!

To activate the fun bazooka-egg gun mode, just go in to mouselook, aim, and fire.

To add to that, it's available now for just 50L$ as a part of Fifty Linden Friday! 

Stop by to get a basket of fun~