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Monday, September 18, 2017

Swaying Wildflowers for 25L$ this week only!

Softly swaying wildflower patches are our latest offering for 25L$ Tuesday!

This is our first foray in to animated grasses, and we're really pleased with the result. ♥

There is 5 mesh shapes, each offering 8 delicate swaying little wildflower field texture change options for flowers & grass-only, regionwide or single plant. The grass is animated to slowly sway back and forth for a realistic and lively effect. 


Friday, September 15, 2017

Cuddly Friday!

It's my favorite time of the month, Fifty Linden Friday!

This round, we have an all-new Classic Cuddle rug on offer~ This Lite version includes 4 pattern choices ranging from plain & tintable, bright cloudy sky, colourful chevron, & spooky Halloween prints.

This rug seats 3 for solo & cuddle poses, with 43 adorable PG couples options.

It's only 50L$ through this weekend, so grab it now!


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Reclaimed Tuesday!

This week for 25L$ Tuesday, we have a beautiful duo of refurbished tables for you!

Made of aged and worn wood in 6 tones, these 1 land impact texture change tables are the perfect accent for the rustic home.

On sale this week for just 25L$ both 


Friday, September 8, 2017

New group gift time! Halloweeny Lanterns~

These exclusive patterns are available to group members of our [Dysfunctionality] group!

Included is the purple cat, orange pumpkinface, and green batty designs.

They feature their themed print on two of the 4 sides, and are set to float 10m high with a configurable radius for perimeter. 

As always, I appreciate my group members so much and I'm blessed to have had so many awesome customers over the years. I hope you'll all enjoy this new gift! ♥

You can find it both in the freebie building, or also currently in our Halloween display at the landing spot.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Soft Grasses SALE!

Beautiful fields of soft grass~

If you're looking for fields of dense yet soft grass in an array of colours which are also tinting friendly for a perfect match, this might be for you!

These grasses come with 5 mesh shapes, ranging from simple round plots perfect to accent existing fields of grass, to rectangular shaped ones better suited for lining houses or filling gardenbeds, as well as a much bigger 9m long rectangular field to fill up lots of space!

You'll get 8 grass textures: Hay, Dying, Pale, White, Dark, Medium, Spring, & Forest!

Each is materials enhanced and still a mere 1 land impact at the included size.

Per usual, with mesh, resizing may alter land impact.

Regionwide texture change, access menu, and kill all custom low lag scripts. ♥

Only 25L$ through Sept 6th (I am out of town til then!)


Please please consider leaving a review!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Whispy Forest Tree Set~ 50L$!

Out now for this weeks Fifty Linden Friday, and on special for 50L$ (down from the regular 245L$) price for just this weekend only.

The Whispy Forest Tree Set is a 2-3 land impact per piece set of trees, it includes 3 unique mesh models including options with & without twinklies. They are 8-11m in size depending on which you choose, and the twinklies are 3 LI and the normals are 2 LI.

There is 8 texture options controllable via regionwide texture change script with control menu & easy kill-all-scripts button.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Starry Sky Cuddles at Blush!

This is the first round of a new and super cute event, Blush!

This shopping wonderland has tons of clothing, home, & accessories for the lover of pastels and pretties from some of the best creators on the grid.

We're so proud to be a Sponsor of this event. You'll find our stall due South of your landing spot.

At it, we're offering the all-new PG version of our Starry Sky Cuddle Blanket.

This 3 land impact, 3-seater blanket is the perfect place to cozy up with friends & lovers alike with a selection of solo poses for each, 43 couples cuddles, and even 5 cuddles for all 3 people.

There is 8 fun preset texture choices, including a tintable option for endless customization. The little lights even softly twinkle and glow in and out all along the blanket and pillows. 

50L$ / 50% off promo & free gift @ Redeux!

Out now at Redeux is our Floor Glowies!

These are 1 land impact per approx 5m by 5m segment and include 9 fun colorways, including a tintable white option!

Perfect for your waterways, walkways, beds, ceilings, & more~

50% off exclusively for the duration of this event. 50L$ for the whole pack.

A free gift also available at Redeux, our Rainbow Bush. 

One land impact, comes exactly as is with lots of sparklies and subtle movement.

Look for us on the right/North side as you walk in to the main market (West)~

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Prismagica~ New Chaise & Giftie!

Prismagica is a new cute and colorful event starting this month with lots of adorable fellow designers~ It opens August 5th at noon SLT!

We're very excited to participate in their inaugural round with our Meridienne Chaise Longue.


  •  2 Land Impact
  •  Copy & Mod
  •  All Original Mesh
  •  All Original Textures
  •  LOD & Materials Optimised
  •  Custom Low Lag Scripts


  •  9 Presets: Aloha, Vintage, Tintable, Grandmas, CuteGirl, CuteBoy, Rose, Dusty, Soft
  •  5 Base Woods: Brown, Medium, Dark, Black, Light
  •  10 Long Pillow Options
  •  10 Base Fabric Options
  •  12 + 12 Square Pillow Options
  •  Tintable AO for all fabric parts for external editing


  •  26 Female Solo Seating Anims
  •  20 Male Solo Seating Anims
  •  14 Couples PG Cuddles, including: Lap Sits, Kisses, Hugs, & More
  •  18 Couples Adult sets

For both the Adult & PG Versions included as well as all of the texture choices, it is just 295L$!

Additionally, we have the Magical Twiggy Tree with extra sparkles out as a bonus free gift at the event location only.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New! Twinkly Leafy Bushes!

New for a 25L$ offering from the 8th through 22nd, we have Twinkling Leafy Bushes!

These 1 land impact bushes are similar to our Flower bushes, but feature a larger array of non-floral options & seasonal choices.

You'll find: Bare, Snowy, Springtime flowers, an array of greens from bright to dusty, and several autumnal tones as well as fantasy wine & sapphire choices.

Each are 1 land impact at the included size with animated twinklies & swaying branches.


Please consider leaving a review, it lets us know to keep making stuff you enjoy! ♥

Friday, August 4, 2017

Group Gift Time!

It's time for a new group gift~ So wear your [Dysfunctionality] group tag and head by to the main store.

Skip over to the Northwest corner in the freebies building, and check out our new Goldentree & Magictree duo~

These aspen-inspired trees are part of my learning process for organics, and while they're certainly not amazing, I do hope you'll appreciate them!

They're 2 land impact at the 8.5m size shown with soft swaying leaves and twinklies in the boughs.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Twinkling Twiggy Tree Tuesday!

Such a mouthful with all those T's, but here it is! Our Twinkling Twiggy Tree~

The perfect little forest or backyard accent for a cute home, this regionwide texture change tree includes soft glowies within its boughs.

It is just enough to fill up a little accent area with whimsy, all with low cost to your land impact budget!
Only one mesh tree is included, but rotating and resizing can give you a full look.

The latest 25L$ Tues item, on sale for this week only. ♥

Includes 8 texture options from Summery greens, to Autumn hues, and fantasy tones too.

Only 1 land impact for the default 5m tall size. 6.25m size is 2 LI, and 7.5m tall is 3 LI. 

Resizing further will continue to increase land impact, please use caution!


Please consider leaving us a review, we appreciate them so greatly!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Starry Sky Pillow Tuesday~

An adorable Starry Sky Pillow Pile!

This PG centric, 1 land impact pillow pile features richly detailed meshes & textures with baked shadows and stitching.

It's materials enhanced and has 11 texture options for both the stars & the cloud, including tintable plain white options, polkadots, herringbone, watercolor, & galaxy fantasy options in pastel tones.

Additionally, it has two dozen cutesie centric animations for lounging around! ♥


Grab them on the SL Marketplace!

Please do consider leaving a review, they mean a lot!

Friday, July 21, 2017

IndieTeePee! Underwater~

This year we are participating in the artistic and shopping festival called IndieTeePee!

For it we have some adorable Wearable Bubbles & Floating Clusters.

Included are two wearable bubbles:
Sitting which will put you inside and has a soft pink and purple hue
Floating which will let you lay on top & has a blue and green hue~

Each is resizable and modifiable. I highly recommend adjusting inside & outside glow/transparency levels to suit your windlight individually.

Additionally you'll get a cluster of bubbles which will float around in a pre-defined or adjustable radius! You can also de-link from the movement prim to use as static poses.

Shift copying will break the subtle texture animation & rotation. If that is your desire, please feel free to do so.

InDTP runs until August 6th.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Twinkling Friday~

This week for Fifty Linden Friday we have beautiful Twinkling Flower Bushes out!

Beautiful twinklies slowly faded in and out around soft swaying blooming flower bushes. ♥

Includes is 5 mesh shapes, including a big single, cluster, row, tight row, and corner mesh pieces. They are 1 land impact at the included size, but may go up if you resize.

There is 9 color options available via texture change script, which also includes regionwide change options & group access or everyone access, as well as easy-delete options.

The twinklies can be turned off per plant additionally~

I hope you'll love them!


Please consider leaving a very appreciated review~

Monday, July 17, 2017

Chevron Hideaway for just 25L$ this week!

Our latest release, the Chevron Hideaway, is our offering for 25L$ Tuesday this week. ♥

This adorable 1 land impact little lean-to style fort is perfect for setting up next to a pillow pile or cuddle blanket to make for supreme cozy!

Includes 10 texture options including a tintable white and cute little twinkling lights.

Only 25L$ this week and then goes to full price.


Please consider leaving a review, we appreciate them greatly~

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Magical Bubbles~

Magical bubbles~ Pretty little iridescent sparkling orbs with a bright light being emitted from within. ♥

These magical balls are approx half a meter each, but resize relatively well!

Please edit faces and play with the glow and transparency of the faces to get an effect which is perfect for your sim~ Each windlight effects it a little differently.

Included is static, roaming, and mystery bonus light fixture version because I was bored and experimenting.

Roaming has configurable radius and floats approx 15m in height.

Please enjoy~

& On the SL Marketplace.

Please do consider leaving a review, we greatly appreciate them! ♥

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Brighten up your Summer nights with our new multipiece sets!

The Home Show is back after a year off for hiatus, and we're proud to be a sponsor~

For this years event, we have two new sets!

The first, our Summer's Night Lighting includes the following in auto or manual light on/off options:
5-String (7.5m)
3-String (5m)
Long Small Lights Only (7.5m)
Short Small Lights Only (5m)

& Optional Pole to hang from.

Each are just 1 land impact, and on those with lanterns have an option for one of 11 texture change choices, including traditional reds, as well as soft pastels.


Our Swaying Spring Bushes are a beautiful bright set of 5 individual meshes, ranging from a Curved, Corner, and Straight set which are 5 bushes each, to the Fat or Tall individual options.

Each are 1 land impact, materials enhanced, and include 8 cheerful texture choices.


Each are just 145L$ and available exclusively at The Home Show.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wicker Living Set @ We Love Roleplay July!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend if you were in the US, or at least a good one if not~

We Love Roleplay opened late this month to work around the holiday, which means it's open now!

Our release is the all-new Wicker Living Set ♥

A huge multipiece set that includes all you need for your outdoor patio or indoor rustic living space. ♥

You'll get:
Couch (2 land impact, seats 2)
Chair (2 land impact, seats 2)
Chair (1 land impact, seats 1)
Pot/Vase (1 land impact)
Planter with Tree (1 land impact)
Table (1 land impact)
Chest (1 land impact)
Throw Pillows (1 land impact per 2)

Each wicker piece has 4 texture options: Black, Beige, White, & Dark.

All fabric pieces can be individually tinted.

Tree gently sways~

All animations are quality and not from a prebuilt engine. You'll get solo & couples PG cuddle menus.

It is physics, materials, and LOD optimised for the best quality.

This huge and detailed set is available for just 297L$ after the 25% off deal that is available only at this months round location~

Monday, July 3, 2017

Stone-Pot Bush for 25L$!

Out now for 25L$ Tuesday!

A lovely Stone Pot with a twiggy bush~

Included is a 1 land impact, approx 2m tall plant and pot combo.

The pot can be face-selected to tint it individually, and the leaves come with 8 texture options as shown, ranging from green, to pink, orange, red, and fantasy tones.

The leaves will softly sway ♥


Please consider leaving a review, they really are appreciated an awful lot!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Group Gift! Throw Pillows~

As I was working on some up & coming releases this week, I thought how handy it would be to have some spare pillows to toss around.

Then I thought of how impossible it would be for me to make the infinite combinations of colors, patterns, and prints that people would want...

So I settled, and I give you our group gift Throw Pillows, complete with very tintable-friendly texture, materials enhanced, and included AO for those who wish to customise them!

You'll find the AO inside of the pillows. They are two individual meshes so you can set them up on your furniture, and linked together are just 1 land impact with LOD levels.

I hope they'll help make your home more cozy~ ♥

These are for [DDD] Dysfunctionality group members only. The group now costs 50L$ to join to keep you free of spammers. This fee will be going in to action at 6pm SLT July 1st, 2017.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Blooming Friday!

Hi all!

By time this post reaches you, I'll probably be in a different state, but don't worry, I'll be back on the 29th if there is any hiccups!

Meanwhile, I've set out our FLF item for this week~

For just 50L$ you can grab our lovely all new Blooming Trellis. 

Includes 8 bright and cheerful flower textures as well as a hand drawn ivy, and soft twinkling lights you can turn off.

It's only 1 land impact, and a big 3m tall. Great for filler on those barren walls ♥


Please consider leaving a review if you buy on MP! We've been doing special raffles and giveaways for reviewers.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Simple Flower Patches~

This week for 25L$ Tuesday we have another new landscape item for you~

Our [DDD] Simple Flower Patches are a great accent to any yard or fields without alpha flicker.

They range from smaller plots up to a big 9m long patch, adding tons of bright colorful flowers for a mere 1 land impact!

You'll get 8 color options + a grass only choice, with 5 mesh shapes for just 25L$ this week only.

These include regionwide texture change, access menu, & kill all scripting.


Please consider leaving us a review, we appreciate them greatly!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Twinkling Ivy for FLF!

This week for Fifty Linden Friday we have some beautiful new ivy!

These all original 1 land impact mesh ivy plants come in 8 different mesh shapes, ranging from wall climbing, single strand, corner pieces, patches & more.

They each come scripted with 11 texture options, accessable via a regionwide texture change menu with access options & easy kill-all-scripts button!

You can also turn off the glowies from this menu if you wish for just plan ivy~

This giant pack is on discount for just 50L$ through the weekend for FLF!


Please consider leaving a review if you purchase on Marketplace~ ♥

Monday, June 5, 2017

Fluffy Grass!

Fluffy grass~!

You'll get 6 texture options including an array of greens for Spring & Summer, some aged ones for Autumn, a Snowy for winter, and a fun rainbowy sherbet color for magical purposes.

4 Mesh shapes are included ranging from 4m in size 6.5m in size, and include both a randomized set of plots & a big gridular option for lawns.

Regionwide texture change, access menu, and kill all custom low lag scripts. ♥

Out now for a discounted 25L$ for this week only!


If using Marketplace, please consider leaving a review. ♥

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

All-New Low Poly Lantern Set for 25L$ Tuesday!

On sale now for a limited huge discount, this Low Poly Lantern Set is the perfect low land impact ambiance piece you've been needing!

Included in this set is 10 individual meshes, each coming in at just 1 land impact (yes, even the 5-lantern ones!) with 6 texture options, materials enhanced, & on/off lighting options.


If purchasing from the Marketplace, please think about leaving a review, we appreciate them greatly.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Fifty Linden Friday : Cozy Cuddle Chair!

Out a little late due to a catmergency yesterday, we have an all-new and super low land impact Cozy Cuddle Chair for this weeks FLF!

It is a 2 land impact, all original mesh chair with optimised LODs & materials enhanced~

You'll get 4 texture options for the accents (purple, pink, blue, and green as shown) &
13 solo animations for males & female (2 can sit at a time, non synchronized) &
13 adorable PG couples cuddle animations for two, these are synchronized.

It's on super discount for this week, about 70% off!


Please be considerate and think of leaving us a review, we appreciate them so very much.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wrought Iron Chandelier for 25L$ Tuesday

A beautiful and timeless Wrought Iron Chandelier is our offering for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday~

It includes 4 texture options ranging from a traditional cast iron-esque black, burnished brown, antiqued white, and tarnished silver.

You'll get the option for either on/off lighting with either manual or automatic (follows sim day/night cycle)

Additionally, it has a higher LOD option for those who may need such.

Only 1 land impact, and on huge discount for this week only.


Please consider leaving a Marketplace review, we appreciate them greatly!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Enchantment : Rapunzel ~ Fairytale Tower

Enchantment's latest round is for Rapunzel, and what could be more iconic than the tall tower she was contained in?

Our interpretation is a 45m tall cobbled stone tower with whimiscal peaked top, the base will need at least 18 by 18 meters. The single domed inner room is approximately 8x8 meters and has but a mere window to peek out of.

It's only 245L$ for this round, and 150L$ off the regular price post event!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mixed Tallgrass for 25L$ Tuesday

Out now for just 25L$ through this weekend as a part of 25L$ Tuesday~

Loved our Mixed Cattails, but wished they were a bit less corndoggy? Your wish has been granted.

These Mixed Tallgrass come in those same 6 color options, quality LODs, same regionwide texture change, access menu, kill all, and criminally low land impact and are 100% less corndog!


Please consider leaving a review, they mean a lot~

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Floating Lotus Lanterns for 25L$!

Beautiful lotus lily styled flowers to compliment your waterways~

These low 1 land impact candles glow softly and float on any water surface (prim or Linden water!)
They include 6 texture change options, and 3 mesh shape choices.

This product has 3 versions: 
Floating Trio (3 spinning in a circle, 1 land impact for all 3, change textures individually) 
Floating Single (1 spinning in a circle, 1 land impact, texture change) 
Floating Single Roaming (Spins in Circle, 1 land impact, texture change, & has configurable radius menu to roam randomly)

You can grab them for one day only in our main store, or on Marketplace!

If you purchase on Marketplace, please please consider leaving us a review~

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Asiana Lantern @ The Chapter Four

It's our first round in The Chapter Four~ Their celebratory birthday round!

For it, we're offering these asian-inspired pagoda style lanterns with 8 different topper texture options.

They have on/off as both a manual function, or an auto variant which will follow the day cycle of your sim for hands off luminescence!

Only 1 land impact for the normal version, but for those who really need it, there is a version with extremely long LOD or who wish to use it at a smaller size, however it is 2 land impact for that model.

It's only 95L$~ Copy, mod, and materials enhanced.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Central Hearth Firepit for 25L$ Tuesday

A big and rustic firepit, perfect for the center of a warm cozy longhall, or simply a backyard decoration~ Only 1 land impact, with 3 texture options.

2.1m by 2.1m in size, LOD optimised, materials enhanced with on & off lighting scripts.

Only 25L$ for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fifty Linden Fridays: Simple Wooden Fireplaces

Out now for this weeks FLF~ All new Simple Wooden Fireplaces!

These highly optimised Fireplaces are meant for the prim-conscious, coming in at only 1 land impact. 

Both the raised and floor-level varieties are included and are materials enhanced, as well as having a low lag scripted on & off option.

As shown, there is 9 texture options for the inner stone, outer wood, and decorative panels.

These are massively discounted for this weekend only, to 50L$ from their regular 145L$ pricing.

Please consider leaving us a review! We appreciate them more than you can know.

Group Gifts! Magic Lighting Options~

Now out~

The Magic Candlesticks & Magic Lanterns were available last month for our CasperVend Hunt & Redeux Event, and we're happy to offer them now as group gifts for those who missed out.

Each are 1 land impact and come in a variety of rainbow colors~ ♥

Only for inworld group members of our FREE store group, [Dysfunctionality]!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Curious Chests~

Looking for a handy and convenient chest~? Why not the Curious Chest!

Someone has long since sprawled "Do Not Open" on the front, how ominous~
Choose from "Empty", "Monster", and "Treasure" interior options for your dubious adventures.

Includes 3 texture options as shown for each chest.

Please mind the caveat that resizing these can cause some issues with the script, so it is not advised unless you remove the door script.

On sale this week for just 25L$!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Fantasy Faire 2017

This year for Fantasy Faire, we're located on the Chaddul Ro sim!

We have two all-new items out~ The Curious Treasure Chest both in "RFL Treasure" & "RFL Monster"!

These fun colorful chests have a mysterious treat inside - will it be pretty coins, or goopy tentacle monsters?

Only 1 land impact each, and with these colorways being EXCLUSIVE to the event, you'll never find them again.

Just 45L$ per chest~ 100% charity donation to RFL of SL.

You'll also find Hope Lantern for 95L$, brought back for a limited run at FF!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Simple Metal Candlesticks @ Redeux!

Out now for Redeux, an all-new event brought to you by the owners of the 25L$ Tuesday group!

I want to apologise for being a little late, but unfortunately I had computer issues which kept me offline for a few days.

Simple Metal Candlesticks are a new perfect classic accent piece for your home~

These 1 land impact pieces come with 11 texture options, and include both an on/off version as well as a day/night auto version!

You can find them for only 25L$ as an introductory and special promotion during the event, and at the event location only.