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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Holiday Hunt & Discount!

Out now for FREE for the BEPSL Holiday Hunt!

Lovely low land impact, red/yellow/green Christmas themed twinklies~

Use our hint:  “Is it a little two warm in here?”

& search for a small red & green parcel within 50m of our landing spot.

Out now 50% off - so only 48L$ - through Christmas day.

Simple 20x20 tileable patches of materials enabled bumpy snow with pre-applied sparkles. 
These will match existing snow piles, falling snow, backdrop, and icy pond.

There is two versions, both are only 1 LI at the included size, but the low poly version is much flatter if viewed from the side, however it will get to max SL size (64x64) for still only 1 LI. 

The caveat is only that the sparkles will become strangely large at that scale, so do mind. With materials, they look identical from most views. 

Also, while both are walkable with minor hover, if you actually set the detailed version to prim physics (which do work), it'll rocket to 19 LI each and the end. So probably don't do that.

Both available exclusively at the main store!

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