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Monday, March 28, 2016

Springy Tuesday~!

Happy 25L$ Tuesday and the start of Spring~ Unless you're somewhere South of the equator, or an unfortunate soul who has gotten blessed with more snow this late in the season. Alas~

It can still be a happy Spring in Second Life, though! Our all new Spring Floating Lanterns are discounted to a meager 25L$ for this weeks 25L$ Tuesday!

One land impact each, 5 color options, soft lit glow, and realistic hovering animation!

Friday, March 25, 2016

FLF & 25L$-Lateday

For this past 25L$ Tuesday, I was bad and didn't tell you it was out! We have a simple Tintable rug available for just 25L$~

For Fifty Linden Friday's I have the new "Simple Wooden Dressers"~

Two dressers, 1 land impact each, and 6 wood tones via menu for easy change!

Both available just at our main store. ♥

Lost & Found~!

It's our first try at the Lost & Found event~ ♥

For it we have these 3 new releases as a part of the "Chic" style.

65-85L$ each~ Texture change options!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Medieval Sunday!

We're participating in Lazy Sunday this week, and we have another addition to our Medieval releases we have been rolling out on lately, the Medieval Chest!

This 2 land impact chest features a working lid for opening/closing & our regular 6 wood textures~

It comes in for just 2 land impact! ♥

Only 75L$ for this weekend's Lazy Sunday.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Medieval Sales~ Genre & 25L$ Tuesday!

Opening the 15th, Genre : Medieval is a new round filled with goods of yesteryear~

To the collection we bring our Medieval Bench and our Medieval Tapestries, two low land impact goods for just 95L$ each~

Our bench includes a handful of animations for two, including a few cuddles.

The properly attributed (in included notecard) tapestries are quite large and just 1 land impact per!

Also out now is our latest 25L$ Tuesday item, the Medieval Sconce!

This simple cast iron lighting piece includes on/off functions for the subtle lighting for just 1 land impact~

Only 25L$ as a part of our weekly 25L$ Tuesday specials~ ♥

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Fifty Linden Friday again~ Yes! Just a week later as a bonus round.

This week we have a gorgeous 1 land impact decor piece, the Metallic Bowl Set.

Included is 6 metal choices, available as an "All" preset, or individually changeable~

Only 50L$ for this weekend! ♥