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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Store Moving!

Yep, we're moving! But not far! About 800m down, actually - we're now a ground level store.

Since we have this whole homestead, we've relished the privacy of the ground... and yet hated how unsightly our store was. Now, we've moved it down and with an all new build (reminiscent of our H&G Expo? Actually the Expo was an unfinished version of this!) we're bringing those great products to you in an easier to find format.

A new change that comes with the store, is also the discount % system!

We only have three tiers, and it maxes out at a great permanent 10% discount! This will take into consideration all previous purchases - so if you've already spent 5k, you'll be receiving that level discount right away!

3000L$ spent -> 3%
5000L$ spent -> 5%
10000L$ spent -> 10%!

I also wanted to let everyone know that we're participating in the latest round of "The Challenge SL" which challenges talented creators to make one themed item a month - this month being industrial!

After a debacle wherein a series of stolen Torchlight models depicting a mine cart set up let us realise that there was not much in the way of legitimate quality tracks out there, we decided this was the perfect opportunity to make some!

They're unscripted, 1 prim each, copy & mod, and feature a myriad of shapes and multiple contents for the carts as seen below. What's more, is that since they are mod - you can add just about anything to be inside of them for other types of mines, too. The full set is on display now!


I hope you'll come visit us, and take a tour around the new design!

To add a little incentive, I've also added some small items as freebies - a sculpted stone wall, a fancy mesh mirror for your wall, and some small picture frames. These can all be found in the Freebies building nearby the aforementioned Mine Kit!

Can't visit us for whatever reason? We got you covered! We're 100% updated on the Marketplace, the only thing you're losing out on is the freebies - which aren't going anywhere any time soon!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

25L$ Tuesdays @ [DDD] for 28th May

1 prim, 95L$ normally, and just 25L$ for Tuesday only, as part of 25L$ Tuesdays!

All new, 100% original mesh release! Choose for a labelled or unlabelled option, and suited for any environment or home.

Stop by our main store to catch it before it is gone!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Off topic post today!

I wished to share with my great customers and fellow SLers today an off topic post about what my shop allows me to do, and why I love my customers so much... Oh, and Yoda.

I'll try to keep it short, since this is a store blog.

I've been running a shop for a really long time, longer than many (not all!) of my friends have even been in Second Life. I'm wonderfully blessed that through SL, I am able to help pay my grocery bill, afford to help repair my computer when it breaks with my savings from the store, and most importantly... 
Take on projects like Yoda.

I'll leave you a link at the bottom, if you like kittens, you'll probably like Yoda. 

I have been blessed to meet and interact with some of the kindest people in SL, and after managing businesses which deal in other genres that SL hosts... I cannot say enough about how awesome all of my customers are, notably and especially, my fabulous roleplayers and co. I know I am getting a stronger base of more mainstream people, but I'm thrilled beyond words at how respectful and patient most everyone is. I've had so many encounters where customers left me so sad because there was just no way of pleasing them, where they spit all over you, and treat you like garbage. 
My [DDD] customers are never like that, always so encouraging.

I'm also quite surprised at how much everyone helps support small original creator shops like us at Dysfunctional Designs, where - alongside Kalia Firelyte & codered1200 Nemeth - I've been able to provide what I feel is some of the best quality items at affordable prices for so many years. We're just a little fish in a big pond, but... I truly, and wholeheartedly, appreciate every customer who helps support us because it allows me to live a happier and more comfortable life, off of the streets, independent of any government aid, and most importantly of all... To help others who need it, animal or not.

I really hope you'll follow Yoda and mines adventure through my attempts to bring him back from the brink, and see exactly what you're supporting, when you support us.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Accent Plants

As part of a migration away from another brand we all worked on together, we're introducing a new line of accent mesh plants!

So far, we have four great new varieties for you with potentially more landscaping items on the way.

Each variety comes in 4 tones, and some come in 2 or 3 different base mesh models for you to play with. They're all 1 prim at included sizes, and both copyable and modifiable!

Yaaaay! New stuff!

It's that time! Home & Garden Expo officially opens at NOON SLT today!

Along with it, and our wonderful revised prices on a huge amount of our stock, we're adding 6 all new and very awesome items!

I hope you'll like them, and join us at the Home & Garden Expo today. If you can't make it, don't fret, the event runs until the 2nd of June! 
If, even still, the awesome is just too much for you - I'll be making all of this content available shortly before or after the event ends as we move our main store to the ground area of our sim!

Without further ado... the new stuff! Remember, ALL of it is 100% original mesh!

* Paper Lanterns:
         - 10 textures available by menu including blue, pink, neutral, red, dark red, yellow, purple, green, aqua, and dark orange/black!
         - 10 pre-uploaded shapes such as a 2 prim 5-lantern string in either square or rounded, 2 singles with or without strings, and 4 trio (1 prim) varieties.
         - Copy & Modify!

* Grape Trellis:
         - 3 Textures of Wood Included
         - Just 1 prim at 2.5m tall!
         - Copy & Modify!

* Whimsy Wishing Well:
         - 5 Solo Animations or Unscripted Option
         - Lovely vines detailing
         - Only 3 prims!
         - Copyable

* Trellis Lanterns:
         - 4 Metal Tones available by menu including bronze, cast (black), silver, and gold.
         - Meager 1 prim each!
         - Version for wall mounted, single, and either hanging on a modified shepherds hook with ivy or without ivy.
         - Copyable

& Of course! Our two brand new exclusive for Relay for Life donation items:

* Cattails:
         - 1 prim count each at 1.5m tall
         - 2 textures included
         - Copy & Modify!

* Lily Pads
         - 6 Textures Included such as pink, blue, yellow, white & more
         - 2 LODs included so you can have up to a 6m in diameter cluster!
         - Copy & Modify!



Please remember anything which is also modify, if you scale it up in size it is almost guaranteed to go up in primcount, often significantly. We refine out products to work best at precisely the size we sell them at, and at times resizing a mere few percentages larger will increase primcount. 

We take no responsibility for this, our items are sold to be used as their original size, and modification is at the users risk. Furthermore, linking may also drastically affect counts, often not in beneficial manners.
Because our items are copyable, please rez a new one if you mess up an existing, or receive a redelivery from our redelivery terminal.

However, understand that due to the nature of the lack of API or interfacing with existing vendor systems, redeliveries are not possible for items purchased through the RFL vendors without prior contacting me within 3 weeks of purchase date.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Overhaul

Hi everyone!

As some of you may have heard through my recent group notice, we have big plans in store for the store!

Not only are we participating in the Home & Garden Expo that begins tomorrow at noon SLT, but we're actually using parts of our brand new store rebuild to display there! We'll be bringing you a much more open and atmospheric shopping experience.

Some of the big changes that are happening are that we are looking into more rewards like if you spend so much at our store, you'll get a % off future purchases inworld, lucky chairs, and a 25-50% (and in some cases, more) permanent price slash on older products to bring them in line with current pricing practices. Maybe also a picks profile reward system!

We've already begun the latter part of the planning, and have reduced the many items significantly in price, so if you've held off on them, now is the time!

Hanging Mason-Jar Candles: 70L$
Basket Muffins: 65L$
House Plants: 75L$
Dark Wooden Books on a Shelf: 95L$
Rustic 4 Books on a Shelf Pack: 165L$
Candle Upon Books Prop: 45L$
Bookcases A or B Styles: 85L$
Bookcases C/D/E Pack: 145L$
Study Books: 125L$
Torch (Wearable): 65L$
Candle & Regular Torches (Standing+Wall): 75L$
Horned Candelabra: 95L$
Horned Wall Torch: 95L$
Horned Table Torch: 65L$
Horned Chandelier: 145L$
Individual (NonScripted) Giant Casks: 50L$
Multi(Texturechange) Giant Cask: 175L$
Multi(Texturechange) Cask Rack: 165L$
Vase of Flowers: 65L$
Rustic Lantern Post: 195L$
Rustic Wall Lantern: 155L$
Hide Tanning Rack: 115L$
Wells (Covered+Uncovered): 110L$
Worn Washing Bucket - 35L$
Braziers (Tall(Thin) & Short) Ember & Logs: 125L$
Apple/Orange/Lemon Barrels: 65L$
Coffee/Blackwine Set: 155L$
Pitcher Set: 155L$
Market Crates: 95L$ for 3 packs, 300L$ for 13 pack.
Dark Wash Basin: 185L$

Furthermore, to customers who have purchased any of the products within the past 30 days and so desire it, we're offering store credit in the difference of the price. So please check your transaction histories, and if you have purchased any of these items since the 23rd of April, look to my inworld profile and use the email address to send the following info:

Customer Name
Purchase Date
Original Purchase Price
Current Price

I do not need any codes, my vendor system stores it all. If you do not send in the email with the aforementioned info, I will not be able to give you your store credit. Please, no notecards. They absolutely will not be read, email me.

All prices should be current and reflected not only on the SL Marketplace, but our inworld store

Hope to see you stopping by soon & at our Expo display on sim 1!

Anke & co.

Monday, May 20, 2013

25L$ Tuesdays - Simple Tent

Another lovely low prim, all original piece for you this week! 25L$ Tuesdays has begun and until 11:59 Tuesday night you can grab this regularly priced 140L$ "Simple Tent" (3 land impact, 1 animation) for just 25L$!

Stop by our main store to catch it before it is gone, and be sure to keep an eye on the blog for more info on SL Home & Garden Expo, a Relay for Life event!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Springy Home & Garden Preview!

We've excitedly been pecking away at getting our new Home & Garden Expo set up done.

This year, you'll find us in the NorthEast corner of Sim 1! We have a double-wide spot & it in itself is a sneak preview of our up and coming store rebuild!

Since we bedecked the trees yesterday with our new Paper Lanterns (to be released at the Expo), I decided to share a sneak peek!

Hope to see you at the Expo! It arrives on the 24th of May~

Thursday, May 16, 2013

2,000 group members!

Yay! It only took 7 years to get here, but we finally hit the 2k member mark this evening thanks to a little panhandling. <.<

Well, as you might expect that heralds in some new GROUP FREEBIES! We already have a lovely selection available, but we've just added 2 more:

Rock Path & Mop and Bucket!

Stop by our main store to grab these new freebies! Take note, they're in an all new freebie building!

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Magical Trio of Duos for Tuesday!

We have three fantastic new releases for you today, and all of them are a 2 piece set!

One of them, even, is available for a mere 25L$ for 25L$ Tuesdays! Stop by inworld to discover which of these you can snag for a meager price this week.

Market Signs : 1 prim for the wall; 2 prim for the freestanding. Copy/Mod. 125L$
Market Carts : 2 prims each. Copy/Mod. 155L$.
Fancy Banners : 1 prim each. Copy/Mod. 165L$.
     - Includes 6 optional textures, optional shadow prims, AO and UV maps for customisation, and scripts for giving contents and/or deleting - great for adding to RP scenes or group advertisement with style.

Items will be available on the SL Marketplace later this week, but can already be found in all multi-panel Dysfunctional Designs vendors such as affiliates.

Monday, May 6, 2013

25L$ Tuesdays

Another week with 25L$ Tuesdays! I had the unfortunate case of a broken motherboard and cpu, essentially leaving me without a computer while setting up for FaMESHed, We Love RP, and 25L$ Tuesdays. I begged and borrowed my husband for a few hours to get them done.

We *finally* finished it at about 11pm Monday night, just in time for me to animate this & get it out to you guys! I'm very excited to offer you a lovely Writing Desk!

It's 3 prims and features the most basic of gender neutral animations - one sitting facing front, one facing back, and one for writing on the parchment. Wearable quill is included. 2 prims if you choose to have it without the bonus Scroll Case on the side. 

This item is only 25L$ until 11:59 Tuesday night, wherein it will be a regular price of 185L$.

We'll be doing a big roll out for updates on the Marketplace this week now that I am able to do stuff again, meanwhile check out all of them at our main store.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

[DDD] @ We Love RP Event

This week brings with it a great new event coming to SL, one I am very excited to participate in.
It's called the We Love RP event, and it features high quality, hand picked, and original creators in good standing with the community. This means you wont find any stolen, sketchy, or low quality products.

Furthermore all merchants are offering you 25-50% off of 1 to 3 items - a great and steep discount for many. 
Like several others, I am offering brand new releases for this event, and I really think everyone will love my gardeny items!

So here is the info!

The event begins on May 4th at 2:30pm SLT (PST), these 3 items are as seen below + 25% off discount:

Mr. Scarecrow: 1 prim, 110L$ normally, 83L$ after.

Sunflowers: 1 prim at included sizes (3 types), 165L$ normally, 124L$ after.

Little Garden Trellis - Light: 1 prim at included sizes (8 types), 275L$ normally, 207L$ after.

(Medium & Dark versions available @ main store)

Items will be available for non sale prices mid-late next week on MP & in our main store right away.

Want to see -much- better pictures of these and other new releases than I can take?
Visit the Good Gorean blog where the sweet Pewpew Zero dishes out gorgeous pics of our products on a regular basis. Thanks Pew!

 Hope to see you soon!

Friday, May 3, 2013

[DDD] @ FaMESHed!

This week began the monthly event FaMESHed, an all original mesh creator event!

They've kindly invited us back for their 1st Birthday event! Over 50 great designers are participating in it this month. 

While we certainly are not necessarily a main stream store - although our landscaping designs can certainly be used anywhere - we're so happy to do something for this event!

Our item is the Victorianesque Regular Fireplace (we do also feature a corner version at our main store, with accessories sold separately) - the amazing thing about this Fireplace is that it is many in one - you're able to change the stone, stone accent, wood, and metal textures separately to 'create' a fireplace unique to your home! It would look especially great with any of our recent High Wooden releases.

It also comes in 5 sizes, ranging from grandoise down to a petite suited size, ranging from 1-5 prims in turn dependent on the size you choose.

You can find either version for 295L$, as well as the Wood Rack for 85L$, and the Fireplace Tools (also texture change, 4 metals) for a mere 100L$

Please head over to FaMESHed for the regular version, and our main store for the Corner version & accessories.

We'll be announcing the 2nd great all new event we're participating in this month tomorrow, so keep notice!