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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Store Moving!

Yep, we're moving! But not far! About 800m down, actually - we're now a ground level store.

Since we have this whole homestead, we've relished the privacy of the ground... and yet hated how unsightly our store was. Now, we've moved it down and with an all new build (reminiscent of our H&G Expo? Actually the Expo was an unfinished version of this!) we're bringing those great products to you in an easier to find format.

A new change that comes with the store, is also the discount % system!

We only have three tiers, and it maxes out at a great permanent 10% discount! This will take into consideration all previous purchases - so if you've already spent 5k, you'll be receiving that level discount right away!

3000L$ spent -> 3%
5000L$ spent -> 5%
10000L$ spent -> 10%!

I also wanted to let everyone know that we're participating in the latest round of "The Challenge SL" which challenges talented creators to make one themed item a month - this month being industrial!

After a debacle wherein a series of stolen Torchlight models depicting a mine cart set up let us realise that there was not much in the way of legitimate quality tracks out there, we decided this was the perfect opportunity to make some!

They're unscripted, 1 prim each, copy & mod, and feature a myriad of shapes and multiple contents for the carts as seen below. What's more, is that since they are mod - you can add just about anything to be inside of them for other types of mines, too. The full set is on display now!


I hope you'll come visit us, and take a tour around the new design!

To add a little incentive, I've also added some small items as freebies - a sculpted stone wall, a fancy mesh mirror for your wall, and some small picture frames. These can all be found in the Freebies building nearby the aforementioned Mine Kit!

Can't visit us for whatever reason? We got you covered! We're 100% updated on the Marketplace, the only thing you're losing out on is the freebies - which aren't going anywhere any time soon!

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