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Monday, December 31, 2012

Free Snowman Deco & Wine Cup Tray

Wine Goblet Tray 25L$ for 25L$ Tuesdays, 115L$ Normally
1 Prim, Dispenses Wearable Goblets

Snowman Deco FREE @ Main Store - [DDD] Base Snowman NOT included, top hat & scarf only!

Happy New Years!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Free!

No 25L$ Tuesday today, but all items are 15% off in a *very rare* sale for Dysfunctional Designs

We're also offering this cute set of red & green cookie and muffin trays for FREE!

Merry Christmas all!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mr Snowy

This week at Dysfunctional Designs we have a very cute little snowman who is just 1 prim!

He is very special because he is a blank canvas for creative minds who wish to decorate something a little special and unique to them!

But don't worry, next week we'll be giving away at least one free 'quick decoration' for him!

25L$ today (Tuesday) only~
85L$ after!

Monday, December 10, 2012

25L$ Chrimbus Trees

5 prims, 3.5m tall
100% Unique Mesh
3 Ornament Colour Types
Snowy or not
150L$ normally
25L$ for Tuesday, the 11th only!

Monday, December 3, 2012

25L$ Tues 4th Dec 2012

Copy/Mod/100% Mesh
3 prims at 4m tall
25L$ for only Tuesday!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


A super friendly happy December 1st everyone!

I wanted to remind everyone that we DO have a promotion still ongoing in which once per week you're able to leave a review on a previously unreviewed item on the Marketplace for a 25L$ Gift Card. I have been known to give out higher denominations too, at my discretion.

Considering we have dozens and dozens of items at or under 100L$, that can be 50-25% off many purchases!!

If you've purchased an item inworld & would like to leave a review on the Marketplace, please check in with Anke Hatchuk inworld first to ensure a refund is in order for the 2nd purchase.

Happy  Holidays!


The Medi-Fantasy Hunt began today!

Check us out @ number 9, Dysfunctional Designs for a slightly grungy textured muffin basket.

Remember, our hint can and oft does change daily or more than once a day to help prevent cheating. We appreciate your patience!

Visit our In-World Store for the current hint & more!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Bows Gatcha!

For a nice little mid-week surprise...
We bring to you the Christmas Bows Gatcha!

If you're not in the know on it... a gatcha is a type of game, much like those ones adorning the front doors of grocery stores where you pay a small fee, like a quarter, and get a random gift like a bouncy ball, trinket, or sticker. In this case, you pay 25L$ (about 10c USD) and get a random bow! These items are no copy, but transfer so that you can trade if you wish for a certain type.

These bows you may have seen adorning our Garlands, and to that we've added 2 more colour varieties: Blue & Gold!

We decided on a gatcha as I thought with simple items like this, it would be so fun! The price to play is 25L$ & the perms are of course NO COPY, but they ARE mod... so stick them in your hair, on doors, on your junk! There is like a ton of uses for bows!

They ARE mesh, but only become more than 1 prim at a pretty huge size - so they should be good for many needs!

To find them, they're outside and to the left in the snowy/wintery/seasonal area we've set up along the wall with garlands!

Of course, since it is a gatcha you'll only find it inworld!

Monday, November 26, 2012

25L$ Tues & New Releases!

A new week, a new 25L$ Tuesdays round!

This week it's "Black Tuesday!" a round where 39 designers are participating in this great event! Each of us has at least one item for 25L$, but several have up to FIVE items! So be sure to check them out @ the 25L$ Tuesdays Blog!

Our two items for 25L$ are the "Golden Bells" Garland Swag & the "Plaid" Muffin Basket!

The rest of the items are priced accordingly:
Garland Swag: 100L$ (come in 2 sizes)
Plain Garland Swag: 150L$ (item is modifyable, decorated are NOT)
Muffins Basket: 95L$ (Grungy version will be in a hunt on the 1st December, if you can wait!)

Items ARE already on the Marketplace & all vendors inworld!

Friday, November 23, 2012

"Black Friday" @ [DDD]

While we typically have the explicit stance of never repeating an item at a discounted price... leaving you sure and confident in the prices you purchase an item...

We've made a minor exception for the infamous Black Friday after much customer pleading.

 So we have given everyone a broad 10% discount on our products purchased today - pay for your item (100L$-> Refunds 10L$). This will only last until MIDNIGHT SLT FRIDAY. 

*Price is only Inworld, as there is no easy way to do a Marketplace sale!*

There is only -one- item not set up to give a discount, and that is the "Lil' Fountain"! A new release, 3 prim small 3.5m diameter. It's set for sale down from it's original retail price of 275L$ -> 100L$ just until Midnight also!

So please hurry and stop by for your Lil' Fountain at a 'lil' price!

Sale Ends @ Midnight tonight! Friday only~

Monday, November 19, 2012

That time again!

It's that time again, 25L$ Tuesdays! We also have a ton of lovely new releases this week - just some small simple items I hope you'll love! Canning jars in sets of 4 layouts (round, square, line, and jagged) with 4 sets of fillings - grains, baking goods, jams, and herbs/seasonings!! Each also comes in the option for a more plain lid covering, or a plaid one to add for even more variety.

The "Plain" lid covered grain set is marked down 75% for one day only, bringing the normal 100L$ price to a mere 25L$ for this weeks 25L$ Tuesdays!

Without further ado, here are the pics! Don't forget they're available both inworld & on the Marketplace, links below!

Monday, November 12, 2012

25L$ Tuesdays 11/13/2012

Hi everyone!

This week again we have a new 25L$ Tuesdays item! It's pretty cute and would work with any style of house or theme! I hope you stop by to pick it up <3 p="p">

It's 1 prim only, and normally priced at 125L$, but you can find it for just 25L$ Tuesday!

100% mesh, unscripted, and totally copyable!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Crate Set A & B

Two little crate sets today -

Crate Set A & B each have 3 pieces: 
* 1 land impact 2 crate arrangement
* 1 land impact 3 crate arrangement
* 3 land impact weapons crate

The pieces included in each are different. Their normal price will be 100L$, but for today only you're able to purchase Crate Set B at 25L$ for 25L$ Tuesdays @ Dysfunctional Designs main store only.

These will be on the marketplace soon, and in all affiliate vendors already!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our other project~

I've had a few people notice lately...
Kalia, Code, & I are all a part of another project/brand, yes... That brand is Booshies.

Booshies is a RPG style Breedable that we're developing both for Second Life, as well as the ability to play it outside of SL.

Right now, you can see tons of great pictures of our current rendition of the HUD you use inworld on the Booshies Blog, as well as some Booshies on display in our temporary skybox as we rebuild Booshtopia.

Our hope is to release by the end of the year, and we're well into beta. I have a whole flock of Feliteras - mischevious little flying kitties! 

We try to offer a fair balance between our Dysfunctional Designs store, as well as Booshies - so no worries, we wont be going away any time soon.

If you're at all interested in them, I urge you to join the inworld group, as well as check out the constantly updated Booshies blog linked above.

- Anke

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Fete~

As you all know, today was the last day of the 25L$ Tuesdays Fall Fete, which closed at 11:59 Halloween!

We had so many great items available there that I have had several customers ask:

Yes! We absolutely do have all of these items available inworld as well as the marketplace!

All of their prices for the 1 prim seasonal goodies are just 65L$-145L$ each, and quite honestly none of them are over a prim each and 100% mesh.

Many of these items are also very suitable for November and the great fall holiday celebrated then - please be on the lookout for a wide variety of new releases this coming winter as well. 

They are a mix of indoor and outdoor items, so you'll find some inside and some outside our store - a majority of them are right by the entrance.

If you're interested in viewing these items, please check below!

If you've forgotten or not seen our fabulous ultra low prim seasonal items, here is a quick sample!

The end is near

Here at Dysfunctional Designs... I'm sorry to announce... wont be releasing anything new for awhile after these releases.

Infact, it'll probably be close to December by time we'll be able to start releasing a lot of things. 

I know this may come as sad news, but take light in the reasoning:

We're building a new store.

The reason we are rebuilding is quite simple, we're just out of space. With Kalia joining our team recently, we've had a lot more releases than anticipated, and we have absolutely nowhere to put our planned Christmas or other releases.

HOWEVER!!! What I said above really isn't wholly true...

We will be releasing a few items here and there - all affiliate vendors + the one in the main store will be kept updated. The Marketplace will be kept updated. We will be doing 25L$ Tuesdays still.

We may have a small trickle of releases later this week - mainly pumpkins, some crates, and a few other small things, but you will not be receiving notices of new releases except on Monday or Tuesdays for awhile.

Do expect Christmas items, as well as a bunch of new releases... in a month or so from now. But if you don't hear anything much til then, this is why! 

Anyways~ Here is our current NEW releases. They are not on Marketplace yet, but will be by the weekend. Please visit our main store inworld or any vendor.

Monday, October 29, 2012

25L$ Tuesdays Fall Fete - ending soon!

Hello everyone!

Be sure to stop by our 25L$ Tuesdays Fall Fete stall before it ends this Wednesday, Halloween!

We've added one item which will only be available for 25L$ for tonight & TUESDAY only, it's a great bargain and insanely cute for just 1 prim!

Here it is, hopefully you'll beat the crowds & lag!

We'll also be posting our pics to the 25L$ Tuesday stream from now on also!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A few more stuffs

I've put out a few more things, and all of it is out in the main store now except a handful of pumpkins! 

All will be on Marketplace by the end of the weekend, but most items are already there!

I'm seeing if there is any interest in a Lucky Chair for the main store, so please vote on the poll on the right hand side -> 
Even if you don't want them, or indifferent, it would really help me out to decide!

Our items now also for sale are the display tables we've been using to showcase items, as well as 3 new pie varieties - Pumpkin, Apple Tart, & Cherry Lattice!

You can check them out at the main store, ~or~ one of them is a hidden 25L$ Hunt item at the Fall Fete - hint: It's pretty close to our stall, but not in it, and not near anyone elses~

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

25L$ Tuesdays Fall Fete: Our stuff!

Hello everyone!

I know it's been a little rough for some people... Fairs can often be laggy, but we are striving to be as low lag as possible!

In solution to some of the lag caused by Fall Fete... we've also created a duplicate of the stall in our main store! Just go outside & take a right to check out many items at a meager 25L$-145L$... all in time for Halloween!

We've also provided them all on the Marketplace, BUT be aware please, that the items marked to 25L$ are inworld ONLY, they are not on sale on the Marketplace...

So we hope to see you soon <3 p="p">

Here is a preview pic of some things for sale @ 25L$