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Monday, March 24, 2008

Greetings From Vacation!

Hi everyone, I'm happy to report my vacation is easing all my late stress to liveable circumstances.
I'm here with my partner, Matt (Codered1200 Nemeth) having a great time in the overly sunny San Diego!
I should update everyone on the late events and sales at my store so here goes!
I did do something RIDICULOUS and released the Basic Essentials Servery Set for 10L$ for 3 days during St Patricks Day, but now it's up to normal price -- 225L$ and is located in our store near the Iron Diamond Servery set & Accessories table.
It includes a brasier, corner servery, 1 prim seating and table, 1 prim sculpted dishes, and many more. Really excellent deal if I say so my self!
I am also holding a Spring Cleaning sale on our 1 Prim Tables, 2 Prim Brasier Tables, 1 Prim Cushion, and 3 Prim Raised Cushions all marked between 5L$ and 45L$ each.
I will also be lowering more prices this week such as torches, Flames of the Night brasiers, and a few other items around my store which will also bump the prices of our large sets down as well (The Scribery & Servery -- Living Sets Prices are already 50% of normal)

Well, I will update possibly a few more times before vacation is really over, but I've got lunch plans at this really great greek cafe down the road.
Have a GREAT Spring Break everyone!
-Nyalee & Code

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