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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Upcoming Awayness

Hiyo everyone!
I just figured I should tell everyone that I will be 90% GONE from March 20th - April 25th.
I'll be in midst a lovely visit with my boyfriend and will be far too busy for silly internets *winks!*
I'll probably pump out a few little projects before then, hopefully start the bakery/release the food so ya'll don't starve while I'm away.
I will be in-contact though and check my IM's, notices, etc each day.. However because I just get SO spammed with things I really recommend you EMAIL me at Nyalee.Mirrikh@Gmail.com otherwise I can't promise I'll get it.
I will of course be on sometimes, and may even do a little job here and there while he is here, and him too but don't expect it! (Think... rabbit...)

If you have any questions about this, I recommend you ask 'em soon!
Really, don't be shy. The worst I could do is turn into an angry sloth and bite you (or say no.)
Take care! =)

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