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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Releases & Re-releases

Released within the last few days are 2 -great- chair styles and a few water pieces.
I released the chairs as the "Comfy" (Single) and "Cuddle" (Couples) chairs. They look identical except for the poseballs, and come in 4 different cushion colors, the cushions, which are gorgeously sculpted, are arranged in a semi-circle around the back, making it look exceptionally plushy. They are each 11 prims and 125L$ each, and I plan to make a smaller line for singles with just 1 pose later on, also in the same 4 mosh of textures.
My other releases, and re-releases today are my old 'water bowls' which not only use a new sculpty, but are in 7 beautifully realistic textures, my water pump in a bucket, my bucket of water, my old fashioned water pump, and my 6 prim water spigot. A new release is making my water spigot, low prim version, for my serveries sold for seperate, for those who think theirs is superior to mine, or just want a different style I don't have. It's fully functional, sound, and particle effects.

I plan on a few new releases today, but I wont give that away because I happen to like the suspense.
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