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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some more rereleases

I'm on a roll, re-releasing all my old items I feel are still decent, todays were the sculpted meat rack, the sculpted 3 prim torches (very... eh.. outpost/campy) and my food barrels. I need to do some retexturing and make more of each, but generally they're pretty nifty. I also hope to be able to find nice rug textures, when I do expect a large amount of cuddle, sleep, and other sort of anims piled onto a rug. I hope that I can get this one last wall filled up, and throw stuffs inside my huts then I believe my store will reclaim much of it's old cozy feel. I'm always looking for ideas, if you have 'em and want to see them fulfilled, throw me an IM & I'd be happy to help.

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