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Monday, June 4, 2012

New Stuff, 25L$ Tues, & More

Hi all!

Gosh, I can't believe it is June already, we only barely re-picked the store up but a about 4 months back and yet time has gone by so quickly.

Well, we have a few new releases today, as well as a new group freebie (!!!) & one will be on sale this week (Tuesday) for 25L$ (limited time, only til Tues night!!)

So here are the pics & info for them!

- 1 prim, shadowed, 100L$
 -  25L$ for only Tuesday, 1 prim 100L$ otherwise
                                     - 1 prim also, 100L$ OR group freebie (limited time)

Don't forget we recently also released a new starter avatar for women: Full Free Woman Starter Kit for 25L$ (and giftable from the Marketplace!) it has everything a straight out of the box noob needs from starter skins (not the worlds best, but they has a hooha!) & eyes, a basic hair and a mesh dress outfit with matching shoes!
As well as: Mesh Barrels Packs & Fruit Barrels Packs & Giant Casks
Hope to see you soon!

Anke & Code
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