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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mossy Barrels

I had a few requests by those who purchased our apple barrels to do an 'outside' type version similar to the mossy gray wood of the apple/citrus barrels.

So I did! They come in the same exact v1 and v2 packs as the other barrels (normal nice brown wood) but with a washed out and slightly mossy look that would be great outdoors or on docks. They are similarly low prim - 1 or 2 prims (only 2 prim for the bigger) each and come with a single and 10 barrel (6p, not really economical) that are not pictured.

230L$ and already available on the marketplace, & inworld @ Neyo.

 Also news is that the "Red Mushroom Garden" is now available for sale as the 7 Deadly Sins hunt is over! It is 145L$ and copyable as well in 3 sizes just like our other mushroom garden. 1 or 2 prims each.

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