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Monday, April 30, 2012

It's been awhile, but! Horn Lighting is here!

Hey, it's been awhile since our last release, huh? Well, we've both been having computer issues, and I'm afraid the storm hasn't fully weathered over - but we managed to push some stuff out at least!

Since we're operating again (and I at least, am on a new PC) - I am sure you'll see more releases in the near future.

So let me tell you about my new releases, and don't forget to read the last part there as there is info on a free hunt item & a 30L$ item which will be available for 6 days...(about 10c USD, so practically giving it away!!)

New releases!!
Horn Wall Torch ->1 P.E. & 155L$
Horn Table Torch ->1 P.E. & 145L$
Horn Candelabra ->2 P.E. & 165L$
Horn Chandelier -> 3 P.E. (+1 for extender) & 215L$

All copy, no mod, unscripted & light emitting or non emitting versions.
Candelabra version on SALE from 1st-6th MAY for only 80L$ (over half off) at the Beltane Festival where we will also have more goodies (a hunt item & 30L$ item!!)

We have 2 stalls so you will need to visit both to find the hunt, 30L$, & half off candelabra.

The items are all available in world @ Our main store of Neyo
& online at Dysfunctional Designs on the Marketplace
-- You can also shop using your affiliate vendors!

Please come stop by and check them out, models displayed fully in the main store =)

Hope to see you soon,
Anke Hatchuk & Codered
Dysfunctional Designs

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